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Part 45: ARC IV Finale: The Die Are Cast.

ARC IV Finale: The Die Are Cast.

How long do you think it's been here?

From the looks of it, I would guess it predates even Gallia.
So like 500 years old or something, at minimum.

... Wow.

Definitely Andau's cup of tea. I wonder what's taking the others so long.

Laurel said she still hadn't found Baron yet. 'Bubba's Theme' -- 'Finale' from the Collateral soundtrack by James Newton Howard.

Ah, it's me matey Cade! And Bones too!

I think you may be mistaken.

Ha ha ha! A nice try. But there's no foolin' a kobold's nose!

He's right. We've spent a lot of time with him in the past... enough for him to recognize our scents immediately.

Sheesh. Maybe I should just get rid of the mask. Doesn't seem to fool anyone these days.
Heh. Still fools the bad guys anyway.

But why are you here in Artagel, Bubba?

I got many friends who moved here from the old kobold lands. I wanted to visit, but I dun think they liked what they saw.
I've done some big changin' since the war times. Yer psychic friend helped me realize how much.

She's read your mind?

I asked her to... and I'm dern glad I did. I been havin' trouble sortin' it all out for years... Sometimes I guess ye just need someone else to take a fresh look!

That's all well and good, but why are you risking your safety by coming out here to this castle?

Gloria was hurt by the vampires hidin' in here. She's the daughter of me friends here. In me better days, I could of protected her. Now I gotta do what I can to make sure she's gonna stay safe.

"Hey Bubba, what are you doing here?"

Yarr! So yer playin' dress-up too, Finley?

Hey, keep it down! The others are right behind me.

Yeah, that goes for all of us. Keep our real names quiet if you want to help us out.

Aye! Humans be the most gullible bunch on Solest, but ye can count on ole Bubba to keep mum.

Good to see everyone safe and sound. From the looks of this place, there's a lot of ground to cover inside. I suggest we split into two groups of three. Laurel will be able to help us communicate with each other as needed.

How are we splitting up?

Stoic and Auburn can come with me.

Nah... I'm sticking with Laurel. Take shaggy here instead.

He's sensitive about that.

I'll say.

All right... If that's the way you want it. We'll go in first and take a quick look around. Wait a few moments and then follow.


Ah, forget it.

What's all this back-talking about? I feel like I'm back in school!
And why am I the only one here with a costume?

*snicker* I left mine at home.

I don't appreciate being mocked.

Hush now. Let's just prepare ourselves before we go in.

Hmm... Pretty odd that that kobold wound up here. I saw him in town just before he left.
Pretty sure she means at the beginning of this Arc when Bubba told Cade and Auburn he was leaving Port Arianna on a trip.

Really? Pretty strange coincidence.

The more I think about it, this whole situation is very bizarre... 'Gabriella's Theme' -- Shadow of the Sun, from the Rogue Galaxy OST

What do you want?

I care not. I have no family. I lost them back when this all started.

But she wants to help! She's always wanted to help! She just didn't have a chance at the time!

Enough. You are starting to irritate me.

How many more chances like this do you think we'll have?!

Chances for what? It surprised me greatly that she even was still alive. You think some feeble old woman can cure vampirism?

No, but--

I have tried to teach you about this existence. You have mostly reacted with ignorance, but what I am about to tell you is likely more valuable than anything else I have said, so it would serve you well to pay attention.
Do not hope. Do not fool yourself into thinking there is a way out. That will only make it more miserable. You can not go back. If you want to end this...
The only thing you can do is step into the sun and take your chances with the next world.

We may not be able to go back to being human, but we don't have to spend our lives hurting others. I have listened to what you have told me.
You told me smaller animals are immune to vampirism. I've been living off the lizards and other little creatures in this area. It may seem humiliating...
But it makes me feel like less of a monster.

That is your solution? To spend eternity pestering tiny creatures like some kind of human mosquito? I have no interest in such a pathetic course of action. There is no vengeance in such a lifestyle.

