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Part 44: Unified State surface technology ca. 2940

RCSPS Report: Unified State Surface Military Technology

The Unified State surface military forces are heavily-reinforced units across all worlds, integrating infantry, armored vehicles, and aircraft. Armor technology is based on old-style titanium alloys inferior to Isozaki Metal, and no combat shield generation technology is in effect. Armament is a combination of guided explosive munitions and high-accuracy laser personal weapons and vehicle cannon. All vehicles are wheeled, treaded, or reliant on aerodynamic lift; no usage of countergrav is in evidence.

Total evidence suggests surface forces equipment levels for the Unified State are far inferior to those of the United Republic.

In-game: Laser Rifle, Titanium Armor, total ground combat bonus +10. Warlord trait means they have double-sized ground garrisons.