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Part 35: 1434-1435-The Master of Magic

The Master of Magic

In Firstmonth of 1435, after nearly six full years of dedicated research building upon all the lore she had uncovered previously, the High Queen Dagmaer completed a formula for the Spell of Mastery, which would gather all power of magic in both worlds under her ultimate control. With this formula completed, she began the process of casting this great spell, which gathered clouds over her palace in Goldwash and set the ground to a continuous vibration just below hearing, but that could be felt in the bones of all the inhabitants of the city. Wizards and magicians across both worlds immediately took note of the new power running through the magic of the world- all who were attuned to magic could tell some great work was afoot, and the great wizards grew aware of what the High Queen sought to accomplish.

In desperation, the Elvenqueen Freya sent troops to assault the Sixth Tower to seek a path to Myrror, engaging the flying ship stationed there in a series of skirmishes over Firstmonth, Secondmonth, and Thirdmonth of 1435. All these attacks failed against the bombardment of the dwarven-made cannon on the ship, although the magic of the Wind Tribes shamans caused some damage to the ship in the final battle of these months.

Meanwhile, Tauron researched more desperately into the powers of Chaos, and, in Fourthmonth of 1435, his carelessness cost him dearly. A great flaming stone summoned by the power of Chaos appeared in the heavens over his home town of Steinsherz, plummeting to Arcanus and detonating in the streets of the town. Much of the town was leveled, and thousands of its folk were slain in an instant. Tauron himself survived, largely due to his own imperviousness to flames. The surviving folk of the town scattered to villages of its district, although much of the district was scorched and sickened so that no person nor beast nor plant could long endure in tainted areas.

The black 'stains' on the landscape are corruption, which completely eliminates the ability of the space to contribute productivity until the corruption is cleansed by priests or shamans. Corruption can be inflicted by various Chaos spells- the meteor event is actually a copy of one of these spells.

As Ninthmonth came, the High Queen stood on the verge of completing the Spell of Mastery, with neither remaining Arcanian wizard in a position to challenge her. Within a month, the spell would be cast, and the worlds would see the result of Dagmaer's work.

The Kingdom of Nine Crowns as of Ninthmonth 1435

The settled regions of the kingdom have enjoyed continued peace and prosperity, despite the skirmishing at the Sixth Tower. A band of priests has set forth from the northern reaches of Fairlands towards Baronstown, convinced of their holy duty to reclaim the capital from Hrodvaldur, Vigny, and Hesed, though the chances of their success are slim indeed.

Caradas has grown in prosperity, learning, and culture over 1434 and 1435, with a new university, moneylending and investment, and a finer temple in the town. All seems well in Caradas.

Under its new rulership, Baronstown has become the primary trade hub of all Arcanus, and hosts a great academy of magic. Its trade and artisanship bring great wealth to the city, its folk, and to the crown of the kingdom.

The Completion of the Spell of Mastery

In Tenthmonth, Dagmaer completed the work of the Spell of Mastery. Her awareness spread to all magic in both worlds, and every node of magic in both worlds was yoked to her will. Both Tauron and Freya had the source of their power stripped, which soon sent the Storm Tribes into a great civil war with the fear of Tauron removed from them. Tauron was slain by one of the warriors who once he had ruled through his power over the High King of the Storm Tribes, seeking vengeance for the suffering that had been inflicted upon Steinsherz by Tauron's power. The Wind Tribes fared better, for Freya was well-loved amongst them, and her authority derived from blood, not simply magical power. With her power gone and any chance to confront Dagmaer vanishing, the Elvenqueen Freya accepted High Queen Dagmaer's offer of peace.

As every node was subjected to Dagmaer's power, it became clear why Aerie had requested that Dagmaer not subdue the node of Sorcery in the northern Great Sea. The guise of illusion was stripped from her, revealing her to be a great spirit of Sorcery not unlike those which the Army had already confronted in several battles. In acknowledgement of Aerie's loyal service, Dagmaer granted the power of that node back to Aerie, who was suffered to continue her service to the High Queen. With her power restored, Aerie resumed her guise of illusion, and continued in her service as she had done.

The animation for the Spell of Mastery shows the portraits of all the other wizards sucked into the vortex in front of you. Possibly a little silly.

With the Spell of Mastery in place, nothing could threaten the High Queen Dagmaer's reign, and her people were safe from all threats. Freed to concentrate on new works, Dagmaer prepared to create more of the fountains of healing power across the whole of the kingdom, and Myrror stood on the cusp of a new Golden Age...