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Part 5: ARC I: Part 5: Touten and Tiger.

ARC I: Part 5: Touten and Tiger.

Yeah... remind me tonight to go to bed earlier.

Well, it should be quiet around here for a while. We'll have a chance to rest up.

So out we go to work.

We can go in the tavern now, and hear an interesting rumor.

There's also a drunk kobold here that doesn't have his name displayed for some reason. This is Bubba. He will be relevant eventually, but not for a long time.

The weapon shop is also open now. It's important to note that Cade and Bones work at the -armour- store.

That's not so convincing, Barry.

Sorry, pal. To tell the truth, though, I've been struggling a bit.

Really? Why?

I run this shop almost totally by myself. I can barely afford to pay the help that I have.
I've got all this space, but I can't even afford to purchase enough from the suppliers to fill up the other rooms. I just always feel like I can't get ahead.

That's how everyone starts, though. Torto's been selling armor around the world his entire life. He didn't start rich, that's for sure... But he got there.

It's different for him... he started out in Gallia's last days... when people were desperate for weapons. It's not the same anymore.

I wouldn't worry. Gallia may be gone, but there will always be danger out there. Keep your head up.

Doin my best, man!
Anytime you need a new weapon, try and remember me, huh?
lol no. We have GINO!!!!

Now, time to head to work.

It's closed.

Nobody told us.

Torto must have been up all night calming those kids down after we chased Andau out of there.

That's great. We got up early after roaming around that dingy church all night and he's napping in his estate.

Look on the bright side. We got a day off! What should we do?

I haven't had chance to talk with Rana. I think she may be ready to leave the hospital now. I'll go check.

I should find Emma.

Oh, you're concerned about her?

Well, it took me a while to realize it, but her coming into the shop yesterday was actually a bit flattering. It's the most sincere I've ever seen her.
Maybe I've misjudged her.
........ Uh huh.

Maybe. Want to meet for lunch at the pub?

That sounds great. See you later, then.


Hmmm... I wonder where she is.

Cade refuses to butt in on Stoic and Rana at the hospital and we have no indication of where Emma would be besides her room, which she is not at. Cade doesn't even try knocking or anything, you just can't do anything. So I try to go see Gino.

........... Please kindly try to not be a creep, Cade! You're our hero and I love you. Fun fact: Cade's a big boob when it comes to women. Pun not intended.

Eventually I find here though, standing by the docks looking out to sea, rather inconspicuously.

Cade... I didn't expect to see you. Don't you have to work?

Not today. I got the day off. Torto's sleeping in after his vampire encounter last night.

Oh, I heard about that! How scary!

I wouldn't worry. Word around town is that Shroud and Stoic chased him out of town for good.

That's what those two guys call themselves?

Yeah... That's what I've heard.

It's all very strange.

Listen, Emma... I have to talk to you about yesterday. At first, I was really annoyed that you came into the shop and hassled me.
But I've thought about it some more... and it's kind of flattering.
oh jesus cade dont say like that

Flattering? That's a surprise. I always feel like you're just killing time when we're together.
You know what? I almost instinctively typed 'suprise (SIC)' while transcribing this.

If that's true... it's only because I've been distracted. It was only a few months ago that I moved here... It's taken me a long time to feel settled.
But now things feel different. I would like to spend more time together. That is... if you're not too annoyed at me.

Hehe... to be honest, I am a little annoyed with you.

Uh oh.

But... you're cute, so I suppose you deserve another chance.

... That's all, huh? next time I won't even open my mouth.

Oh, you're being silly!

I'll drop by your place sometime soon, I promise.

You sure you can make it? We only live in the same building, after all.

I'll make it.

That's the spirit.

I have to go meet Bones for lunch soon, but I'm glad I found you.

I am too. Bye bye for now!

See ya.

And then we cut to...

Oh, I feel great. They kept me in there for so long. I'm just glad to be outside.

You're lucky the doctors had such an easy time treating you. On that note, I wanted to ask you... why were you out wandering so late?

I was on my way somewhere.


What does it matter? I didn't get there, that's for sure.

It matters to me! You went out there knowing that a blood-sucking vampire was on the loose. Whatever you were doing had to be important to you.

I was... on my way to see a friend. Someone I hadn't seen in a while.

Anyone I know?


You sure? I've been alive a long time.

Haha... I'm sure. I knew it was dangerous... I knew that vampire was out there... but sometimes, people just do things without thinking, you know?

Trust me, I know. Well, you won't have to worry about Andau anymore. Will your friend be returning to town?

Eventually, I suspect.

I was supposed to have lunch with Cade, so I'd better head over to the pub. You want to come?

Oh, no thank you. I don't have much of an appetite. Must be left over from everything that's happened. Some other time for sure.

I would like that.

