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Part 37: Bye-Bye Bugs

Bye-Bye Bugs

I think this is the first military promotion I've gotten. Dunno if they just take longer or whatever.

Amusing, but I'm well past the point where this would matter at all. I tell them to shove it. No point in signing this only to break it later.

SD 3529.2 - Smon held one Klackon planet, Radiated but slightly larger than most of them are so it will eventually probably be useful.

Time to build these on most of our planets.

Artificial Life. Universal Antidote, the only thing left here we haven't discovered, ups the planetary growth bonus to +50% and reduces the effectiveness of bioweapons by 75%.

Two Klackon systems remain. This one looks like it will be quite outstanding with proper development, terraforming, and so on. Hard to really get excited about any one planet at this stage, but this is nice.

LOL. Welp, I guess I have to start slowing down a bit. I don't know how many it is, but it's quite a few. There is also something going on here with the notifications, as I stopped getting told that settlers had arrived somewhere a while back. I figure it is probably related to how many of them I am sending about.

SD 3529.5

Hyper-Dimensional Fission.

** Hyper Drive - Upgrades star drives to Warp 6. If we can only move so many settlers at a time, we'll decrease the amount of time they need to be in transit and improve things that way.
** Hyper-X Capacitors - Beam weapons can fire twice in one turn, but then spend the next one inactive.
** Proton Torpedoes - 40 damage apiece, up from the 25 that the anti-matter variant does.

Also, the Antarans have returned, and brought with them a Cruiser. Largely just out of curiosity, I'm sending every ship that can intercept in time to their target: Alaozar. If we're lucky, maybe I can disable one of them without destroying it and try to board. If not, we'll at least get a look at one of their mid-size ships and see how our latest big ones fare against them. The battleships will not participate, as I just scrapped the last three of them. We have enough Titans now that we were well over the command point cap, so it was time to cut the chaff.

The Proctor system was last, with 12 infantry there. We had 36 though, and lost two of them in the conquest. The cosmic bugs have been given their comeuppance.

I see no reason to conquer any more systems. Between Klackon workers, TechnoGeek scientists, and Android farmers, we should have the best available at every task now. It's just a case of distributing them. On that front, freighters have finally outstripped the need, at least for now, with 50+ to spare beyond the 'settler transport limit'. So I've started building the androids as well. I'm building them in place where I can, so that I don't have to move them about, everywhere that I would be doing farming anyway.

Behold how intricate and powerful our candlesticks are these days! I think the proton torpedo looks dumb also.

Better missiles and armor. Why not. Neutronium has 6x the standard protection, Zeon missiles go for 30 damage. We're getting close to 4k RP per turn, making this go hilariously fast even close to the high end of the tech tree.

The bluish guy in the farmer line is an android ... but they actually don't help as it turns out. Aquatic + our Morale bonus appears to be equal right now to their natural abilities. Both TechnoGeek and Android farmers are producing 9 food each, and they eat production while paying no taxes. So I don't think I'll be building any more than the few I got from this initial round. Just bugs and our starting race from here on out. It was still worth doing to try it though.

What next? Well, we've got a bunch of planets that we've been building - boy does that ever sound absurd to just say matter-of-factly like that. They need colony ships. Goodbye to all the transports, which have now served their purpose. The rest of the galaxy just gets to die.

Here's the current situation. After the Antarans show up, we'll start plowing through Silicoid territory, with Orion coming along for the ride. From there I plan on just going right to left along the top, then down the left side to finish up. That leaves our Meklar 'friends' for last. The Sakkra took out the space hydra in Quercia, but their time will come regardless.

Here's how the 'competition' looks. Silicoids have bounced-back to the point where they have half our fleet size, pretty much even with the Sakkra on that front. Nobody is technologically relevant.

Confronting the Antarans

Well, it seems the situation has changed somewhat. Antaran raiding parties are no match for us - a few Titans could probably handle it while the rest of the fleet does other things next time. Appears I don't need to build a specialized boarding fleet for this, we've got the goods for it now.

Not bad. We want more of course - I'm now at a point where I can't wait for them to attack us ... or near us ... again. And the more bigger ships the better, since they are easier to damage without destroying.

I also think I want to keep the battleships I missed and a couple of the older Titans around specifically because they are easier to limit the damage of. Those plasma cannons just make things disappear. That's usually good, but not so much in this case.

So a colonizing spree the likes of which the galaxy has never seen, at least in this eon, is underway, and the bulk of the fleet moves out - to Orion.

SD 3530.0

300 turns into this joyful jaunt. All the armor images look like some sort of space crate with the ends cut off.

Quantam Fields are next:

** Class VII Shield - Does what it says on the tin.
** Planetary Flux Shield - Upgrade on the Radiated Shield, absorbing twice as much damage(10).
** Wide Area Jammer - Even better ECM protection. +130 to a ship's missile evasion, and +70 for any other ship in the same fleet. Doesn't stack with the other types - only the best one is used, but still quite beneficial for a 'command ship' type of approach.

I've also been going around demolishing captured buildings I don't want and so on periodically. Not because I have to, but because let's not have gross waste in the former Klackon territories. Alien Control Centers also get torn down after they are no longer useful, etc.

Yota the Elder Sensei has been relieved of his duties. I simply no longer have a use for him and I needed a leader slot. Also, a fifth version of our Obscenity design has been authorized. I switched up the icon this time, with as many ships as I have it's annoying to not be able to tell them apart. The new one has one more plasma cannon and a few more phasors, but the main reason was to get a version out there with adamantium armor and the new computer we stole from the Antarans.

Next time, we'll smash the Guardian to itsy-bitsy bits, and then proceed on with the Silicoids. It's time for mass genocide on a horrific scale, so I can replace them with more productive species to build and research things I don't actually need. Good grief, the TechnoGeeks really are raging asshats.