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Part 38: Regarding the Five Magics

Regarding the Five Magics of the Worlds

In the worlds, lore speaks of five magics which together make every known act that has been done by magical power. These magics are the Bright magics, the Dark magics, and the magics of Nature, Sorcery, and Chaos. Sometimes it is spoken of 'Gray' magic as well, but the Gray magic is not truly a type of its own, but rather certain acts of magic that can be done by multiple paths and replicated by any wielder of sufficient power.

The Bright and Dark magics are not of the worlds themselves, but rather are introduced by the acts of the gods. Although the magics exist in the worlds and may be invoked through proper knowledge, any wizard capable of an act of Bright or Dark magic must have prepared their mind, their body, and their spirit by binding pact with the gods. The gods are jealous, and pact with the Bright Gods necessarily precludes pact with the Dark Gods and the reverse. In proper ceremony and ritual, Bright and Dark magic have been known to be brought into the worlds by the priests of the gods, so in observance of the gods might their servants be strengthened. Where the Bright magics bring many benefits to mortals, perfecting their capacities in body and mind, the Dark magics have brought sickness, death, fierce passions of rage and of fear, and the raising of malevolent beings from the flesh or souls of the dead. Notwithstanding the terrible effects of the Dark magics, in ancient days there were those wizards who gladly pursued them and the power they could grant over their fellow mortals.

Where the Bright and Dark magics are of the gods, the magics of Nature, Sorcery, and Chaos are of the worlds themselves, and enter the worlds through great nodes where their power pools and acts all of its own upon the worlds. Growing and living things and the very bones of the earth collect the power of Nature. In iron, in stone, in wood, and in flesh is its power manifest. The breath of wind, the light in mortal eyes, and all other things without substance are subject to the power of Sorcery. Though Sorcery shapes the immaterial, remember that still the storm might kill, and underestimate it not. Chaos burns in the heart of the earth, where it renders to ash, to melt, or to flux. Where it renders to flux, Chaos has brought forth strange and terrible beasts. Where it renders to ash, nothing remains. None of these three powers requires aught but the proper knowledge and action to control, so none is in theory exclusive with any other magic except in that the time to study them might be spent otherwise.