Me too. Have a nice lunch!

Thanks. You watch yourself, now!

I will.


This is the bank. The Blue Tides Real Estate office is in the basement of this building for some reason.

YOUNG ATTENDANT: I couldn't either! I heard there was a vampire in town last night!

OLD ATTENDANT: Customers will be coming in soon, no doubt. I hope I don't pass out.

We hear the roar of a tiger.

GUARD: What the?!

An elven man follows the tiger in. This track is labelled Elven Dance in the files.

RIGHT GUARD: The Touten Corps! We're in real trouble now!

Yeah, that's right! He knows what's best for him! Heh heh heh.

LEFT GUARD: That's enough out of you!

Be serious.

The left guard gets shot with a crossbow. This upsets the other guard and his outraged response gets cut off by Douglas and Morias.

LEFT GUARD: You'll... you'll pay for this...

You know, it was that kind of attitude that got you down on the ground there to begin with. Give it a rest so I don't have to finish you off, huh?

YOUNG ATTENDANT: I can't believe this...

Oh, lighten up. Think of the story you have now. How you had the privilege of being robbed by a member of the mighty Toutens!


OLD ATTENDANT: I'll be happy to tell the story!


Not a thing.

Hmm... Well, you know her better than I do. If you don't get it, then I'm just completely lost.

What about you? Did you find Emma?

I did... but now I have new doubts about her. She said she forgave me because I was "cute".

There are worse things.
Yeah seriously. Shut up Cade!!! Anyway, I think he's just making excuses because he doesn't -really- like her, probably.

It's always "cute," though. I'm tired of that. Why can't I be "interesting" or "smart," or anything with substance?

I'm not sure what to say. I don't usually have that problem.

You must have at some point.

Maybe a long time ago.

I don't really know much about what you did before you were a skeleton. Sometime you've got to tell me some of those stories. I bet they're really interesting.
Ohohoho they are. They're also the basis of the longest flashback I've ever seen in a game. But it's good.

Well..... I don't know.

Hey guys!

Again? Just how often do you go there, anyway?

Every time I need something.

There are weapon and armor shops right here in Port Arianna. Why would you take the time to go to Gallia?

Gallia? Are you guys idiots or something? There's another Equipment King right in Rellenia, just a few miles south of here!
Right where the old elven capitol used to be.

Wait a minute... what? There are two Equipment Kings?
Oooh, he got married! That's nice.

Where have you been, man? They want to open Equipment Kings all over the world so everyone will be able to enjoy their prices!
Ah... The looming spectre of chain stores.

So having one huge store in the middle of a huge city like Gallia wasn't enough. They had to open another one right in the middle of the elven capitol.
Arcadius only knows how many elves Gallia killed there, and now that's where they want to sell weapons. Real tasteful.

I've spoken to some people in town lately about Equipment King, and I can't say I like what I hear.

What's with you guys? Do you hate business or something?

No, you moron! We work in business!
Phrasing it as 'business' has always seemed so goofy to me.

Then what's the deal?

I've been told that they pay non-humans significantly lower wages.

What? That's folly!

Finley, less than fifty years ago, Gallia was dedicated to exterminating every non-human in the world!

Not only that, I also heard that they pay the human women less than the men. What is this, the Third Age?

Well, that makes sense, right? Women aren't as strong. I hope that thing about the other races isn't true though. That'd be awful.
Oh, Finley...

Awful enough to keep you from going there?

No way. I'm not stupid. You guys should go sometime soon. It might give you a better idea of how to manage your place!

Finley, get out.

But we're not in the store--

Leave now if you want to live!

Peace, bros.

That NPC has been butting in on the conversation for a while now.

You gotta be kidding.

He's just foolish... Equipment King, they're the ones I'm worried about.
Then our heroes hear a RACKET outside!

GUARD: Get that elf!! We've been chasing him all over town!

Explain now. What is that miscreant up to?

I don't have time to go through it all now, but if that's the guy I remember, then he just robbed the bank.

Let's move.

Oh, hey guys! I didn't even notice you! Guess I was too caught up in the action!
Well, there's no time to hang around here!

Where are you going now?

Back to the apartment! I gotta guard my goods, man! You guys want to come? We'll defend it together!

No... uh... we...

You what?

We... have to go to Gino's place!


Yeah! He's our friend, and we have to make sure none of his goods get stolen!

Oh... good call. Okay, see you later on!

And with that, this update comes to a close. The next update, where we pursue Morias and Douglas, will be the finale of Arc I.
Also, last night, I went on Volraths twitter to see if I could find anything about his other projects or this one. I actually did find something interesting that I can't mention until way down the line, when it'll make sense, but I also found a tweet I found very amusing given what this update and the next were going to be about.

(He's right though.)

the end