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Part 69: ARC VII Finale: Battle for Rellenia.

ARC VII Finale: Battle for Rellenia.

Last time, on Master of the Wind, we discovered the location of the Hand's primary refuge, an ancient temple in the mountains near Rellenia.

We also found out they have a secondary plan to lead an all-out attack on Rellenia.

Now, this fight is arguably a bit more important than the immediate 'they wanna kill a lot of elves' thing.
The MOTW story doesn't bring up, but if you remember Lysander's story, he'd made himself a legend in Gallia first by single-handedly fending off an elven assault on Gallia, and more importantly, then leading a Gallian army to do what no one thought possible and sack Rellenia.

This was probably Volraths intent, (especially given Ariels ranting about Leonard Barca being Lysander's heir), but the implied and not explicitly stated outcome of a successful attack on Rellenia would be that Ketsu and co. would be seen as the second coming of Lysander which may embolden a lot of fash-types and opportunists.
Which would be very bad, of course.

"I do have a vague feeling that there's more to this temple than just this one building. I'll have to fly around this whole area and see what I find.

I know you all are tough, but if you feel like you get too far over your head, don't be afraid to reach out to me in your minds. Baron can help with that.

You okay?
You're just... staring into space."

Just in awe.
I suppose you need a new nickname
Those wings even look like petals.

Aw, don't say that.
You can still call me Bud. After all, aren't we... buddies?

I never thought anyone who had achieved such enlightenment would sink so low.

Bet you never heard Dasani make a joke like that.

Can't say I did.

"Still, I've come to understand what she might have really meant.
With this power... It's tempting to think you can solve all the world's problems.

Dasani worked so hard, and she really did make the world better, but did she every pay a price. Lily and I were the only ones she had in the end."

This is probably the most explicit line about Dasani being gay between both Clean Slate and Master of the Wind.

"I guess what I'm saying is that I hope that if we can beat The Hand, we won't have to worry as much about their sort of hate."

You and me both.
But I think we've made progress.
The Hand is dangerous, but Gallia was worse and thankfully, it is still gone.

Let's hope a victory here can mean a more relaxing future for you and a peaceful retirement for me.

Sounds good.

Let's get this started.

Stoic joins the others, and Valkyrie flies away.

Ok. We're going in first.
You guys wait here until I give the signal.

When we enter, we get the usual Hand/Ketsu theme. Coma, by Apocalytpica.

This guy again... Shroud and co. walk between the occupied pews as he gives his little speech.

"Well, maybe I am intolerant.
Intolerant of those who disobey our god!
How dare they try to make equal those who Arcadius made unequal!"


Poor, persecuted bigots.
Here's a revelation for you. It's not your faith that people have a problem with, it's that you're a bunch of jerks.

Why can't we just spread hate and ruin lives all over the place without people getting all made at us? It's so unfair!

Arcadius forbid anyone tries to use... I don't know... Logic and reason to poke a hole in this inflated garbage coming from him and the rest of The Hand.

Arcadius has nothing to do with this! Humanity stopped ruling the world when Gallia fell, and the lot of them are still moaning about it.

Sorry, but that's progress. Deal with it.

So we have to defeat four Hand Elites. I think these guys are the only enemies in the dungeon too.
They're actually a little bit of a challenge. They have a fair bit of health, can hit hard, heal, buff, use holy attack magic to really fuck up Stoic and Gabby... Pretty much jack of all trades... and pretty good at all of them too.

Gabby and Auburn are looking good. This party is by far the weaker of the two though. That's not to say they're awful, but... Bubba's a bit tricky to use and you have to learn Gabby like right now.

Gabbys got some nice spells, and dark themed healing.

Let's cut to the chase, ingrate.
You tell us where Ketsu and the others are hiding and maybe some of your congregation can be spared some pain.

Never, you bony abomination!
I don't care what you do to me, I'll never tell you how to access the secret passage!

Secret passage, eh?
How do we find it?

Uh... I only told you that so that you would be busy searching for it as our members close in on you! You will never figure out the sequence of colored medallions, because the key lies deep in the word of Arcadius, something you mongrels could never hope to understand!

Let's hear that sequence, cretin.

Not a chance!
But don't think this is over!

He uses some kind of smokescreen spell or item to escape through the door to our right.

Anyway, now we can switch between the two parties as we wish.

Conveniently, there's no random encounters in here.

Ha ha ha! Nice!

I'm surrounded by enemies.
Auburn, get over here!

Hint we need to switch to Auburn's party.
She tells us this things really powerful and must have cost a fortune, and goes on to say someone's really messed with it. She plays it a bit and it sounds like... bells?

Some kind of key can be placed onto each of the four altars in this room.

