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Part 14: ARC II: Part 6: Setup for the Party.

ARC II: Part 6: Setup for the Party.

Our next sequence begins with Cade and Bones just standing around their room when someone knocks on the door.

Good morning!

I was just passing by and I thought I'd invite you to a party!
Technically, you're always passing by since the apartment has no ellyvator, the stairs are always on opposite ends of the halls, and you're on a higher floor than these guys.

A party? Whose?

Don Kovak is hosting it at his new mansion... on land I helped sell, by the way! Hee hee.

Sounds interesting. I might go. I'd like to meet this Kovak.

Refreshments are straight from the pub, in case you need any extra incentive.

Well that's generous, but from what I've heard about Kovak, I'm sure this gathering is for humans only.

Wrong! Everyone is invited. Kovak doesn't need any more bad publicity after that incident with Shroud and Stoic.

Oh really?

Yeah really.

What's your take on that whole thing, anyway?

From what I saw, their intentions seemed good. I bet they were just rattled from rescuing those kids. I don't know why they would suspect Equipment King, though.
They must really hate business.

I suppose we should go.

Is Emma coming?

No, she left town. She won't be back for a few days. It's a shame, because it's gonna be fun!

Here's hoping.

See you there!
Violet leaves.

I hear ya, chum. Let's party.


Cade refuses to enter Equipment King, and no one else around town has anything new to say, so let's head to that mansion.


Douglas growls.

Be nice. He's a decent guy, even if he and his skeleton pal threw us in here. I kinda wish he'd stayed with the Toutens!

There's the sound of a battle upstairs, and then a guard flies downstairs and into the wall.

We've all been pretty busy, Morias!

Cyneric didn't even notice you were gone until we realized it was much too quiet.

That's real funny. Now how about some help? I've been sitting here for weeks!

Coming right up!


Yeah. This is a really rich town. The money that went into those bars could probably feed us for a month.

Well, if at first you don't succeed...

I got the keys from the captain... remember?

Oh. Right.

Free at last! Come on, Douglas!

No kidding. I haven't been in jail for years.

You should have taken one of us with you. Robbing the bank alone in a town like this is just stupid.

I wasn't alone. I had Douglas!

She meant one of us.

Oh. Well, who cares? Let's just get back to the camp.

Not so fast.


We took a walk around town before we came in here. There's a big party going on at one of the estates.

Heh. Easy money.

I don't know guys... This town is pretty well protected.

Ha! We bested the guards easily.

I wasn't talking about them...

Please. With all of us here, there's no trouble at all. Now let's go!

Anyway, I'll end this short update here because I want to do the whole party in one update, and it'll be a bit on the long side as it is.

the end