That's only one suggestion! There are so many possibilities... If you would just step away from your anger and think for a few moments, you would see them too. With your sister to hide us, we could come up with other ways to survive. If she and others helped convince the public that we don't have to be monsters, maybe they would help us. Maybe they could donate their blood... so we could sustain ourselves and not have to create more vampires.

Arrrgh! I can not tolerate your... moronic idealism! All of that is utter nonsense!

Why won't you let anyone help you?!

That is none of your concern. If you want my sister's help, you are free to seek it. Nothing is keeping you here. I disgust you, yet you remain.
Why do you seek to influence my own decisions?

You know... after you flew off, your sister told me how you became a vampire.
I was once so quick to pass judgement... I knew nothing of the lives they led, but I condemned them anyway. I deserved this.
But you didn't. Not for trying to help someone else.

I... I'm not sure of what to say.
Then Gabriella jumps in surprise because...

They're here already. Shroud, Stoic and those other imbeciles.

... What should we do?

I could not defeat them on my own the last time we fought.
But now...

I will only fight if you agree to come back with me to your sister when we're finished.

You are becoming quite wily. That is a good skill to have. I shall... consider it.

Good enough for now.
Then the two both teleport as Gabriella's Theme stops and...

Let her go, Andau!

Let her go? She is not my prisoner! She is free to leave anytime she likes.

Stop chatting with him! You're the only one of us with magic, use it knock him off of there!
The games text leaves out the 'to' needed here.

Please stop all of this!
I don't want to fight... Please, just leave us alone.

What? But--

Yarr! We shall be doing no backin' down after what ye done to Gloria and her wee friend!

You I do not recognize. Another fool who thinks he has a score to settle, no doubt. Begone, kobold. This is not your fight.

I beg to differ, ye toothy scoundrel! Gloria's parents have been me friends for many years now! I was there the day she was born... I think. Sometimes I feel like she's my own daughter!

Just give it up, ingrate. You're outnumbered.

Oh, am I now?

"is perfect for lost souls."

You mean...

That is correct. You, Gabriella and myself are not the only dead people here. This castle is a haven for ghosts hiding from the cruelty of the world.
You three have barged in here and disturbed the peace, and I am the only one hardened enough by my life outside to help them deal with you.
Here... I am the hero.

Stop yer jabberin!

Let's leave... please.

Very well.
If you three meddlers know what is good for you, you shall turn back now.
The two vampires teleport away.

We will... after Andau is finally out of the picture.

Thanks. Time to double-team it.
Then we get a tutorial on switching between parties via the shift or Z keys.

I have Shroud and co. go through the right door for now.

Everything okay?

Yeah... I just used to play the piano when I was younger.

You don't remember any of it, do you?

Nope. Too out of practice, I guess. Oh well. Let's keep moving.

Both doors lead to the same room anyway!

Using this throne gives you an accessory called 'King's Bracer'.

So this is a ropeswinging and switch puzzle. We have to get both parties to the other side and various switches move different ropes. Most of the time you need to get one party somewhere by having them hold onto the moving rope.

Since the last couple switches are more for making the route to the other side, once one party can make it through, the other party can too.

It was our pleasure.

I'm so relieved! All of my friends in the tough spots will have their stuff sent out soon without that phony in charge! I'm so happy, I'll give you this!
She gives us a miracle drop.

And now, for the first time since Solik, we can as about the upcoming boss fight.


Anyway, there's another door to the north.

Holy hell, Bubba's huge!

Doesn't have much in the way of skills though until you use swig. His class is 'Drunken Fighter' by the way.

Meanwhile, these dark spirit enemies will turn into ice, wind, water, earth or fire spirits, but it doesn't make that much difference. They die easily. The one difference their element does make that's slightly important is you get different crafting materials depending on what they turn into

The door wont open so let's go up.

There's a switch on the next floor, and when you pull it, the building shakes.

Not now, anyway.

If you check this room before pulling the switch, it's full of sand so you can walk over to the door. But... Let's go downstairs again first.

The bottom door is open now.

There must have been a sale on spike floor installation when they were designing these places.

How we be getting past this one?

No idea. Maybe we should have Auburn's group take a look and see if they can think of anything.
So let's do that.

Another spike room? This is the first one I've seen around here.

