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Part 16: ARC II: Part 8: Daydream's Debut and Rana's Question.

ARC II: Part 8: Daydream's Debut and Rana's Question.

We join our heroes in Finley's apartment.

Well, from what I saw... you definitely caught them off guard.

You bet I did! My gun skills gave me an incredible advantage!

Not to mention the fact that you had Shroud, Stoic and that Auburn woman backing you up.

They're good fighters... but I have an edge on all of them.

Oh, is that so?

Yeah, think about it. Shroud's a good wind mage, but if someone comes along with earth magic, that's it for him. As for Stoic, he's undead so any person who can cast a holy spell can take him out no problem. Auburn is probably second best, but as fast as she is, she has no range, unlike me.


Hmm... Maybe Shroud and Stoic should just hang up their costumes and let you protect the town.

Nah, they can keep it up. I just think they should invest in some guns.

I'm not all that familiar with them.

I'll give you a quick lesson. They were invented by a scientist named Dr. Julius Groome right around the time Gallia fell. His daughter married my uncle, Dosto Donner, and that was how my family came to own the technology.

Oh, I get it. None of you actually invented that thing, you just take all the credit.

You just wish it was your family's idea.

I'm leaving.

Yeah, we should both go.

Peace bros.
And then we're free. I talk to Finley again.

Right. Time to head to our apartment next door and start the next cutscene.

I was thinking of that too... That Shadehorn, he's huge. We'll find out soon, I guess.
Oh yeah! I never even had a chance to ask... Did you find anything in the mansion?

Sort of. I heard Vec talking to some woman. She was representing a group called "The Hand."

The Hand... Like on the back of that drawing!

Yeah, and not only that, she mentioned Dican by name. Whoever The Hand is, they did the kidnapping job.

Good work. Now we have a real lead.

Sometime we'll have to go back to that place. Who knows what I might have found if that fight didn't start.

Yeah. Kovak will be extra careful after the incident today, though. It's best to wait a while.


Before that, let's check in with the newest residents of Port Arianna.

Anyway, now we go to work. When you get to the door, we black out and then fade back in again and Cade's facing the other way like he just left the shop, presumably indicating that a quiet day at work passed by? But it's not clear.

Bones hears the faint clapping and cheering going on.


It happens again, but much louder this time.

Yeah... what's going on?

I think it's coming from the docks. Let's check it out.

Hey, Violet. Hey, Finley. What's going on?

Daydream is coming to Port Arianna, that's what's going on!

Daydream? What nonsense are you going on about now?

You don't know Daydream?!

Should we?

Uh, yeah! They're only the most badass group of musicians Arcadius has ever blessed us with!

Suddenly I'm very skeptical.

 'Daydream's Debut'

The band walks onto the pier...

Well, they use the best and newest technology for their shows!
There's always lights flashing everywhere and all their equipment is designed so you can hear them for miles!

Wait, they have machines that make their voices that loud?

Yeah! I've read about it. It's amazing stuff. Gallian scientists came up with it.

What's a cutting-edge band like this doing here in Port Arianna?

Oh, that's the best part! Don Kovak owns them! He brought them here to help celebrate the new Equipment King!

Well... That can't be good.

No kidding. Let's get out of here.


I think Violet said tomorrow night.

Now what?

How come you left? You missed a chance to meet them!

We wanted to beat the crowds.

Ah. Well, I can understand that. It was mobbed!

You may have time to kneel at the feet of these minstrels, but some of us have other things to attend to.

I know you guys are busy, but you won't miss the concert, right?

When is it?

The day after tomorrow! Arianna's arena. It's gonna be the best thing that's ever happened to this place!

Some judge you are. I'm sure Equipment King ranks second on your list of good things going on in town.

Yeah. How'd you know?

Anyway, tomorrow they're going to be hanging around with Kovak at Equipment King. You should come!

We work tomorrow.

It will be later in the day. You'll have time.

Gah... We'll see. Right now all I want to do is try and get a good night's sleep for once.

Okay. Peace bros!


What have you been up to?

Well, I won't be working the whole day today.


Yep, gonna ask Torto to let me leave early.

What's the occasion?

Just got through talking with Rana. She's invited me to join her for a picnic this afternoon.

Wow, that's great!

Yeah. Pity Andau's been destroyed. I'd like to seem him make any rude comments now. Just because he can't see past simple difference doesn't mean that nobody can.

I'm happy for you, pal.

I'm happy for me, too. Let's get going.


Quite a nice spot.

I first moved to Port Arianna about two years ago... I didn't know anyone. All I would do most of the time was just walk all by myself.

Must have been very lonely.

It was... I was depressed almost all of the time. One day, though, I came across this place.
Whenever I was here... I felt like everything would be fine.

Nature can be very powerful like that.

How long has it been since you first moved here?

Me? Oh, I arrived here about five or six months ago, I think. Not all that long.

Those months have been the happiest out of all my time here...

There's the sound of thunder...

Oh no! I just finished putting the food out, too! 'Rana's Theme'

I'm sorry... and the sandwiches are all soggy too.

Don't feel bad. I don't even eat.

I wanted to ask you something...

What's that?

I'm leaving Port Arianna. I have business to take care of elsewhere. Will you come with me?

Maybe. When would we be returning to town?

... We wouldn't.


Never... at least I can't think of a time when I would be able to come back.

Oh... I can't go then. I just have too much going on here. My job and all my friends are here.

Wouldn't you want to be together always?

Another thunderclap...

We're friends, aren't we?

Yes, of course.

Then why not?

I won't lie... The idea of seeing new sights with you is appealing. But I just have too many responsibilities here. I can't just leave on a moment's notice.

What if your only responsibility was to listen to me?

Ha! You want me to become your personal slave?

Not a slave... a minion.



I've never liked the sound of that word...

Haven't you ever wanted to serve a necromancer?

Bones steps away from Rana...

You were always meant to. That's why you were created in the first place.

You're... a necromancer?

Yes. An apprentice one, at least. I would learn so much by having you serve me... and you would find a purpose.
Black people were brought to foreign countries to be slaves. It was good for them as it gave them purpose and their lives meaning... etc etc.

Wait just a minute! You honestly think I would just give up my entire life here?!

"so rare. A lot of you have just been wandering... unsure... and alone. But now we have a chance to find fulfillment. This is a sacred bond."
I'm sure I don't have to continue the analogy.

Why not? There's always been something between us. This was meant to be.

Stop saying that! I never wanted to serve a necromancer! I thought you and I--

You thought what? That we would get married? That we would have children?
How exactly did you think that would happen?

I-I don't know! I just--

You weren't created to live a life like the other races do. Your kind is designed for servitude. The only real happiness your kind is capable of comes from devoting yourself to your master.

Enough! I don't believe any of that! I have found friendship and purpose through my work.

You're lying. You're lonely... You've always been lonely. Haven't you ever wondered why?


You're wrong! I never wanted this! You've just been using me all this time! I thought you cared for me, but it was all just a sham! I can't even look at you!

I don't want any help! Not from a necromancer!

We would be happy. Truly happy.

You lie! I've had enough of this! Don't even think of coming near me again!

the end