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Part 20: ARC II: Part 11: Face the Music. (I mean come on, what else could I title this?)

ARC II: Part 11: Face the Music. (I mean come on, what else could I title this?)

Nah. I'm waiting for tonight.


You know... that concert. We're going to upstage those loudmouthed jerks right in the middle of the show.

We don't need those theatrics. Let's just get the job done.

No. I don't want Kovak to only get in trouble. I want him to be humiliated. We're gonna do to him exactly what he did to us.

... Gino was right. You are different.

What? Come on. Let's not start this.

There's something that you're not telling me.

Think of it this way. We take the evidence to the guards, it becomes something people just hear about. We upstage Daydream, and it's something everyone in town gets to see. The evidence will really stick if we do it this way.

That's just a convenient rationalization. That isn't what's really motivating you.


No no no. You grilled me about Rana, and I told you. Now it's your turn to come clean.

Fine. You want to know? I grew up in a nice little town south of Coromant. Right near the eastern border of the elven lands. It was beautiful there.

What are you talking about?

I lost them all. My mother, my father, my brother. No... I didn't lose them. They were taken from me.
I've moved on... now I'm here. But now Kovak and these Equipment King slimeballs are trying to take everything I hold dear in Port Arianna.
They want to take my job and they want to take my reputation. Well, let me tell you something. I am through being the world's punching bag.
Kovak is going to pay for what he's done... no matter what.
But enough of that. Let's go.
After that concerning rant, they head out.

What? Why?

She must have found out about you and Auburn.

B-Man truly does know all.

Oh, that Violet is such a gossip!

Nah. Violet wasn't going to tell her. I did!
Goodness, Finley.


Finley heads into his apartment.

Should I try and talk to her?

That's your call. The concert isn't until tonight, so let's find something to do until then.
When we're ready, we'll head over to Arianna's arena.
So let's go and get an optional scene done first.

Oh, hi Cade. How are you, Bones?

Not so bad. Could be better, though.

Where's Emma?

I don't know. Your idiot friend talked to her and then she practically ran out of here.

Oh, brother...

What's the matter with you, anyway? She was only gone a few days. You really couldn't wait that long?

What are you talking about? So I danced with someone. Who cares?

I'm not stupid. That girl is very enamored with you.

You really think so?


If she really has a problem, she can come talk to me, not scurry around town like some kind of rat.

I'm sure there's something very productive I could be doing now.

She did look for you. When she came in late last night, she went to your room. Nobody was home.

Oh, um... We had to go help out at the shop. A new shipment came in.

She checked there too.

I guess... I guess we just missed each other.

I'm disappointed in you.

Ah, who isn't these days? I'll see you later.



We sure as hell are.

He has a faint red spotlight on him which soon switches to...

"help us out! Give it up for her! What a trooper!"

"we sometimes don't know who to trust.
This first song is dedicated to the guy I trust most in the world. Don Kovak!
Let's rock!"

We get lots of flashing colours as... ... Heroes by Masterplan begins to play. We're actually left listening to the song for a little while.

I knew you guys would try something like this! Sorry, but I can't let you ruin this concert.
It's just too awesome.

Finley, get out of the way. You don't even know what you're doing.
Shroud and Stoic try to pass him by but Finley... shoves them or something?

Imbecile! We don't have time for your games.

Dance, you varmints!

So we fight Finley in his dark Finster form. Also Heroes by Masterplan is still playing here.

This is actually a joke fight, 'Finster' is defeated in only couple turns of normal attacks. Weaker than a mook.

You challenged us, you insufferable moron.

Don't do it, guys! Let the people rock! I'm begging you.

The guy's a criminal! He stole from places all over Solest... including Donner Range Weapons.

Hopefully that sounds familiar.

He stole from my family? No way. I would have heard about that.

You might have... if Kovak didn't bribe your uncle to drop the accusations.

So Ercello robbed Donner Range Weapons... and got away with it.

He hasn't gotten away with it just yet. Let's go.

Now you're talking.


We get a rather helpful save point.