We saw one of these back in that necromancer's lab.

A necromancer's lab? That's heavy duty. I didn't realize you guys were such seasoned dungeon masters. How did you get past the spikes then?

We had a giant golem pulversize (SIC) the spikes! If he were here right now he would show these spikes whose boss!

I miss him... But he can't help us this time. We'll have to find another solution.

Well, unless you can grow wings and fly us across, I think we're dead in the... sand.

Yeah... We'll have to keep searching the nearby areas thoroughly.


Yeah... So what can we do about it?
I go pull the switch and come back.


If I use my fire magic I can turn the sand on this level into glass! After that, we lover (SIC) the glass back down and we can get over the spikes.

Sounds like a plan. So why not just torch this entire room and make it one big sheet of glass?

How powerful do you think I am? It takes an intense amount of heat to turn sand into glass. We'll have to gradually make little tiles.
We'll also have to be smart about which areas we burn... if we do too many, I'll wear out my magic.


What's up? Are you okay with the plan?

The plan's fine... It's just... this is all wrong!


It's not cool to just be running around here with no costumes! You girls should be properly attired!

Oh, not again...

No! This is important! What's the point of doing any of this stuff if you don't look cool! This is a matter of principle!

Are you for real? People have been doing heroic things without costumes for centuries, you know.

It's true. This costume thing strikes me as just a fad.

A fad?! Outrageous! Headbands are a fad! Costumes are what legends are made of@

Says who?

It's the unwritten code of heroes, pass unto me by Stoic himself.

Mmm hmmm. And just what does this code say?

Don't humor him...

No no, I'm curious.

I'm not sure you are ready to receive this wisdom without a costume, but I suppose I can enlighten you for the sake of the mission.
Rule one is to always maintain an air of professionalism.

You're clearly breaking that one.

Silence! Do not speak during the hallowed refraid of the code. Rule two is not to refer to each other by our real names during a mission.
Rule three is that this work will often test your patience, so you must be ready for that.

My patience is being tested right now.

I'm also trying to get a fourth rule into the code. It will say that you can't let personal fears interfere with the objective. However, I won't know if I can add anything to the code until I see the results of my ninety-day evaluation.

Ugh... My head hurts. Can we please get on with it?

Fine, but... always remember the code.

Melting sand costs 10 SP per tile so I have to refill Auburn's SP with an ether at one point.

The top door is locked though.


We wind up in a completely empty but very large courtyard. There's two locked doors ahead. You might be stumped at what to do next. What to do next is just to bring the other party in here too, which starts up a cutscene.

Hopefully you also know that unless you stop this nonsense right now, you're going to get pounded six different ways.

Yeah... wow. That's awesome! Total beatdown!

Don't you realize that we don't want to fight?! Why can't you just go back to your own lives and let us deal with this ourselves?

Leave yer friend there to hurt more people in town?! I'd have to be a yellow-bellied bilge rat to let that happen!

Bilge rats... ugh.

You know... holy magic can heal as well. I know you two associate it with pain, but Arcadius's light is capable of more than violence.

So I've heard. I was once a holy mage myself... but I suppose those days are gone.

That's not true. We won't hurt you. All we want to do is help. That's what we're about.

You can't help... At least not directly.


I came up with a plan that might make a difference. It would keep us from having to keep biting people.

If you think anything like that will work, you haven't known him long enough! He likes the vampire way of life, and he'll keep going until he's stopped!
So say whatever you want, but we're not leaving here until there's no more threat to the people of Artagel.

You arrogant bastard! You have done nothing to prove you deserve anything less!

My point stands. But enough talk.
I'm afraid your tour of my new domicile has come to an end. You see, these two doors can only be opened by two switches back in that large building you have emerged from. That door is locked and will stay that way thanks to my sealing techniques.
In my past encounters with you, I realized that you are infuriatingly good at finding keys hidden within my hideouts. So this time, I simply threw it onto the sand here. The blowing wind has now rendered that key virtually invisible. I trust you will find it eventually, but by the time you do, we shall be long gone. What a pity.
And with that the vampires teleport away again.

Gah ha ha! That shall be mere child's play! I can smell that rusty old key already!

