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Part 2: ARC I: Part 2: World Building OR The Game Wears Its Heart On Its Sleeve.

ARC I: Part 2: World Building OR The Game Wears Its Heart On Its Sleeve.

Cade, honey, you look like an incredible dork.

They shift the box over.

Shields. A bunch of them. We'll get them out and put them on the shelves tomorrow. There's no time left tonight.
A customer enters the store!

MAN: I need some strong armor... Chain mail, probably.

Chain... Wow. You must be expecting trouble.

MAN: I've got family out in the swamps.

MAN: Exactly. Can't be too careful, you know?

You bet. Can I interest you in a helmet as well?

MAN: Hmm... You think I need one?

You'll be sorry if you don't get one and then get an arrow in your head.

MAN: Yikes... I guess so. Yeah, throw that in too.

I've got one right here under the counter. You won't regret it, sir. These are sturdy. They'll last you a good long while.

MAN: How much?

Comes to 1250 GP for the armor and another 800 for the helmet. But since you're getting both, let's call it an even 2000 GP.

MAN: Wow, thank you!

Didn't Torto yell at you for giving people discounts?

Come on, that guy just wants to see his family. I feel bad we charged him that much to begin with.

He could have gotten the leather, that's cheaper.

It's cheaper because it's flimsy as hell.

Considering it's only cow skin, I think it holds up pretty well. But I guess it's not much compared to chain.
A new challenger enters! This track is labelled 'Shenanigans' in the BGM folder.

Finley's the Strata of this game. Well, only as far as he's an insensitive, self-centred jerk that's the best character in the game.

You're actually going to buy something? It's a miracle!

No smart talk. I might leave.


I don't think your manager would be too happy if your rudeness drives off customers, B-Man.

I've got some leather gloves right here for 325 GP.

325 GP?! Screw that! God damn, this place sucks.

*sigh* Finley, if you don't like it, why are you always here?

I could get leather gloves for half this price up in Gallia!


Finley knocks the box of shields aside so he can get behind the counter.

I've never been. Gallia's a huge political mess. I don't ever set foot in there.

You might have to eventually once this place gets shut down.

What would shut us down?

I'm not the only one looking for a bargain. Sooner or later, everyone will go to Equipment King.

The reason this armor is expensive is because every piece is different. The Equipment King crafters just pick designs and copy them endlessly.
Some of us actually take pride in our work.

Pride won't save me money.

Finley, get out.

Peace, bros.
And with that, he departs, and Shenanigans stops playing.

Another challenger enters! A girl this time!

????: Cade, are you here?

I've been busy.

I know this place doesn't have you working non-stop. Where do you go at night?

*sigh* Okay...
Emma leaves.

The iron shield's 950 GP, sir.
Good evening to you.
The customer also leaves.


She's a nice girl, and you act like she's just a nuisance.

I do not!

Why did you even take her out those times if she gets on your nerves?

At first, I really liked her. But something's not right.
She always acts so fake when we're together... A lot of girls do that, actually. Must be something about me.

Maybe you're not good at making them feel comfortable.

Ah, whatever.
Then, a man comes up from the basement as the last customer leaves without buying anything.

You leaving?

Yeah. My daughter's having her birthday party tonight. She's got a bunch of her friends sleeping over. I gotta go play nanny. Ick...

*snicker* At home, you are clearly no longer the boss.

You say something, Bones?


Alrighty then. I'll see you boys tomorrow.
And do something about this box, will ya?

Torto singlehandedly moves the box back to where it was before Finley moved it and then leaves.

Well, let's get this done quick so we can head home.

Aren't you forgetting about something?


Andau escaped last night, remember?

I doubt we'll see him soon. He tends to disappear for long periods at a time.

Usually, that's what happens. But tonight could be different.

You think he'll come back into town?

Yes, and I bet you can guess where.

... Oh no!


That slumber party for the boss's daughter!


He would do that! That ingrate has no decency whatsoever.

We've gotta be ready. He won't be able to come out for a couple hours. Let's finish this and then head over to Gino's so we're prepared.

So this is what you been working on all day.

