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Part 59: Regarding the Wizards of the Confederation

Regarding the Wizards of the Confederation

The Confederation of Wizards of ancient days was an alliance of six wizards who came together in secret compact to rise against all other kings and princes of Arcanus, that the rulership of all lands and peoples should be theirs. Their names and powers are known to history as follows.

First, Jerome, called THE MAGNIFICENT, a baron of the high men, who was both a Sorcerer of surpassing skill and a man of honeyed tongue beyond all measure. It is said his words could convince man or elf or orc of the reason of his designs. It was through the words of Jerome that the Confederation was called into league, and it was by his design that supremacy and rulership should fall into the hands of wizards.

Second, Edward, called THE WISE, who was a high man savant of common birth whose learning did exceed that of any other wizard. He delighted in devising new spells. He held powers in Bright magic and in Nature magic, and it is said that by his skill were the great towers linking Arcanus and Myrror built. Of all the wizards of the Confederation he was the most friendly to the dwarves when they were under its thrall.

Third, Entaia, called THE FAIR QUEEN, who was one of the two great rulers of the High Elves. All the powers of Nature were at her command, and in the lore of Nature she was very deep. By the traditions of the elves amongst the Wind Tribes Entaia is the ancestor of Freya.

Fourth, Elwen, called THE HORNED KING, who was the other great ruler of the High Elves. The magics of Chaos and Nature responded to his will, and in gathering power unto himself he was unsurpassed. When stirred to wrath he was terrible, and upon discovering the dark elves his anger was terrible to behold. By his will were many dark elves slain.

Fifth, Torgok, called the IRON WIZARD, who was a despot of the orcs who then pledged himself to the Dark Gods and learned many secrets of magic. It is said that none had more skill in warfare, and he sat upon his throne arrayed in panoply of war. Magics of Chaos and of Darkness were his.

Sixth and finally, Harglak, called the RED SORCERER, who rose within the priesthood of the orcs. He diligently strove to perfect his craft as a Dark magician even as he studied Sorcery. It was by the Red Sorcerer's acts that the Confederation finally fell into chaos and all its wizards perished from history, for he performed some wizardry that went awry and cast down all their power.