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Part 54: Antaran Airheads

Antaran Airheads

They aren't headed for us ... but we'd be in trouble if they were. Looks like it's time to start militarizing after all. We get a standard trade deal with them in addition to the research one, but the Darloks still refuse that.

The only useful deal we can swing right now. Terraforming is out there already, but nobody is willing to part with it.

On second thought ...

We'll take that as well. The economy just took a nice step forwards.

SD 3513.3 - The Antarans return. To Bethmoora. But only a single frigate this time, which I've never seen before. We have a missile base in place, and a starbase being built. Unfortunately, there's no way to finish it in time. I don't think our missiles can hold off even a token attack such as this. The population is probably large enough to survive the bombardment, but it won't be pleasant.

Bethmoora Defense (0:58)

Well that was exceedingly weird. We narrowly survive, only because they waited too long to bomb us. Still, I'll take it for sure. We have beaten the mighty Antarans! Only because they were too bored to send a proper raiding fleet, but details.

As a test, I broke our tribute deal with the Bulrathi; it took our relations from Affable (about 80% up the bar) to Restless (about 40%). So it's a pretty stiff price, and definitely not worth doing.

I think we need to save up for this dude. It'll take a while, but with all the trade deals we have going on plus his other benefits, he'll make up the cost rapidly.

The Trilarians flitting about had me worried, but they never made a move. This is the key planet - they'll be much less likely to seize the Toxic and Radiated ones.

No investigation is needed. We know who is to blame.

Yeah I know - it looks nothing like a Scorpion. The other choices look too human though for the most part. Anyway, here's our initial placeholder battleship design. I'm going to build one of these as a deterrent and emergency deployment should they hit us. That'll still leave room for a respectable anti-monster frigate attack group; command points are up to a whopping nine now. The timing is because Bethmoora is now fully developed. It'll take about a dozen turns to build one of these, another reason why we aren't going to field more than that initially.

Yay! Our biggest outstanding concern has been allayed further.

Took a while to show up, but worth the wait I'd say. We really need planetary shields of some type to make use of a number of Radiated worlds, but there are some that will benefit immediately.

I need to clean up some cheapies next I think.

Trendline looks better, but not great yet.

Oooh yes, thank you. Nobody actually wanted terraforming ... they all had it already. Spaceports will go up immediately on our three core worlds. Nir IV, Nir III, and Umm III will all benefit from the terraforming in the near-ish future.

Another High Council, another opposing pretender. We've never met Dolgran, yet we debate with them in the council chambers. How exactly does that work again?? Literally everyone else abstains. 2-4 votes, 4 for Dolgran. We have 6. Creeping slowly towards that veto bloc, which would require 10. Otherwhise a total waste of time.

Strange - I had exactly the converse in mind. Also, we had lost contact with the Silicoids, who said that they 'honored us with their presence once again'. I think disgusted in more appropriate than honored in this case.

Finally we have enough money ... but now what? Who is most expendable??

We no longer are in as much need of the small amount of research that Director Urro provides, and can handle breeding issues on our own. The Overmind thanks you for your service.

SD 3515.2 - A lengthy Alkari-Trilarian war ends with the fish-folk conquering Kronos. That has me concerned with what the birds will do next ...

... but it's time for us to head off to Arkab. The journey is long, requiring travel through the nebula. This is our last possibility for peaceful acquisition. If successful, we'll need to turn our attentions to more established foes.

Blah, blah, blah.

I think this would be a worthy addition to our larger ships.

Well yay. Three attacks so far and two of them aimed at us. We'll try to throw up a fighter garrison to assist with the defense, but if they go for one of the undefended worlds then we'll just let them destroy it.

Conflicts coming up at Arkab and Nir make for a good leaving-off cliffhanger here. I'm pretty darn shocked that we've been able to maintain peace, and the future of the Klackon species is looking better than ever because of it.