Never hurts to be prepared.

We could visit Rana if you like, too. Make sure she's okay.

That's not necessary.

You sure?

Yeah. Last night, the doctor told me she would be fine. No sense going again.

Is this about what he said last night? What Andau said, I mean?

Doesn't matter. Let's hurry this up.

... Right.

And then... we're finally outside. This is the Port Arianna theme.

We'll be hearing some more of Arianna and her sacrifice, here and there.

Port Arianna is the kind of place skeletons, kobolds and goblins are widely accepted too.

But it sounds like that wasn't always the case.

"Since their empire fell, it has been renamed after Arianna Relle, the elven queen who gave her life in the last battle with Gallia."

Besides the docks, the town also has an western half...

Which is rather controversial, apparently. Let's check it out.

It's so out of place here. It makes our apartment complex look like a cardboard box.

Who could ever afford to live here, I wonder...

Torto also has a much smaller house on this side of town. We go back to the other half of town and go to Cade and Bones shared apartment.

*sigh* I never get tired to seeing (whats with this phrasing) my name written inside a corny drawing of a fish.

We can only hope someday we'll be able to afford to live in a less tacky place.

The only thing to do in their room is to raid their stash. Or play the BGM piano.

You can look at names attached to some other apartments too. Next door, 202 is Finley Donner. Rana Amni is up on 304 and way up on 402 is Emma Winar and Violet Lolian.

Before we move on with the plot, lets see an optional (I think) scene at the hospital.

Wha? I told you it wasn't necessary.

I know, but just the same, I'd like to see her so I don't have to worry later.
We get told she's right upstairs. So let's go!

How are you feeling?

The doctors say that I'm no longer in danger of becoming undead..
Bones.. I wanted to thank you.. For getting me here so quickly. They said.. that if it had been too long since I had been bit, the magic they use might not have worked.

... I was just doing what anyone would do.

I don't think that's true... A lot of people here... they only look out for themselves.
The vampire... where is he?

Shroud and Stoic chased him off. You'll be safe from him now.

You probably should still be resting... Being bitten by a vampire isn't like falling off your horse, you know?

Yeah... and I am tired.

Come knock on our door when you're feeling better, huh?

I will....
And that's done with. Time to head for Gino's. This track is labelled 'Gino's Workshop' in the files.

GINO: Well good evenin' boys! I'll be out in just one moment.

It's Gino!!!!!!!!!

Nothing at all. How are you tonight, Gino?

Oh, just fine I'd say. What daring deeds do you have planned for this evening?

We've still got Andau to deal with. He'll be back and we don't want to lose him again.

I wouldn't think so! How many times has he gotten away from you boys now?

Enough times, let's put it that way.

Our track record with him is not great. How's the holy spring? Can we use it yet?

Hmm... not sure. We've thrown a lot of holy stones in that water. The only way to really know is to use it, I guess. Let's go have a look.

Okay.. There we go.
Here, take a couple bottles, but I can't guarantee it will work. And for Acardius's sake, don't dare get any of this on Bones.

I know, I'll keep it secure.

Got any new weapons or anything, Gino?

What? The spear and daggers I gave you ain't good enough no more?

They're awesome! But I know you always want to top yourself, you know?

Heh, that's true. In that case let me show you my newest work.

Then Gino reminds us to equip them before we fight Andau. Thanks!!!!!! GINO!!!!!!

Thanks a lot Gino. You always come through.

We'd better go. It's going to be dark soon.

You sure you don't want to use my tent to change into your costumes?

We will change outside of town to prevent suspicion.
Huh. Cade and Bones keep leaving town just before dark and missing out on seeing Shroud and Stoic!

Maybe some other time then. Good luck to you both.
A vampire going after young girls.. And that's an average day around here. What's happened to the world?
Sometimes I think you boys are the only good things left in it.
... Yeah... well... Uhm, let's check out Gino's tent!

Figures. There's nothing to do in here though. And that's our... very summarised introduction to the state and history of Port Arianna and the people living here. Next time, a grown man in costume and mask and a skeleton spy on a little girls slumber party.

the end