Simple enough.

I find whatever other treasures I can before we move on.

The only treasure really worth mentioning is this recipe for Rainbow Armor. Bubba tells you when you've found every treasure though. The Rainbow Armor needs five of each gem crafting material you get from the spirits here and... it'd take quite a bit of grinding to luck out and get what you need any time soon. I don't bother.

So when you use Swig, Bubba's skill selection expands. You can only use each one once per Swig too I think? They're not toooooo great though.

Either switch shuts off after a few seconds, before you can run over and pull the other. So...

We'll take this one on the right. You guys enter on the left.

What's up, Andau? Tired of running?
Andau starts running.

We follow him into the next room and...?

We see Andau run out of this room too.

Yarr! That it is! Though I know you would rather have that redhead girl of years here!

Hah! I prefer this outcome. This is a man's team!

Aye, and I'm glad ta be spendin' my vacation doin' something fer the good of me friends here in Artagel. I sure didn't expect ta see you two mateys!

Yeah, it's a bit ironic. When you came up to Auburn and me and said you were leaving, I was sure I wouldn't see you for a while.

Hmm... I'm not sure how I feel about that. Seeing him work with us might tip her off.

You're way too paranoid about this, man. If she finds out, she finds out. We're not even spending any time in Port Arianna these days, so I'm not sure why it even matters. Besides, everyone and their mother seems to be piecing it together by themselves.

That doesn't mean we should just throw away all caution.

Gah ha ha! All this hoobaba about masks and secrets! I don't need nothin' but me fur and gear!

Enough time wasting. Let's catch up to Andau.

Again... And you can just keep running into this same room over and over. I don't know if anything happens eventually, but...

You're meant to start looking at things around the room and getting things like... Bubba talking about the fine meal on the table having no scent at all, so it's probably an 'evil phantom meat'.

And bookshelves on the right side of the room have very modern books filling them.

Stoic talks about how this armors way too heavy for a castle in a desert.

Bubba wonders if that means they're all vampires now, somehow but Stoic points out that he probably can't be a vampire and a skeleton at the same time.

Also a stopped clock...

And lastly there's no reflection in the water in the sink, which is the craziest thing to notice to me.

Yar, things are not as they seem. There be a spell cast on us into makin' us think we be chasin' this fella through these rooms.

I'll admit there is something weird going on but how can this all be some kind of illusion?

I have heard of mages powerful enough to cast magic that fools all the senses.

All but a kobold's nose! I smell a lass nearby whose scent is unknown to ole Bubba.


Ahead of us... but also on higher ground!

Okay... Hopefully that's enough. Time to close my eyes and just trust my magic.

That... was strange.

Bubba was right. It was an illusionist. This whole time we were behind this door!

Whoever it was, it looks like they booked it when the wind hit.

She thought she could fool all our senses... but a kobold's nose is too good for that riff-raff!


We're all set here, Auburn. Let's head back to town.

What?! No way, man! How did you find your way through this place before us?!

I did my fair share of adventuring when I was your age, my friend. I'm not as clueless as you think.

This is strange... What is that presence I sense?

Well, what's the delay? Do you want to spend all night here? We both know I don't pay you enough for that!

Are you coming?

I'll be along in a few minutes. Just need to finish a few things here.

A fairy appears so we can heal and save...

You have to talk to Kovak again...

... and again...

Have you lost your hearing? I said get back to town.

This isn't funny, Auburn. Leave or you're fired!

Let's ask a question!

Where's Vec?

He's still in there making sure those two vampires remain subdued.

Vec beat both Andau and Gabriella by himself?

It's a mistake to underestimate him. He's always prepared for what may come his way.

Hmm... So how many towns has Equipment King opened in?

We have branches in Gallia, Rellenia, Port Arianna and soon Artagel.

When did the first one open?

The year 1346.

Laurel, how do you know all of this, anyhow?

I read.

Any more questions or are you finally ready to let me go about my work?

... I guess not.
Auburns party starts to leave but then The Baron stops everyone.

*sigh* If it will finally shut you up, ask away.

Who is... The Sparrow?

Uh... Well... You see...

