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Part 36: Regarding the 'High' Races

Regarding the 'High' Races

In the days of the Confederation of Wizards, there were three races who dominated the Confederation, from whom most of the wizards of the Confederation arose. Some Men, some Elves, and the Orcs. Both Men and Elves then were split into multiple peoples, and those Men and Elves who were the lords of the Confederation took on the name 'High' to distinguish themselves from their kin. The Orcs are likewise a High Race, but having had no kin who were not amongst the ruling kindreds of the Confederation, the mere term 'Orc' means quite the same thing as 'High Orc'.

All the High Races, in the days of the Confederation, possessed great knowledge in magic, in the crafts, and in the arts of war. Tradition holds that the High Elves and the Orcs were cruel and arrogant to the Dwarves in the days of the Confederation, but the High Men ever admired dwarven ingenuity and learned many things of their dwarven friends in ancient days. Who can say if the High Races even survive, now that the Confederation is fallen? It is sure that many things have perished since the days of the Confederation.