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Part 71: Regarding the Realm of Freeport

Regarding the Realm of Freeport

When Horus the Holy overthrew the crown of Fairlands and installed the Protectorate Council in 1399, not all the folk of Fairlands welcomed this development gladly, for they feared the harsh rule of Horus, and they feared to bear arms against a wizard of his power. So, in the confusion following Horus' ascent to power, Baron Harold of House Armstrong rallied his personal troops and many farmers and tradesfolk who feared Horus, and led them on a perilous journey east seeking a new land they might settle. Many perished in the crossing over the lands held by the despotate of Charack, but eventually Harold led his people to Hialanth, where he spent of his personal treasure to have ships constructed for his folk. In 1401, those who survived of the refugees found a fertile island in the sea to the east, with a great, mysterious tower rising above them. There they settled, and set about rebuilding their lives, acclaiming Harold as their King for leading them to safety and to freedom despite the many hardships along the way.

The island of Freeport is well-cultivated with fields and with pastures for sheep, and much wool is produced there. It is more short of wood and particularly of ore, though it has sufficient fieldstone for the construction of many buildings. The crops of their fields are supplemented by mutton, by fish, and by clams, and in the waters about their island they dig up a rare shellfish that can be rendered into a purple dye of great vividness and beauty. King Harold, though growing more aged now, is still vigorous and healthy, and rules with a just and firm hand. His taxes are higher than those of the Kingdom of Nine Crowns, but lower than those exacted in the Fairlands or amongst the Storm Tribes. For the mighty deeds which led to the foundation of his kingdom he enjoys universal acclaim from his people.