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Part 15: ARC II: Part 7: Finley Gets Serious.

ARC II: Part 7: Finley Gets Serious.

This place is unreal.

It's hard to take. Especially knowing how many poor people there are in this town... and the world.

Alright, here's the plan. I'll make nice with the bigwigs out here. You sneak off and try to uncover something that we can use.

Good plan. I would hate to have to be civil with some of these parasites.

I figured. That's my job. I talk to people... so you don't have to.
the worst thing about lines like the last one here is I get like PTSD flashbacks to Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes.

Taking one for the team.
Bones leaves and I have Cade wander over to speak to Violet who's admiring a bust in a corner.

Hi, Violet. What are you doing over here in the corner? Did Kovak give you a time out?

Oh, you're too much! I'm just enjoying some of the antiques he has lying around here.
So... are you having any fun?

Honestly... no.
You JUST got here, Cade.

Oh, Cade. It's not good to be so uptight about this. There's no reason why your shop and Mr. Kovak's shop can't compete on good terms.

I can think of several, but I feel like we covered that the other day.

Hehe... we certainly did.

Did you get a chance to talk to Emma before she left?

A little... she was still angry, but she wasn't acting like it. I could tell she just didn't want to deal with it at the moment.

Maybe she'll snap out of it by the time she comes back.

She probably will. Anyway Cade, I want you to go over there and introduce yourself to Mr. Kovak. He's a very charming man.

*sigh* Which one is he?

The one with the blue armor and the white beard. Can't miss him.

He wore armor to this? Did he bring peacock feathers too?

That's very rude.

Sometimes you just have to call it as you see it. I'll talk to you later, Violet.

Okay. Behave now!
If you talk to Violet again, now that she's admiring a painting instead...

My Aunt Mina would really love this painting here...

The mayor's here too, but doesn't have too much to say.

Still mad?

Eh, not really. I thought about it... and I should have realized how shocked you were at the news.

Well... I am still skeptical about this, Barry. You should know that.

I do... but I think you'll be surprised. I know that you're only trying to look out for me. I realized that after Shroud and Stoic trashed me and Mr. Kovak in public yesterday. After the horrible things those creeps said, the argument I had with you guys seemed pretty insignificant.

Oh... yeah, I guess.

They're not going to get away with it, though. My hard work has finally paid off, and I'm not going to let those costumed morons ruin this for me.
Now that Mr. Kovak will be running the shop, I'll have time to practice with new weapons and fighting styles. They're gonna be sorry.


Well, there's a lot of people to talk to, but I'm glad you came! See you around, pal!
Barry runs off to speak with a woman.

Yeah... see ya.
Barry's already gone when Cade says this... and he looks in a completely different direction too.

Anyway, Kovak is right there but there is someone else here, on the dance floor.

I figured it was at least worth a look. How's it going, Finley?

How's it going? It's going awesome, thank you very much! Hey, are you gonna ask Kovak about a job?

No. I already told you I was sticking with Torto.

Well, don't blame me when you're poor... Oh wait, you're already kinda poor;.

Oh, I see. You want the shop to fail, but I'm not allowed to blame you if it does?

Whoa! Whoa! Man, did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today? I thought I was talking to B-Man for a second there!

Oh, forget it. I'm glad you're having fun, at least.

You don't know the half of it! *Psst* This chick here? She totally digs me. Sweet, huh?

Yeah, you're a charmer.

Hell yeah, man. Hey, try to lighten up huh? Parties are supposed to be fun.
And thats that. Time for Kovak.

He's speaking to Vec here.

Yes? I don't believe we've met.

No, sir. I'm Cade Mistral. I work at Torto's shop.

Ah, of course! Just one second, please.
He turns back to Vec.

She's waiting right now, Vec?

Indeed, sir. Perhaps I should take care of it.

You read my mind.
Vec heads towards the same half of the mansion Bones did.

So sorry about that.

It's no problem.

Where were we? Ah yes, Torto's shop. Quite a dedicated man, your boss.

He's proud of what he's accomplished.

I look forward to a spirited competition.

I wanted to ask you a few questions about Equipment King.