I knew it! This Kovak is a total fake! 'The Hand' -- 'Coma' by Apocalyptica

Since I have not been able to frighten you away, it appears I will have to use force.

Take a hike, lady! We got vampires to stop!

I will deal with the vampires. Your interference is unappreciated.

She's going to take them back to The Hand's headquarters!

What? A psychic?!
No wonder you saw through my illusion.

What's your plan, Danika? Put away those two vampires until you feel like you can use them for something different? Sorry, not on my watch.

Traitor! You would violate the wishes of your employer?

Kovak will understand once I explain everything that's happened. That's the difference between him and you. He'll sit and work things out when they go wrong. All you people do is make it worse! I'm tired of it!
I'm tired of all of this.

Why you... you dare...

Wow. I think someone might need a new diaper.

*chuckle* Baron, stop it. She's angry enough.

You all don't really know who you're dealing with, do you?! I am one of The Hand's top three lieutenants! I will teach you the folly of your insolence!

Dican and Torin will be joining Danika for this fight. And they're not simple illusions. They deal damage. More damage than in their own boss fights. Have more HP too. I have Auburn smokescreen to increases everyones invasion, and Laurel shields everyone.
Now... Unlike most mook bosses we've had...

... you don't want to waste too much effort on the mooks because Danika will just revive them next turn -without- it counting as her move for the turn.

As a result this fight actually winds up being the first mildly challenging one since we fought Ercello and his summoned angels.

I love The Baron and no one can ever convince me he's not great.

Ahhhh HELL

This chick just won't go down!

What's she doing? We better figure it out, because we can't keep this up forever!

Wait... That isn't the real Danika!

No way! Everyone's an illusion?!

Yes! The real Danika is off to the right!

Nice! Let's take her out for good!

So we have to take down the real Danika while surviving the attacks of the illusions. Luckily she goes down from just a few powerful attacks. She's VERY weak.

Did we get her?

She moved to the other side.

Don't let up! Let's show this whiny skank how we do things in Port Arianna!

... Alright. ANOTHER few attacks and she goes 'YAAAGH!' again.

Excuses, excuses. You got beat, fair and square!


It's a trick! Don't take your eyes off her!

And just like that Danika uses her electrical disappearing trick.

Don't sweat it. She's hurt, she won't be able to do much else. Let's find the others and get to the two vampires.

Indeed. They are not far.


Ugh... Voyd... What are you doing here?

... Thank you.

When we finally arrived at the island, Master Ketsu asked me to take these two and check on you quickly.


It wasn't easy for me to find you, that's for sure. My beacon was back in Artagel, not inside this place. I would have walked through the walls if I didn't have these guys with me.

Well, it's a good thing you're here.

Master Ketsu worried about you. Sometimes you take on too much.

I guess he's right to... He left me in charge of things here, and now everything's falling apart.
I have let you all down.

Hey, don't be so hard on yourself! You're still new to the top tier, after all. And these are formidable enemies we're dealing with.
Surprisingly formidable.

No kidding.

In addition to the three you fought, there is another group going after those vampires as well. The masked one's fighting style is almost identical to that of Rayne Mistral.

Now there's someone I haven't seen in awhile.
But we can't let them win. We-

Calm down, Danika. It's going to be fine now. If we work together, we'll get them out of here.

This is it, Gabriella. We have no other recourse now.

I... I guess not. Why have you forced us to do this? Why couldn't you have just left?

It is not their way.

For once, he's right. You have hurt people, and it is our job to strike back on their behalf.

But Gabriella... You aren't a danger in the same way he is. If you let us, we can help you. We've even offered him help in the past, but that never went over well.

Fools! What can you possibly do?!

Do ye really want to be hurtin' people the way poor Gloria was hurt? Think on it hard, lass.

We can help... but you have to want it. You can't let him influence you.

We made an arrangement, Gabriella. Do not forget it.
Lengthy pause...

I'm sorry, Cade. I can't let you take either of us out of here.


Well now...

Gabriella... I...

I think I know what you're about to say. There's no need to feel guilty. I could have easily gone back to my normal routine after you left.
I got involved because I wanted to.

