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Part 39: A Conservative campaign speech on how Klackon issues should be addressed

The amphitheater fell silent as the lights went out, signalling the start of proceedings. Slowly the spotlights began to light the stage revealing a well dressed man, standing confidently before a gigantic holoscreen. Foremost upon the screen was the flag of the United Republic surrounded by smaller representations of the flags of the human colonies. Above all stood the symbol the Conservative party.

Citizens, let me welcome you to the annual meeting of the conservative caucus in this grand year of 2910. Here we stand at the completion of another successful term of governance. A term of great accomplishment, consolidation and one that has seen the human race meet the challenge of xeno aggression. I, Richard L. Etzinger, take tremendous pride in serving as the deputy leader of this great party.

The crowd begins to applaud, Etzinger let's it ride for a time before motioning for silence.

Yet, despite our recent successes and the continued transition of the Republic into a galactic powerhouse we cannot grow complacent. The betrayal of our allies, who would not answer our call to arms as we did theirs, only underscores one thing. We are in this alone, surrounded on all sides by false allies and aggressors. It is on this note that I wish to speak with you about my grave concern, the Klackon.

Yes, through the hard work of this party and the sacrifices of our brave men and women in uniform, we won the initial battles. We set these... bugs, scurrying before us like cockroaches when you turn on the light. But what now I ask?

Our initial contact with the Klackon showed them to be outwardly hostile and completely unwilling to negotiate. Now that our scientists have been amongst their 'society' we know why. To the Klackon the very concept of the individual or the existence of non-Klackon is incomprehensible. As a species they are fundamentally not compatible with the existence of other species, and this is why they are at present our greatest threat. They will not negotiate or cease aggression against the Republic. They will attack us in the same manner that they are currently throwing themselves relentlessly at the Union of Peace. Who just this year surrendered a star system to the onslaught.

The Liberals and the Social Democrats would have you believe that this is something that we can contain. That we can secure our borders and negate this threat. There are those among this very party, including our current leader, who agree with this sentiment. To that I respond, did containing Germany work in 1939? Did the 2077 Pacific Accords stop those three million Chinese rocket men swarming across the Taiwanese Straight?

No my friends, containment is no option. We are facing an enemy for whom our very existence is intolerable. The grim reality is that when facing an enemy determined at all costs to destroy you the only option is to destroy him first.

It is time for decisive action, the bugs currently have their attention focused on the Union of Peace and they are winning. Just where do you think they will shift their focus once they are done with the Union?

Etzinger pointedly looks around the crowd, people uncomfortably avoid his eyes.

This situation presents us with a unique opportunity, should we have the clarity and strength of will to cease it. However it won't stay that way forever, especially now that we have skirmished so successfully with the enemy. That is why I advocate that we strike fast and we strike hard. We exploit this focus on the Union to attack from the rear. We don't worry about taking or holding ground, no we simply eradicate them and move on. Planet by planet, system by system.

The unwillingness of our current leader to make this hard but necessary decision is why ladies and gentlemen, tonight I formally announce my intention to run for the leadership of this great party.

The crowd explodes into a frenzy of applause, Etzinger surveys the scene, a faint smile upon his lips.