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Part 57: A Roll of the Great, as of 1417

A Roll of the Great, as of 1417

DAGMAER FLODMARSDOTTIR, called DAGMAER THE JUST or DAGMAER THE BLESSED, Queen of Greater Dvergursheim, Bright wizard, and savant. A guarantor of traditional dwarven liberties, and a very learned wizard. Queen by Kingsmoot of the old realm of Goldwash, and Queen by conquest of the old realms of Stonegate, Blademarsh, Fangrock, Bloodrock, and Stonehome.

ELAISSEA OF HOUSE LAED, once Queen of Bloodrock, now hostage to Queen Dagmaer. In her reign fell under the sorcery of Sss'ra the Mad, and as a hostage has resigned herself to a life of leisure.

REINAR REINARSSON, once King of Stonehome, now hostage to Queen Dagmaer. In his reign a grim and stern dwarf ruling by support of the dwarves-at-arms of Stonehome, and as a hostage has adopted an austere life of physical training and prayer.

ENGLA JONSDOTTIR, RAGNAR RAGNARSSON, NENNA INGVARSDOTTIR, NJALL RAGNARSSON, and SIGMAR JAKOBSSON, the five wealthiest merchants of Greater Dvergursheim, although there are many who nearly match them spread across the towns of the kingdom. Engla and Nenna reside in Goldwash, Sigmar in Ironbridge, Ragnar in Easthold, and Njall in Njallshold. Engla was one of the three who put themselves forward in the Goldwash Kingsmoot that resulted in Dagmaer the Just taking the crown. Nenna is the inventor of the steam pump for mines, the first major application of steam power, which has since been adapted to driving river barges, triphammers (in place of wind or water), and several other applications.

HRODVALDUR BJARNTHORSSON, savant of Goldwash, notable for his great learning in history and theology, and in the theory (if not the practise, being not yet pacted) of Bright magic. One of the foremost savants of the kingdom.

HARALD GJAFVALDURSSON, captain of the Golden Company, mercenaries hired to patrol and protect the property of Goldwash merchants and businesses, son of the old king Gjafvaldur Geirsson, and one of the three who put themselves forward in the Goldwash Kingsmoot that granted Dagmaer the Just her crown. Maintains his soldiers in good discipline and keeps up training, despite the ease and luxury of their private posting.

LERETHE OF HOUSE EZAIA, one of the greatest landowners in the old Kingdom of Bloodrock, and a master Chaos magician in the service of Dagmaer the Just. Learned but self-indulgent, and noted for his erratic moods.

JORGEN GLOISSON, priest of the four Bright Gods and Bright magician, inventor of the method for calling a soul back into a metal statue. Has used the workshop he assembled to cast and sell bronze statuary in the absence of a call for restoration of more lost heroes of old.

EIGIL EINARSSON, called EIGIL THE BRONZE, hero of old and son of the long-past King Einar Thorsteinsson, now returned in a body of bronze. A mighty warrior fighting at the forefront of the Royal Army, who has achieved great glory in his deeds in battle.

VIGNY ROLFSDOTTIR, called VIGNY GOLDENHAIR, leader of the elite scouts and skirmishers of the Royal Army, expert marksdwarf, huntress, and explorer, and twice slain in the line of duty. Has been returned to her service by the power of Dagmaer the Just.

IDANAIA OF HOUSE IVALDI, High Priestess of the Great Lady in Blademarsh and appointed governess of Blademarsh. A Bright magician and sorceress of some ability.

SSREXES, HAASH, EXIR, SSARAK, and LA'SSAA, the COUNCIL OF FIVE, priests and savants of the dragonkin whose greater portion of effort is spent seeking political advantage against each other and plotting to advance their own status at each others' expense, brought into line by the threat of the greater kingdom. If the analogy may be forgiven, a true nest of vipers.

SAIRAIA OF HOUSE ISTON, High Priestess of the Great Lady in Bloodrock and appointed governess of Bloodrock. A Bright and Nature magician of some ability, with authority over the whole of the old kingdom of Bloodrock.

ARBAX, called THE GREATHEART, King of Bantanu, a minotaur of great size, strength, and cunning. A patron of learning in Bantanu, having granted stipends to many savants studying the history preserved by the town.

HORACE TRUESTEEL, called HORUS THE HOLY, High Protector of Fairlands, Bright wizard and Sorcerer. Usurper, religious fanatic, and heretic denying free will. Conquerer of Hialanth, and believed to also have conquered some orcs beyond our explorations.

SHERKU, Despot of Krag Pool, lord of a strongly-fortified town in the far south of Arcanus amidst frozen wastes. A hardened warrior ruling a strong town in very bad terrain, who has overseen the development of what little land is suited for farming about the town. Traditionally a rival of Charack and Hialanth.

HERBOG, Despot of Charack, a veteran border skirmisher who enjoyed some earlier success in disputes with Fairlands and Hialanth, who has preserved Charack's position so far against three rivals who all would wish to see it fall- Fairlands, Hialanth, and Krag Pool.

FRANZ, called FRANZ THE REDSWORD, High King of the Storm Tribes. A noted warrior well-respected by the tribal kings of the Storm Tribes, fond of battle. Advised by the wizard Tauron.

TAURON, called TAURON THE HUSBAND OF THE FLAME, powerful Chaos wizard and Court Wizard to the High King of the Storm Tribes. A student of lore with only erratic interest in politics, of unpredictable passions and mysterious history.

FREYA, called FREYA THE ELVENQUEEN, Queen of the Wind Tribes. Owes the allegiance of the tribal jarls of the Wind Tribes by right of blood, and skilled Nature wizard. One of the last of the High Elves, now assimilated into the society of the Wind Tribes.