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Part 35: An extract from a speech from a town hall meeting in 2799

Closing words of a speech given by Mrs. Rebecca Purity Smith at a town hall meeting on December 7th, 2799, in Higginsville, Missouri, Earth.

"... discovery of intelligent life other than mankind is as momentous as it is troubling. Like the Jews of the Old Testament, we have been shown by God the promised land that is our birthright to occupy. The promised land, like the cosmos, was not uninhibited, but teeming with hostile and heathen tribes that had to be destroyed, driven out or subdued, and the land would not yield its bounty without hard labor. It was only through blood and vigilant effort that the great nation of Israel was given an enduring place in history.

The Sakkra Nations are a fractious people, divided by castes and fealties, still slaves to social and governmental systems that we rightly discarded as archaic and barbaric long ago. Relations with the Nations may be warm today, but perhaps their next patriarch won't feel the same. A minor lord may take his private armies and decide to assault our colonies, or even Earth. What is our recourse if that happens? Any lord above the offender may feign ignorance of their subordinate's plotting and obviate their responsibility. Our government is our people, and we are all accountable for the actions of our government, for better or worse."

-Moderator: Mrs. Smith you have thirty seconds remaining.

"Don't allow the bleeding hearts and artists deceive you into believing that we can permanently coexist peacefully with reptilian savages. We need to defend our people, we need to defend our claims. We need a strong military to ensure our way of life among the stars. When, not if, we come to blows with the Nations, we must be prepared to bring the Light of Freedom to the Darkness of Despotism."

-Moderator: Mrs. Smith, your time is up, please leave the podium.

"No lights are brighter than those produced by nuclear warheads, so I say we nuke those penis-worshipping motherfuckers before they do the same to us. Thank you and God bless."

-Scattered applause and murmuring.


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