I know you've been very successful with your low prices. They're much lower than the goods in our shop or any other shop that I know of.
I was wondering, though... How do you make so much money by selling things for so little?

I run a very complicated business, my friend. There's much more to maintaining Equipment King than simply selling the goods.
When your business is this big, there are many other things that affect our profits and success.

That's not really an explanation.

It's the best I can do without boring you.

I think you're afraid to tell me... or anyone else for that matter.
Cade's already going for the throat.

Now you sound like that costumed smear merchant and his sidekick.

First of all, he's not a sidekick. They work together as equals. Second of all, they wouldn't come after you just for sport.
They work to fight crime here in town, so they must think you're up to no good.
Lol. Real subtle, Cade.

I wouldn't buy into their lies if I were you. I don't want business to get ugly here in town.

Ugly? You're the ones who won't hire non-humans. It doesn't get much uglier than that.

Rrrrgh... Our store... is committed to projecting positive values in the community.

Wait... wait just a minute. Did you really just refer to hate and bigotry as positive values? Let me tell you something.
That Gallian crap is not what's popular in Port Arianna. You start with that General Lysander routine, and you won't get far here. Remember that.

Trust me kid, I know.

Kovak walks off as Auburn appears through the door near the top.

Sure thing, boss.

I certainly didn't expect to see anyone from the competition here. How do you like my dress?

To be honest... you look a bit like a candy cane.

Ah ha ha! Come on, I'll buy you a drink.

So, where's your date?

Date? What age are you living in? Since when do I need a date to have fun somewhere?

Point taken. That said... would you like one?

Hmm... Interesting offer. I can't say I was disappointed by the last thing you sold me, so why not?

At a cost of only one drink, it's the bargain of a lifetime.

Have you been having fun?

Not especially. This got boring after, oh... five minutes.

Where's Bones?

Ah, he's around somewhere.

So... wanna dance?

Sure. I'm not sure if I'd know how to dance to this music, though. It's a bit formal for me.

Change the song? What?

Come on! I'll show you!
Auburn runs off to the dance floor. I take the chance to speak to Finley again.

Oh, he'll show them off alright.


Nevermind. What does this do, exactly?

Somehow... it holds music. I'm not exactly sure of all the details, but they take one of these to different places. If music is played nearby, it becomes sealed inside the crystal. Crazy, isn't it?

That's some pretty impressive magic right there.

Some scientists also worked on it. They're trying to work out a way to actually select which song you want to hear. That sounds impossible to me, though.
For now, all you have to do is give this thing a light slap and you've got a new song.

Wow. I'm pretty stunned by all that.

The march of progress. Now let's get this thing started.l
Auburn slaps the thing so this track comes on (and it plays for the scenes after this too)

and then she and Cade start to dance.

No need for that. Just getting a feel for the song, that's all.

Cade and Auburn dance back and forth, sometimes Cade twirls Auburn around (At least that's what I think is whats happening, maybe they're just spinning around together) and so on.

Finley leaps onto the dance floor! He demonstrates his FPS skills by bunny-hopping, moon-walking and strafing all around the dance floor for a little while before stopping.

You'll have to forgive Mr. Kovak. He's quite busy with his guests. We... did not expect you, however.

I am relieved you came instead. Mr. Kovak is sometimes not easy to reason with.

Yes. He came home fuming after his last meeting with your leader.

My master thought that perhaps Mr. Kovak needed a reminder of what The Hand can offer.

The Hand...

Our master would like to offer aid against your new enemies. Dican may have failed, but there are others...

Mr. Kovak is confident in his own ability to remove them. He has several plans already in motion.
However, I shall do my best to make sure he understands how important our partnership with your group really is.

I am glad. The offer still stands, if you need it.

Thank you. For now, I have other matters to attend to. I thank you for the gesture, however.

Good luck to you.
Then they both leave.

Thanks. I guess you could call it a talent.
Not that it matters. I could be tripping over myself, and I would still be the envy of every man here.

You are a shameless flirt! You must sell a lot of armor to women.

The way things are going now, I'm not sure how long I'll be selling armor to anyone.

Why would you say a thing like that?

Your boss will probably put me out of business.

You'll have at least once customer.

Won't that get you in trouble?

