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Part 68: Regarding the Taxes and Levies of Greater Dvergursheim

Regarding the Taxes and Levies of Greater Dvergursheim

The taxes, levies, and sources of revenue for the crown of Greater Dvergursheim have now for years been established and made regular across the entire kingdom, and form the entire revenue of the crown.

The Drinks Excise: being an excise of one-half a copper penny per pint of any intoxicating beverage, whether mead, wine, beer, ale, or liquor, sold.
The Fee of Contract: a fee in one part in one hundred of the value of any written contract of sale registered and formalized in the courts, noting also that any sale of land or of ships is legally required to be registered by contract.
The Mines Excise: being an excise of one part in one hundred of the output of any mine of precious metal, whether silver, gold, mithril, or adamantium.
Harbor and Market Taxes: being a taxes of one-half a silver mark for the entry of a wagon laden with cargo to sell into a town, and five silver marks for the mooring of a ship laden with cargo at harbor.
Condemnations and Plunder: being property seized from persons condemned of crimes or seized by the Royal Army from lost treasures or the treasuries of defeated foes.

No other taxes, levies, or excises remain by law within the kingdom, save only that local town authorities are authorized to institute a modest and reasonable local tax so that local militias may be supported and local dignitaries maintained in their offices. All such local taxes are subject to review and to revocation by the crown if they present an unreasonable burden upon the fortunes and livelihoods of the folk of the town and its district, or to travelers to that town and district.