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Part 46: ARC V: Re-Introduction.

ARC V: Re-Introduction.

We're treated to The Hand's usual theme as Ketsu, Cari and 'Attendant' walk across the lower deck of a ship.

Then a blond man comes out of the left door.

What seems to be the problem, Cleon?

The problem is that broad you resurrected! You had better do something about her because she's driving us all crazy!

Don't worry. Cari will protect me should the need arise.
Ketsu heads into Ariel's room.

Ariel was looking out that... window? At the top there before Ketsu came in.

I shall attempt to exp--

Shut up! Get me a healer and get me back to Gallia!

Going to Gallia will do you no good. That battle was lost thirty-five years ago.

Wha... Where is General Lysander?!

Dead... and you were dead as well... until recently.

You lie!
Ariel begins to rush forward, I think to attack Ketsu, but...

A side effect of your resurrection. I was told you would suffer from stomach pains, blurred vision and dizziness for some time.

Thirty-five years... How have you done this?

Hard work and research. However, we would not have succeeded without the sample of hair hidden under the floorboards in your home.

Yes... so that explains how you found my uniform.

Hmm? Who would these blowhards be?

We have no plans for such a venture.

Not yet, you don't.

Now now. Keep in mind we don't have a sample of his hair... nor would we be likely to find one after so long.
He was not a member of The Midnight Guild as you were.

But there's got to be something you can do!

I understand your feelings. They have been well documented. Yet even if we could bring him back... I think it would be unwise.

What do you mean?

I would love a chance to recruit the Lysander who crushed the elves... But the Lysander who was killed by the rebels was becoming a different man.

He was... distant... at the end.

Yes. His own faith in Arcadius was abandoning him... and the murder of his wife, which we now know was committed by you, did little to help.

I'd do it again. Smug wench.
But why me?

There will be time for talk about that later. For now, I would like to give you a proper introduction to The Hand of Arcadius.

The... the what?

Come. You will see.

"deny the teachings that Arcadius delivered unto Vincent Gallius."

No, not really. I was only a child when the city fell, and our family moved away shortly after.

Yeah yeah, get lost.
I love Ariel. Anyway, there's a pause as Voyd absorbs this.


It's all right, Voyd.
Voyd leaves.

Thus the creation of this little club of yours?

The Hand is not a "club." We are a committed organization working quietly and gradually towards a resurgence of Arcadius' teachings.

Well... I'm glad to see not everything's gone to hell.

Yes... a pity my father did not live to see the formation of The Hand.


Hmm... What are her tricks?

She is an expert telepath, and a natural when it comes to mysticism. Her prophetic visions have done a great deal to shape our plans.

Visions, huh? That's interesting.

It was I who foretold your return.

I'll buy you a drink sometime.

Then Cleon comes out of the other room, sees Ariel and tries to flee back inside.

Too much stress today, boss. I have to unwind.

Well... you can meet him properly later. Let us make our way to the upper deck.

*gasp* Who could have seen this coming? Anyway, Evrind was attacking that barrel when they came in.

A strong work ethic, as you can see. He's surely headed for great things within our organization.

I have to admit... this is mildly impressive.

*chuckle* I am glad.

"If you intend to set things right, you must know you will have a long haul ahead of you. It's a complete role reversal. Now we are fighting an opponent with control over the government and the army."

So you're Ariel D'elefcient, are you?

I am. What of it?

You had better be worth all of the trouble we went through to bring you back.
Ariel immediately begins casting a spell.

Hmmph... You had better be worth not killing.

Why you--

Danika, now is not the time. Leave this instant. We will speak again later.
Danika hesitates, before vanishing in a a crackle of lightning.

Yes, perhaps too much.

Does that conclude the tour?

For now.

"I want to know everything."

I hoped you would say that. I am happy to oblige.

Just a short update this time, to get myself back into the swing of things. Also I'm tired. Next update we'll be rejoining Shroud and co. as they interrogate Emma.

the end