I... I just don't know what I should do...

Stay focused. We can't just let Andau leave. He's hurt too many people.

Weak-minded fools. Either prepare yourselves for battle or get out of the way!

Yarr! Ye asked for it!

Bubba, wait!

No! This is so foolish! We-

Coaxing didn't work! Maybe they'll be more reasonable after they've had the wind taken out of their sails!

Sweet music to me ears, matey!

Gabby's rocking a cool outfit. Anyway, this fight's much simpler than Danika's though the two of them can put out some nasty damage, Gabby can heal quite a bit, and Andau inflicts a one nasty stun type status effect.

I... I give up. You've won.

Well done, chums. Let's get them out of here.

No... It must not end this way.

But... maybe this is for the best.

There's a pow sound as our three heroes are pushed back.

What in the name of Arcadius was that?!

The two vampires float backwards out of the room.

What's going on?

No idea... but we can't let them get too far away.

Take it easy there, hotshot. Victory first, bragging second.

Here's a screenshot of Auburn and Baron attacking the vampires mid-screen transition.

The parties begin fighting each other...

And Danika appears in the top window.

And then Laurel rushes in to put a stop to it.

The vampires aren't in here! Danika tricked you!
Danika runs away now.

What? Who is Danika?

She's an illusionist from The Hand. Can't believe I fell for that after everything she's put us through.

The Hand, eh? That's another fine mess you Equipment King folks have created. Vampires weren't enough trouble... Now you've got your cult fanatic friends mixed up in this.

You better watch it wise guy. I'm not in the mood for--

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!


Where's Bubba?

No clue. He was with you.

He's following their scents.

By Arcadius... I never thought I would be relying on him to keep the bad guys from getting away.


Gone. I helped my men go through the back wall with them in tow.

How did you ever manage to subdue them?

They were already weak from the battle with our enemies. Paralysis magic was enough.

I presume they're being taken to Harrol?

Yes... Master Ketsu may be able to find some use for them in the future.

I really owe you Voyd.

The three lieutenants have always been meant to work together.

Yes... If Cleon were here, we might have been able to eliminate all of those pests.
Then there's the sound of footsteps... 'Bubba's Theme' -- 'Finale' from the Collateral soundtrack by James Newton Howard.

Voyd vanishes right before Bubba appears.

You're too late, you filthy beast. The vampires are in our custody already far from this wretched place.

Dah! Guess I'll have to settle for tannin' yer wily hide!

Bubba slashes at the invisible Voyd.

And dodges a lightning spell from Danika.

Though charging Danika doesn't go well for him, when Voyd goes invisible again.

What be this?! I can't move!

One more should be enough.

Hit the deck! Flyin' human!

An invisible Voyd is hurled into Danika.

Well, he can't take much more.

"left in him."

What is he blathering about?

I couldn't tell you... But I can hear the others coming. We've done what we came here to do. No sense wasting any more time.

It's your lucky day, kobold! But you will all learn what it means to cross The Hand! The future shall not be kind to those who resist the will of Arcadius!


GLORIA: Glad you finally woke up! You just have gotten quite a workout last night!

Gloria? What happened?

GLORIA: Your friends dropped you off here late last night. A cleric healed you, but the doctor thinks you still should rest.
Is it true that you took on both an illusionist and a shadow mage by yourself?

Aye... I did me best to anyway... But Gloria, why are ye back here? I thought the doctors sent ye home with a clean bill o' health!

GLORIA: They did... But when I heard about everything from your friends... I decided I would wait around with you for a while.

Ah... Well, that's awful nice of ye.


Yeah... For a little bit, at least.
*chuckle* Even though she chose you over me.

Hee hee... Sorry!

I have to thank you... For saving her from Andau. If I had lost anyone else to him...

I was just trying to do what you guys would have done.


You know... You could pretend you're writing from Port Arianna, and we'll give it to the fairy here in town and have her drop it at Equipment King!
That way, you can at least talk to her and she won't have any idea that you're here.

Yeah... That would work. Though if she sends a reply back to Port Arianna, I won't get it for a long time.

You know those fairies will figure out some way to get it it (SIC) you! Nothing stops them!

