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Part 55: The Peace Ends … In Theory

The Peace Ends ... In Theory

Nir V (0:22)

Clearly our Scorpion was horribly overmatched, which is no surprise. No point in losing it trying to hopelessly defend a tiny, hostile world

Good to see you too.

I could just tell them to shove it ... but if we are going to want to conquer them anyway, what difference does it make if we give them this? Sure, why not - we agree.

They say 'you are very wise indeed'.

There are multiple useful things we could pick, but I think we want the Radiation Shield next. Meanwhile, our Scorpion can add one of those new shiny Inertial Stabilizers without sacrificing much in terms of loadout, so that refit begins immediately.

SD 3515.7 - Peace between Bulrathi and Gnolam.

How nice of you. And arrogant. Anyway, we now have a full set of deals; relations with Bulrathi, Darloks, Alkari, and Trilarians are all considered 'peaceful'.

I was honestly expecting something bigger than an Eel to be guarding such a prize. Let's do this thing then ...

Battle of Arkab (2:24)

That went well ... the second time. First time I got too close, it fired off a shockwave to destroy half the frigates, and ... yeah. It was basically the way not to do it.

The shape-shifter diplomats were busy meanwhile.

Yeah, we'll take that.

But apparently I miscalculated in assuming the others wouldn't want hostile planets - they've outgrown that and seized one of the worlds in Umm.

I think it's time to move on from our Worker Ant frigates. Against shielded targets like the Meklar starbase - and doubtless the battleship they have defending the system as well - our missiles will be of less use. But our Scorpion might be able to handle things, esp. when we add more. The cybernetics are at war with the Silicoids, but as of now they are holding their own.

If I didn't know better, I'd say they made it all up.

Their greeting jingle is a bit too nursery-rhymey for my taste. Dolgran immediately agrees to a pair of trade deals, which should be a good start to our relations.

At least we get the third wheel here. I think before going after the Meklar I want to acquire every piece of rock we can peacefully acquire. I never, though I should have, expanded our holdings in Bethmoora, and there are some minimal ones we can snag elsewhere. With terraforming capability we at least get some benefit out of anything.

The good Magistrate is becoming quite decent.

I think our military capacity could use an upgrade. Meanwhile we get back set up to rebuild on Nir V, destroyed by the Antarans.

SD 3516.3 - The Meklar make peace with the Silicoids, and declare war on the Alkari. Our intel is that a large convoy of troop transports is en route to Meklon ... but only a single Cruiser is with it.

Meanwhile our own freighters drip colonist ferries on the long journey (usually 7 turns) to Arkab. It'll take time to get that going.

Dang, we're just getting all kinds of good military signings this time around. We agree to Captain Kytryl's terms. Also, Bulrathi-Trilarian war is on again. No significant fallout from the Darlok Incident. And as expected, the Alkari are defeated and retreat from Meklon. Though small, the cybernetics appear to be fierce.

You know, I don't think we have anything to fear from them. They have problems of their own. Rejected.

'Alright then, to war!' Suit yourself.

We're ok on money, but I haven't forgotten the idea of pushing for the Astro University. I think it's time for it, though I considered the Ion Drive as well. The top handful of races are starting to embarass us technologically again, and while we're doing another expansion push here I'm eventually going to need to deal with that. .

They had other interesting possibilities, including Fusion Drive and Tritanium Armor. But we've seen the usefulness of the mass driver in the past, and we're not going to improve on that weapon anytime soon.

This a terrible deal. I take it anyway.

And we also get the drives.

Ending with this, as the galaxy's starting to get some serious vote numbers.

** Bulrathi (4) - Abstain
** Trilarians (4) - Abstain
** Gnolams (4) - Overmind
** Silicoids (4) - Abstain
** Alkari (3) - Abstain
** Meklar (2) - Morfane
** Darlok (5) - Morfane

We have 9, and I think are on a growth path to getting a veto bloc now. If I get there, I might consider trying to throw together some alliances and win this way. Gotta figure out how often they meet - this one was at 3516.7.