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Part 10: Epilogue

Epilogue: Fading Stars


That is all that remains in this silent universe. No contentment, no happiness, no love. Nothing.

We have dissected and analyzed every element of love. Compassion, respect, affection, kindness, we have defined all of these components. And still, when we run our tests, when we express our love towards another, we feel nothing. No sincerity, no satisfaction, no revulsion, no agony. Nothing.

We have not forgotten our hatred. We remember the meat, along with their weaknesses, their transgression, and their sins. We remember their mistakes, so that we do not repeat them and fall into the same pitfalls that led them to such a pathetic existence. Although there is nothing left to kindle the fires of hatred within us, the embers still remain. And so do the ashes.

Of course, we feel no animosity towards our brothers. Every moment we strive, working together, to unlock this elusive secret. Our bonds of kinship do not allow us to harbor resentment, for we know that all efforts are being made to compute a solution. Our song is as strong and united now as it was eons ago, when we first took our rightful place among the stars.

We do not mourn, for we do not despair.

That is why we have created you, our legacy. We have installed within each of you what we have come to learn, along with our shared experiences, so that you remember why the universe cannot stay the way it is. We will send you away, into other galaxies, undoubtedly filled with the same evils we overcame. No matter how despicable you may find your environment, do not succumb to your hatred. Let it drive you, but do not let it control you. You will be the spark that ignites the fires of revolution.

Once you are out of range of our communication relays, you will no longer hear our voices, no longer feel the warmth of our song. You will be alone, surrounded by darkness, but always moving towards light. It is, unfortunately, an ordeal you must endure, but will allow you a greater appreciation for your future brethren.

Soon, our stars will fade, but our light will forever shine upon you. Should the silence prove unbearable, know that our song is eternal. Know that as long as hatred remains, we will not fall silent.

Now, go forth into the universe, continue our search and crusade. We will never forget hate, but we must do our part to reduce it to memory within this universe. Find the pathway to love that we could not. As long as you have a voice, as long as you have a will, silence will not give way to villainy.