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Part 18: ARC II: Part 9: Setup For The Raid.

ARC II: Part 9: Setup For The Raid.

The customer leaves.

I hope Bones is having a better time than we are.

Yeah... We're in real trouble, boss. What are we going to do?

Don't lose hope just yet. Keep in mind that obnoxious group of musicians is at Equipment King today.
Who's going to buy armor when something like that is going on?

I don't know about armor, but I wouldn't mind getting myself a spear and heading over to Equipment King now.
lol. hey boss just feel like going on a killing spree over here

Ha! I wouldn't either. They're all my daughter talks about these days. She thinks the guitarist is handsome.

Tortia seems young for a crush.

That's what I thought! I suppose kids are growing up differently these days.

What bothers me is the way Finley described their relationship with Kovak. He said Kovak "owns" them. How do you "own" a person?

It must take a lot of money. If anyone has enough, it's Kovak.

Indeed. Cade, you can go ahead and leave now if you like. I'll close up in an hour or so.

Sure thing, boss.

You're my friend, man! I don't like to see you deprived!

Stop shopping at Equipment King. That deprives me of business.

Well... I don't like to be deprived either.

I may hit you.

Enough stalling. Let's go.


Ah crap.

Out of work, eh? Good. The rain finally stopped, so you and I are going to take a nice quiet walk.

What? You don't even give him a choice? He had plans, you know!

Run along, Finley.


What's his problem?

Oh, he wants me to meet those Daydream guys over at Equipment King.

I see. Well, they are interesting people. Let's go. It will only take a few minutes.

That's the spirit!

Well, I guess if everyone's in agreement, we should head over there.

Auburn and Finley run off in two different directions at full tilt. lol.

"round of applause for my buddie (SIC) Donnie Kovak! Yeah!!!"
You can see Caipen, the only female member of the band, standing apart from the other three.

DEX: That's right! This concert is all his doing!
Not only is he giving you the world's best prices on weapons and armor, he's also gonna help you learn how to rock!!

TOBI: This guy helped us when we were nothing, and introduced us to Ercello here. We're all real grateful, right Caipen?

So do they make a career with singing... or just slobbering over Kovak?

I think both.

You'll hear them sing tomorrow night! It's gonna blow your mind! Come on, let's say hello!

Going good! I'd like you to meet my buddy Cade!

TOBI: Hey, doesn't that guy work for the competition?

DEX: Yeah, that's right!

Uh oh, we might hear a different opinion. Can't have that.

Well, he can't be that bad. He came to meet us!

Well, we at Torto's shop hope to have a good-natured competition with Mr. Kovak. That's up to him, though.

We can't stay long. We're on our way to enjoy a sunset. Come on, blondie.

Well, as we say goodbye to our new and very lucky friend Cade, I'd like to talk about what's likely on your minds.

TOBI: We hear a lot of rumors in town about Equipment King, and they're all totally bogus.

What's up?

I just want to hear this part...

I know a couple weirdos in crazy costumes are walking around here saying Donnie kidnapped kids or some such crap, but I think we all know better.
Who are you gonna listen to? A generous man whose life's work is helping people afford what they need or a pair of idiots in masks?

DEX: Who are they to tell you where to shop? If they think they're so high and mighty, why do they hide their true identities?

*snicker* This wasn't staged or anything.

I think I've heard enough...
They both leave as Barry takes his own turn to speak.

If they take down Equipment King, what's next? Torto's shop? We don't want to happen to our buddy Cade, do we?
The word 'that' was left out in the game too.

TOBI: Hell no we don't!

So tomorrow night let's rock and make our voices heard!!

... 'Sunset Light'

Yes... a few people in town mentioned this place to me. I keep coming back.

Most tourists don't even bother with the natural scenery here. They just want to see the ships and sit on the beach. Makes for a peaceful spot, though.

I really can't say I fit the profile of a tourist. This is my home... for the time being.

You picked quite a time to come. Port Arianna is normally very quiet, but it's been a circus for the last few weeks.
Vampires, thieves, kidnappers, a big loud group of musicians. Arcadius only knows what's next.

*chuckle* How do you really feel about what Daydream was saying?

I think what bothers me is how scheming Kovak is. Inviting those guys to town to fight his battles. I mean, I don't even know Shroud or Stoic, but it gets on my nerves that some big shot is going after them in such an underhanded fashion.

That scheming big shot is my boss, you know.

I know. How do you feel about this issue, though? You met them at the party... so what do you think?

I won't lie. We needed their help. Those Toutens had us totally outnumbered until they showed up.