Probably just a mistake. Let's start the next song. They'll come back on.
The next song Daydream starts playing is... Oh yes. It's Spirit Never Die by Masterplan.

When the opening moments of the song areover, the lights come on and...

It wouldn't be very smart to test us right now. It's been a rough couple of days.

What's the deal, guys? In case you haven't noticed, we're doing a show at the moment.

You know why we're here. You've been stealing from people for years. You were about to be put away for it, until Kovak paid your way out.
Now you come here and put on this show, hoping if everyone is distracted, they won't notice Kovak having kids kidnapped for the sake of profits.
The Con's over, Ercello.

I don't think so. Come out, my angels of music! Time for a real show!

This happens just in time for Ercello to begin singing the lyrics. It's a timed cutscene.

Stop this, Ercello! It's not going to help you!
No use. He won't stop his singing.

That's dedication! What a guy! Why are we fighting him again?

He stole from your family!

Oh yeah! Jerk! Let's take him out!

TOBI: Oh, no! Not the summons again!

DEX: Forget this. I am out of here!
Tobi and Dex flee.

All of you stop it! People are going to get hurt!

He's not leaving us much choice.

Ercello, get rid of those creatures right now!

Hey the guitarist and trumpet angels are pretty cute. Anyway, Spirit Never Die is still blaring which has always caused this fight to leave a strong impression on me. Like, this is badass in a really cheesy kind of way.

This is also our first challenging boss fight. Trumpet Angel heals while the rest headbang you to death.
Fortunately, Dust Devil still has a good chance of blinding most of them for a little while. Take out Trumpet Angel first and then pick the rest off one by one in any order you wish, while keeping the rest blinded. I think the guitarist is the only one immune to blind so she's a good starting point. Ercello also gives himself a strong defensive buff called Human Shield.

After a few minutes...

Next time summon some that are bulletproof. Ha!

Finley, how could you? I thought you were my biggest fan!

I was. But seeing evidence that your idol ripped off your family changes stuff like that.

I wish it hadn't come to this... but at least nobody was hurt.

Let's get this guy over to the jailhouse where he belongs. Maybe even throw him in the cell with the tiger.


CAPTAIN: You're not my superior, Mr. Kovak. I'm sorry, but I'm following town law.

Town law? He was attacked by these guttersnipes!

You got some nerve, slimeball.

CAPTAIN: Mr. Kovak, every witness from the concert we spoke to said that Shroud and Stoic merely walked on stage and made their accusations.
It was Ercello who began the fight, and he also put the whole crowd in danger with his summoned creatures. If anything, we're grateful to Shroud and Stoic, as well as to your bodyguard and Mr. Donner for putting an end to the battle. People could have been seriously hurt.
Take him in, boys.

Don't get too upset, Donnie. With the evidence we have, it won't be long until you're sharing a cell with your pal.

Oh, is that so? What does this evidence of yours actually say? When I first met Ercello, he was just a kid on the wrong side of the law.
I thought he deserved a second chance, so I compensated those he stole from and got the charges dropped. Is that really so bad?

You can't just manipulate justice like that! A thief doesn't become innocent just by making a rich friend.

What? That's... that's what this is all about?
Ah ha ha ha! All this time I thought it was an act!

I'd quit laughing if I were you. I've had enough nonsense for one night.

I thought Torto had hired you two to try shut me down. Now I see that you actually believe this garbage about "justice."
I've been around a lot longer than you, so let me give you some advice. There is no justice. Life is unfair. The key to sucess (SIC) is to make it unfair in your favor.

We work for nobody. Not every shop owner is as crooked as you.

I'm sure I've been around longer than you, Kovak, so here's some of my advice. There will always be those who stand for what is right, and the people who try to control the world at the expense of freedom will pay the price. It can take a long time, but it does happen. Just ask the Gallians.

Think so? All right then, give the guards your evidence. I won't stop you. Give the people here a choice between preserving "justice" and buying what they need for low prices. I think we all know how they will decide.
Kovak leaves.

Then we just have to find something else.

And that's that. Next update will be the end of Arc II. One last series of encounters and cutscenes...

the end