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Part 6: ARC I Finale: Should we call you both Stoic and Shroud or Shroud and Stoic?

ARC I Finale: Should we call you both Stoic and Shroud or Shroud and Stoic?

That's the crook we're looking for!

This is the only place we could think of to change into costume. Be a pal and move aside, will ya?

You have anything in that tent that might help us with that?

I used to have a healthy supply of dynamite, but now I only have one stick left.

What happened?

Ah, it's those no good thieving kobolds that hang around here. Always coming in here, taking stuff they don't even know how to use. Morons.

Kobolds with dynamite... Glad Bubba lives in town and not here. Can you imagine that?

Drunken fireworks.

Ha! Exactly.

Stop screwing around! I had some money in that bank and if I don't get it back... no more weapons!

I will set that elf's head above our fireplace!

We don't have a fireplace. We're too poor.

Alright then. Above the piano!

The only stick of dynamite I have left is right inside. You'll use it fast, so I highly recommend getting some more off those kobolds. Now catch that little runt!
So I grab the stick of dynamite and then head to the next screen.


Hand over the money twerp!

Let's not make this harder than it has to be.

Hey... I remember you! What was your name? Cloak?

Shroud! It's Shroud!

Oh yeah... Who's your buddy there?

I am Stoic. No more pleasantries, you stole that money and it's time to fork it over.

What for?

You picked the wrong town, Morias. Port Arianna is under our protection.

Are you kidding me? Why are you wasting your time with something like that? Tell me, what have those fat cats in that spoiled ship town ever done for you, man?

It doesn't matter what they have or haven't done for me. That's not the point!

All people deserve protection from those who would do them harm or steal their goods.

Blech... I've had enough of this. I need this money much more than they do, so I'll bid you gentlemen a not so heartfelt goodbye!
Come on Douglas!

I thought Andau was fast! This track is labeled 'Terr Mountains' in the files.

So, that's the gimmick of this dungeon. Blowing shit up.

The enemy on the left is a 'Kobold Bandit' and they have a pretty decent chance of dropping dynamite. I don't know if the Tuskens do.

Shroud learns a magic attack that hits all enemies and has a chance to Blind.

While Stoic upgrades his single attack move. To require 10 SP instead of 5. So now he can hardly use it for the time being.

Log hop! Log hop!

Kobold Bandits also call for 'medicine' which summons these. I've never once seen them use medicine.

........................................ Back to ground level! At least I got some treasure.

You can also blow up these huge pile of rocks to reveal holes or chests. How rockslides caused this, I have no idea.

In an uncovered hole we find a hurt guy who gives us rope to make a rope ladder back out and we do. He then lets us take the rope because he recognises us as the conquerors of Andau, which is good. We need that rope to finish the dungeon.
Our heroes ask if he needs help back to town and he reassures them he'll be able to make it back after a rest, though they do insist he goes to the hospital.

Cade learns a weakass party heal and for once Stoic doesn't learn anything at the same time.

The people assigned to rebuild the bridge were all hired to work at Blue Tides Estates on the expansions. Naturally, it paid better.

Rich people are scum. Not everyone can hop on one of their fancy carriages from town to town!
In a just world, I'd have a skeleton friend that said things like 'Rich people are scum' too.

Stoic upgrades his hit-all attack and it needs a lotta SP now...

Log hop! Log hop!

The common store is a normal item store, but the other...

I pick up some nice boots for Shroud that boost agility which I'm pretty sure is evasion and... maybe speed.

If we blow up a hole nearby...

I can rob Crazy Pete and he says nothing about it.

The path leading up to the mountains...

When you stand here there's a clicking sound.

The path explodes, which is why the screen is tinted red here.

Whoa! How did you know that was there?!

An exploding trap. Classic Morias.

You seem to know this guy pretty well. Care to explain?

He's part of an elite group of thieves called the Touten Corps. I spent a bit of time with them years ago.

You were a thief?

No, but it was a complicated situation. Either way, anyone skilled enough to be in that group is a formidable opponent, no matter how silly they may seem.

He won't be a match for us.

I hope you're right. Regardless, we can't go this way. Let's find another route.

I notice this trail into the side of the waterfall here. You can't go in, but if you search it you get a free miracle drop! Wahoo!

Anyway, the path up is bombed and the one cave leads to a dead end. Where do we go? Well, through the one cave where the log hopping pond was...

Two stakes give away we're meant to put a ladder there.

Oh no.

This starts a little discussion but ultimately the kobold says he'll let us through if we beat him. But because he's an intellectual, he doesn't want to fight. Instead, he wants to tack us on in a rousing game of Whack-A-Bold.

I'm trademarking that name right now.

We have a minute to bonk him five times. Which is easy if you wait in the middle for him to appear at the three nearer cardinal directions or the centre. I never had much luck with the diagonals.

This is a magic healing well that also lets you save. IIRC all the fairies were wells like this in earlier releases, and there'd somtimes be a travelling item merchant nearby.

Great. This is where we need to go now.

Didn't take very long, what's the catch?

Oh boy.

Bunch of pests! Get a job!

KOBOLD: Bad enough they steal our stuff, now they lecture us.
They cannot stop the rock.

So now I have to navigate this mess.

Piss off!!!

Moving on back to--

Shroud narrowly dodges being crushed by a boulder.

Where the hell do they get all these boulders?

KOBOLD: I will have my revenge!
... Anyway, dodging boulders while running up this series of narrow stairways...

He flees.

So we've explored everywhere. Back to the critical path!


Great. One or the other will smack you hard when one's down on HP.

Decide you idiot.
Whoa, sheesh. Fine.

Afraid not.

If you're looking to not get beaten too badly, you could always give back the money and surrender.

Oh please, where's the fun in that? Douglas, get ready.

Two on two?

You know it! Yee-ha!!

I think that's custom art for Morias? So why didn't they use that face for his faceset?

Anyway, our range of abilities hasn't really changed all that much since Andau so the strategy is largely same with one addition. I have Shroud use Dust Devil to blind Douglas every time it wears off. Morias must be immune or very resistant since it never works on him.

Because Douglas is blinded, I focus on getting Morias done first, which leads to Douglas doing a heavy attack to both Shroud and Stoic at once.

And the fight ends not too long after that.

That's Shrouds physical attack move...

I didn't get the chance to check what this is, but probably an agility debuff attack.

It's a requirement for this work, just like jail is a requirement for robbing the bank. Let's go.

Oh, jail?! You gotta be kidding!

Don't worry. The fat cats put a lot of money into the building. Should be somewhat comfortable.

Gyahh... What about Douglas?

He'll share your cell. We put away animal thieves too.

You guys will see. No jail can hold us. We'll be out in no time!

Well, good. I don't like not having anything to do for too long.

... 'Two Heroes'

"But who are they?"

"I've seen them before..."

"Good for them!"

"What's with that mask? And the bandana? Is this some kind of costume party I wasn't aware of?"

"Who cares what they're wearing? They saved all our money!"

No need for anyone to be concerned. The money has been safely recovered.

And as you can see, the thief and his pet here are now in custody.

"Wow, they took on both him and the tiger!"

"That's incredible!"

"Not even the guards could catch him... and now those two are going to lead him right into the jailhouse!"

"Serves him right!"

Not for long! You all better hold on to your fat wallets tightly, that's all I'm saying!

That's enough.

But... who are you?

I'm Morias of the Touten Corps!

Not you!

"advantage of your uncertainty. Knighthoods are a thing of the past, but think of us as your knights.
Call me Shroud."

"I am called Stoic."

And here's the incredibly old (13 years!!!!) Arc II trailer.

the end