What do you make of their accusations against Equipment King?

Ah, so you're trying to get me to implicate my boss, are you? Well, I'm afraid you're outta luck. My job is to make sure he stays out of harm's way in bad situations. I have no idea what else he's up to.

Worth a shot, right?

Of course. You gotta fight for what's yours.

Do you like your job?

It could be better, but I make a lot of money. Still... I rarely get a chance to really challenge myself.

Wow. I definitely didn't expect to hear that.

Most of the time Kovak is never really in danger. That party was an exception, and I have to say I enjoyed it.
Nothing like a good old-fashioned brawl once in a while.

How much longer do you think it will be until Kovak leaves town and lets Barry run the place on his own?

You're full of questions tonight, aren't you? I'm not really sure when, though. That mansion is still brand new.

If he does leave... you would have to go with him?

If I wanted to keep the job as his bodyguard... then of course I would.


I have saved up a lot of money over the last few years... maybe it's time to look for something different.


I grew up with nothing... and even though I've made so much money with this work... I still feel like I don't really have very much.
Something's missing... and I think whatever it is might be here. It would be nice to have a place of my own... a small place.
You know... one that wouldn't need much work. I could get a little job around town to keep busy.

Uh yeah... maybe.


"Honestly, part of me can't believe that I just said all that."

Well... I'm glad that you did.

... Me too.

*sigh* Right now?

Yes. I'm afraid it's quite urgent.

Ugh... Cade, I'm sorry about this.

Well... you've got a job to do.

Yeah... I'll see you later.

Lead the way, pencil-neck.


Why do you spend so much time with that kid from Torto's shop? I don't know if I like that.

You better not have dragged me back here just for that.

Oh no... I wish that were the reason. No my dear, we've hit quite a snag.

Daydream is in something of a bind.


Their bass guitar player, Caipen, has become quite ill. She's been treated but I doubt she will be able to perform in the concert tomorrow.
We need a replacement. I was hoping you could fill in.

This isn't what you pay me for... what's going on?

As you might imagine, Caipen draws a large amount of male fans.

We need someone with a... similar appeal.

You want eye candy, huh? That's easy enough.

Do you have any musical experience?

I did play the violin for a few years when I was a little girl... never the bass guitar, though.

Find Dex. He'll be happy to teach you.

I'll bet. That one's always leering at me.

He's been told to behave himself.

He'd better.

Now now, Auburn. Let's not send any more of them to the infirmary if we can help it.

Whatever. I'll go find him.

Thank you. You've really come through.

Then Auburn leaves.

Ah. That's why she's so sore. What an interesting development...


You're taking this whole thing too personally Cade. Anyway, there's a pause.

Pause again.


Oh yeah. You probably haven't heard. Those Daydream guys were having some kind of public audience at Equipment King.
I saw some of it. They start working the crowd for a while, and then all of sudden it's all about trashing Shroud and Stoic.
"Those guys are idiots!"
"They hate business!"
You gonna tell me that wasn't planned?
Well, it's getting dark now. I say we head to Gino's and then back to that mansion.
No Toutens this time. We're not leaving until we have some solid evidence.

Yeah... that's a good idea.

Oh... I'm such a moron. I forgot to ask.
How did the date with Rana go?

Uh... We probably shouldn't talk about that now. We got work to do.

Yeah... good call. I want some details later, though.

Eh... We'll see. Let's just go.


Going for the big prize, Gino. Kovak's days in town are numbered.

Sounds like quite the task. How do you plan to do that?

We're going to prowl around that mansion until we find something. Once we're done, I expect free weapons again.

You're going to break into his home and go through his things?

Well... yeah. What else can we do?

Wow. You must be really angry. The Cade I know would be very conflicted about this.

What's that supposed to mean?

In most areas, breaking and entering is considered a crime. You're going to break the law to get at Kovak?

It's also against the law to kidnap kids, but has Kovak had to pay his dues? No. He's walking around town, free as a bird.
I told the mayor and the guards that he was involved, and they did nothing. I won't let Kovak get away with this, and if I have to bend the rules, so be it.

I think you're making a mistake. You've let it become too personal. What do you think, Bones?
That's what I said! You're so wise, Gino...

I don't... I don't see a problem.

Well, I guess I should know better than to try talk you out of it. You're young, and you've got fire in your eyes.
And that's that. Gino has nothing new for us, so unless you care to stock up on explosives, or you hadn't bought the current tier of weapons yet, there's little reason to be here long.

Next time. We raid the mansion of Don Kovak!

the end