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Part 33: The Imperial States of North America were indeed historical states

The system of economics is not one of simple inputs and outputs, but rather, one of an amorphous series of currents constantly flowing between various atolls, rebounding one another in subtle eddies of supply and demand. Who are the social democrats, to foolishly shovel coal into the forge of human reproduction without guaranteeing those new souls the riches of Mercury, or the conservatives, to blindly funnel massive subsidies into our wasteful and inefficient industrial sectors in some misguided attempt at modern imperialism?

Clearly, the ailing industries of Earth must be burned away amidst the crucible of Science, amidst the invention and innovation that cemented humanity's rise to glory with so many of our epochal Revolutions. The Liberals offer us the chance to stoke this glorious crucible, to stop the descent into industrial decadence that plagued the late nineteenth century British Empire or early twenty-third century Imperial States of North America. Do we not serve the best interests of humanity? Do we not ordain to permit the revitalisation of the Terran economy and the advances in efficiency that will allow us to build a colony ship in a tenth of the time?

The colonies of Weg will be our East India Company, our jewels glittering in the sky, our trumpet against the void proclaiming that "We Are Here." But today is not the day that we grasp vainly for those jewels as the malnourished masses collapse beneath our feet. Today is the day the Republic blesses those masses with our light and our fire, the masses that will forge drills to pierce the heavens.