I'll get started on it now.


Beautiful day out, isn't it? I'm surprised Cole can stand to stay cooped up in that basement.

Well, today he needs to get ready because he's going to Nuntak with you all soon... But he does spend a lot of time down there.

He'd better be careful! I might steal you if he's not paying attention!

Gino, you're too much! I didn't think I was young enough to still have suitors.

Soon enough. I just need to find that fairy who hangs around here and give her this letter I wrote.

This is also a good time to wrap up any business we may have in this area. We'll be leaving for Nuntak soon.

Let me know when you're ready.

I've got this letter here. It's for a woman who's been living in the Equipment King building. Can you deliver it for me?

Okay, that's easy! Any specific instructions?

Yes, actually. Can you tell her it came from Port Arianna?

Sure! Planning a surprise visit or something?

It's... complicated.

Okay, I can take a hint. I won't probe anymore. I'll make sure she gets it soon!

The fairy teleports away and...


Yeah! It's Sparrow!

At the bank, you say?

Seems strange to me too... But that costume is unmistakable!

He must be trying to draw us out. Let's not disappoint him.

Shroud rushes in.

And wind magics Sparrow over the counter as the rest of the party files in.

Wow! Direct hit!

What the hell?

*gasp* We've got to get back to the room!


He stole the report from the Rellenia Justice Commission.

What's that you're holding?

Read it for yourself.

"There's always someone better..."
Shroud punches the wall.

How did he know to look here?

It was luck. Many other buildings in town were also searched while we were in the bank.

So that means...

It means we didn't catch Sparrow. We just caught Emma in a Sparrow costume.

But why would she do that?

I don't know... but this is a minor setback. Wyre said the Commission would produce another copy of the report for us if we needed it.

I've had it.
He won't make a fool out of me again. The next time we meet is going to be the last for one of us.
No matter what.


And to wrap up Arc IV... We have one of the most important cutscenes thus far and one timed to go with its track. So I decided to record it! And then it got blocked for copyright worldwide in seconds!

So I'll just have to do it the hard way.

Please don't worry. The Artagel situation just got a little bit out of control.

Nothing we couldn't handle. Danika and I managed to subdue our adversaries and remove the... evidence.
Where's Cleon? 'The Forbidden Spell of Rebith' - 'Dying With Much Resentment', Ghost in the Shell: Innocence OST

Not at all. In fact, if what they say is true, you are now even more capable of completing the task at hand.
I'm glad you were able to finally make it here... Solik.

Couldn't have done it without my apprentice here. Her first true act of necromancy... Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Well done, young lady.

T... Thank you. I tried my best.

I'm grateful for the long ship ride so I could get used to this. Are the preparations complete?

Complete exactly according to your specifications. Shall we begin?

Rana casts a spell upon the altar.

It has been done.

Well done, Rana. I am not sure you realize the significance of what you have just accomplished.
Ivory Aleska's power was tremendous in her day... At its highest at the moment she sealed this altar. True, it has weakened over the decades, but being able to overcome it at all is a noteworthy achievement...
Especially since you are still learning.

Yes... On to the next step. Cari, pour the necrotoxins onto the altar.

I shall.
And she does so, which causes a green puff of smoke.

Ugh... That stench is awful.

Silence! This is a sacred ritual!

Pff... Egomaniac.

Enough. He is right. This is too delicate of a procedure for us to be distracted.
Now I shall apply the sample of hair. It was highly difficult to obtain this, but now our presistence shall bear fruit.

"Now I shall join the ranks of the greatest liches who ever walked Solest.
The ones who sought the ultimate goal of dark magic... To conquer life and death itself!"
Solik casts a dark spell upon the altar.

The building begins to shake...

Ha! Arcadius has nothing to do with this! This is the power of Perditia that we have tapped into!

Regardless of which one of them you like best, Danika has a point. Can this old building take this?

Ages worth of mages like ourselves have relied upon this place. It shall not fail us now.

The icon behind the statue begins to pulse with purple light...

And a purple bolt strikes down at the altar.

Ketsu goes to greet the person upon the altar as they open their eyes for the first time in decades...

the end