Kovak doesn't own me! I'll shop wherever I like.

Supporting the competition... dancing with the competition... You're fearless. I like that.

I've been working for Kovak since he was in Rellenia. He knows by now that I don't bend for anyone.

What kind of bend are we talking about here?

Hee hee... Shut up and dance.

"I bet when you robbed the bank, you came in through the roof, didn't you?"

Of course I did! Nobody ever expects you to come through the roof!
You actually came in via the door if I remember correctly...

They will if you keep doing it over and over and over!

You're being a big baby! Now shut up and jump!

Now do what you do best! I want to see a big hole in that roof pronto!
And then the screen goes black, we hear the sound of the roof being bashed through and the dance music stops.

You've got to be kidding me...

We have a tiger and a minotaur and I'm not afraid to use them! If you all behave, you won't be hurt.

But you are going to lose all your money. let's just get that out of the way right now.

Someone needs to make a distraction... and fast.

Okay, who's first?
How about...
... this guy!

I think you'd better cooperate... Douglas hasn't had lunch yet.

Mallory... you'd better run.

Hey! I'm giving the orders here, tough guy.

Morias jumps back as Finley does... something. Sounded like rustling clothes, so he probably pulled his guns out. Concealed carry, baby.

Everybody get clear! This track is labelled 'Finley Gets Serious' in the files.

Pretty much everyone but Cade and Auburn and those two kids way over on the right, run off.

That ought to do it.

The two elves retreat into that alcove while Finley strafes along the wall, shooting.


Cade runs away and Auburn stops for the kids.

Kids, go find your parents. It's not safe to be here.

Morias tries to walk out, and then leaps back in as Finley resumes fire.

Damn it!

Okay, big shot. You've had your fun. Now I'm gonna smash some sense into you.

Douglas suddenly activates Stealth Mode and moves up a bit.


........ Ah ha ha ha! Try it, fancy pants.

Vec uses his Earth Magic on Shadehorn.

Hey! That hurt! You're a dead man!

Shadehorn charges, Vec dodges...

And Vec counterattacks with a strong blow. Meanwhile, Douglas is still creeping towards Finley and Tyranda tries to leave the alcove this time, just to jump back in when Finley resumes firing.

Oh no, you don't! You stay right there!

Don't worry. Douglas has got him.


Auburn sidesteps a bolt Morias shoots and then hits him.

The boss is safe, Vec.

Good work. Let's finish this.

Not this time.
Shadehorn evades Vecs spell.


And she shoots Auburn in the back.

Aagh! Shit!

What's all that racket?!

A whole bunch of Toutens! Come on, we gotta get back out there!

Shroud blows back Douglas with a blast of wind magic.

About time you guys decided to show up! I was about to be lunch!

This party if officially over. All of you put down your weapons.

Douglas runs back over to be near Morias. Then he fires a bolt at Stoic, who cuts it out of the air.

Nice try, punk.

What's going on? Who are these two idiots?

I'm Shroud, and this is Stoic. Morias and his friend there know us well. Isn't that right?

*sigh* These are the two guys that got me busted.

Hmmph! You were just lucky that Morias was silly enough to go alone. You can't beat us all!

That's up for debate, but I don't like to take unnecessary chances.

Shroud heals Auburn.

Healing magic helps for this line of work. Care to give us a hand, miss?

Crush them all!!

So, Finley has some damaging skills and some status effect ones. Nothing spectacular.

Auburn though, has fire magic in addition to her punch and paralysing attack. Also, amusingly, like Stoic, both Finley and Auburn deal their damage over two separate hits, meaning Shroud's the only single hitter.

Anyway, this fight is pretty simple. I just have everyone spam their hit all attacks. All our opponents have something they do as they hit low hp. Morias sets off an explosive trap, Tyranda heals her party, Douglas lunges wildly at everyone and Shadehorn does an One Hit KO move. He landed it on Shroud, who I had to revive. But anyway, in the end, I win pretty handily.

That's the SECOND 'Douglas' Fang' I've gotten... poor kitty.

That's right! Toutens don't give up!

Ah, nice timing. Reinforcements are here.

Aww, damn it! I knew this was gonna happen!

the end