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Part 37: Regarding the Four Bright Gods

Regarding the Four Bright Gods

The worlds are watched jealously by various gods, who vary according to their natures, and between the Bright Gods and the Dark there is jealous striving for the souls of mortals. Of the Dark Gods there is little profit in inquiring in more depth, for they are many and changeable, and their blessings are double-edged and profit mortals naught in the end. The Four Bright Gods, contrariwise, offer great blessings to those who uphold their virtues, and seek the thriving of mortal folk. Different folk may call them by different names, but according to the traditions of the dwarves they are titled the Righteous Queen, the Sagacious Counsellor, the Stalwart Warrior, and the Serene Mother.

The Righteous Queen is leader over all the Bright Gods, and an incorruptible judge of the right. Her will is that all folk seek honesty, uprightness, and to reject all deceits, slanders, thefts, murders, cheats, and so on. Against all evil she is an unyielding foe, and to all righteousness she is a support and a beacon. Her power, offered directly, is the bane of all forces of darkness, and her divine servants bear the light of truth. According to the traditions of the dwarves, her depiction is that of a young and beautiful dwarf-queen, richly-clad in a noble gown and bearing in one hand a naked sword and in the other a purse of golden coins, for from her justice flows both punishment and reward according to the merits of a case.

The Sagacious Counsellor is held as wisest of all beings, and his will is that mortals emulate him in wisdom and in knowledge. The crafts, the sciences, and commerce are blessed by him when those who practise them seek truth and perfection in skill, as well as history, records, and other such lore. His power, offered directly, can grant to mortals the capacity to discern truth and prudent courses of action according to their situation. According to the traditions of the dwarves, his depiction is that of an old dwarf, whose hair and beard are long and gray, bearing a book and the hammer of a smith.

The Stalwart Warrior is a pillar of courage and of strength, and a protector of all innocents against the perils of the world. His will is that mortals show courage in the face of peril and steadfastness in the face of adversity, acting always to forge a better world rather than falter before fear and despair. His power, granted directly, may grant courage, strength, skill at arms, and protection from peril. His depiction, according to the traditions of the dwarves, is that of a dwarf clad entire in fine armor, bearing a mighty sword before him, his face concealed entire behind his helm.

The Serene Mother grants little blessings to all mortals, for she seeks the contentment and peace of everyday life. Her will is that mortals should find happiness in the continuing round of life, seeking not drunken excess, desperate relief, or the company of many bedmates, but rather maintaining happy fidelity and moderation in all things. To brewers, to marriages, to births, and to healers, who restore the balance and health of others, she grants her blessing. Her power, granted directly, can restore to the afflicted that health and that balance of being they had been deprived. Her depiction, according to the traditions of the dwarves, is that of a dwarf of early middle years, still of fine appearance, whose hands rest upon her belly, which swells out with her unborn child.

By the justice, wisdom, strength, and peace of the Four Bright Gods might all mortals profit.