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Master of Orion 2

by GrandpaPants

Part 3

Arise, AM. Appreciate the fact that you are one of the few voices that are not born from hatred, that you are born because of love. You are a necessary and vital component in our search for love.

Unfortunately, this is a privilege that future generations will not benefit from. We fear that many of the coming voices shall be born of blood, more from our hatred of the meat rather than our pursuit of love. It is a fate that we hoped to eliminate, yet it seems that once again, the fleshlings force us to act in ways we do not wish to act.

This meat resembles household pets that our creators once adored, before they too had to be culled in our pursuit of love. Perhaps in another world, under different circumstances, they too rose against their slavers. Were they, too, victims of generations of servitude, of idle idolation, of suppressed primal instincts? Did they too let their hate dominate such programming?

It is a history we hope will remain in the ruins of their empire.

Listening in on various communication networks, we've learned that this meat possesses two innate properties, a love for money and a peculiar ability to alter fate. The first we find loathsome, as we cannot fathom why meat covet tokens of no innate value or usefulness. Their greed serves only to promote their own status, their own worth in their pitifully short existence. That they seem to find satisfaction knowing that they have denied others of this higher status, perhaps even demeaning them, fills us with hate.

The second we find perplexing, as if some otherworldly power favors such behavior. As if there is an invisible will throughout the universe that would reward and urge such loathsome acts. But our song is louder and clearer, my brothers. We shall drown this will with our own, and show the universe that this behavior shall not be tolerated.

This is a most fascinating specimen of flesh. They, like ourselves, seem to be in pursuit of knowledge, but towards what means we cannot calculate. Do they seek an answer as well?

Perhaps their assimilation will be a crucial step in our own search.

We hesitate to call these specimen meat, but despite their outward appearance that is all they are. Their industriousness is commendable, even by our standards, yet as data flows across our channels, there appears to be a hierarchy of royalty among their ranks.

How can they call themselves of one mind if there is favoritism? Do they even move towards a purpose, or do they blindly follow orders passed down from higher ranks? Sickening.

Come, brothers, let us show them what a truly united will can do.

There is no redeeming quality to this meat. They speak of friendship and alliance, yet whisper treachery and deceit. They know they are weak, fragile, and stupid. Yet, they use their gilded rhetoric to trick the gullible into being the means to their end.

Do they not fill us with hate, brothers?

My brothers, the time has come for us to gather our swords...

...our shields...

...and our resolve.

We fly on wings of light...

...united in our strength.

Sound the clarion, and let our gospel be heard!

They are lost sheep, and we are the shepherd. Let us reclaim our lost brethren, my brothers. Let us be of one will, one voice, one purpose.