So maybe those medallions he mentioned work like keys?

Yeah... and from the way they are numbered, it looks like you have to start at the altar near the west wall and work east from there.
But it doesn't say anywhere which medallion would go where.

That miscreant mentioned something about the "Word of Arcadius."
He might be referring to scripture. There's a holy book right next to these plans.

"Book of Vincent, Chapter 1, Verse 5:
"Arcadius favored humanity over all his other creations. The first men began life in a land where his glorious art was visible.

Emerald hills rolled in all directions, and the grass did grow bright and wild. This first home gave birth to envy in the hearts of the non-humans."

Book of Vincent, Chapter 2, Verse 6:
"He who would become the steward of Arcadius was born in a humble cabin near the great lake Solendus.

Upon hearing her son's birth cries, his mother, Azure Gallius, wept with joy and relief for she knew instantly that Vincent would one day be chosen."

Book of Vincent, Chapter 5, Verse 8:
"Vincent felt deep discontent in his heart upon witnessing how the other races had disgraced the mighty Arcadius.

He laid in a field of dandelions and stared upward at the barren sun. He sat up suddenly when he heard a powerful, overwhelming voice inside his head."

Book of Vincent, Chapter 7, Verse 11:
"At last the army of favored humans was mighty enough to challenge the dwarven clan who had menaced the village.

As the sun went down, Vincent's force laid waste to the encroachers, their foul blood running through the streets."

Those were definitely some colorful passages.

As stated, there's four altars on either side of the chapel. Unfortunately, we don't have anything to put in them. The door out of here, where the Master fled, is just to the south there.

Here's the main courtyard. That closed door there is locked.

If you step on a pressure plate in the centre of these pillars, some of the spikes are lowered.

And if you wait like ten seconds or something, the spikes which are lowered rotate one spot. But we have no way to make use of this.

I go through the door on the right.

Oh great. Kitchen Hands... Get it? Kitchen Hands?
Man, you guys are lame sometimes.

A fight against three elites later...

Oh alright. I'll walk the other party over and...

Each party fights four each. If I have one criticism about this dungeon, it's probably a lack of enemy variety. Altar Island only had two enemies types too. Most of the rest of the series had at least three or four in each dungeon. It's not a huge deal, but you know.

Time to check out what's here.

The prize is a necklace. Gabby suggests it could be one of the medallions we need.

Gotta use Bubba's nose to find the clues... And we gotta find a whole bunch, at that. Moving on...

Auburn's party leaps out of the path of onslaught of cannon fire.

Dah! Tis dangerous, lass!

Yeah, no kidding!
But I can't think of another solution.

The firing is too rapid for how our heroes handled it the last times, so Gabby Gotta Go Fast.

These cannonballs don't knock you backwards like the last time. You get blown to the side instead. This is a blessing and a curse. If you land on one of the branches of the pier, you suffer no penalty for being hit. If you fall into the water, you have to start from the very beginning.

The others catch up.


Down in the basement is a small room with the door we're dealing with all of this marlarkey to open.

Get the two pieces of the code in the courtyard and chapel...

The dorm's the same deal as the mess hall. Need both parties.

Couple fights later...

Some guys are holed up in the bathroom. If you notice though, there's no beds missing from the dorm... Do some guys sleep in the bathrooms???

I think I may be able to alleviate that.

Stoic begins to do his Bull Rush.

Noooo! Get out of the way, Auburn!!!!!!!

Whew they're okay.

Another fight...

Potty code.

The -five- bells do in fact make nose when shot. Pretty different tones, at that. I bet you can guess what this is about.

Hmm... There's a note here.

"One of our sacred medallions is locked away in this room. As a precautionary measure, the lock to this room has been magically altered to only release when the bell towers have been rung in the designated sequence. If you have forgotten the order you can refamiliarize yourself with it by playing the composition aboce the organ.

Have Auburn's party go back to the chapel to play the organ as many times as you want. I kind of have trouble telling two of the tones apart though so it's a tiny bit trial and error for me, and I wouldn't be surprised if there's people even worse at this than I am.

Halfway there. Well, over halfway since we'll get the next two in rapid succession since we've done nearly everything.

Oh. I see. This is Shrouds Big Jumpy prompt. Time to get the other party.

Auburn begins playing... something. I couldn't tell you what. It's in the BGS folder and not the BGM folder and it's just labelled 'Organ'. It's a kinda weird piece.

Gabby gets kinda annoyed since she's on a strict schedule and Auburn apologises.

With Auburn's party on the plate, we jump the pillars only JUST ahead of the spikes.

Woo. Down to the first floor.

First floor has part of the code we need.

And Auburn's party go back to the first roof to get the last part of the code.

So you can technically trial and error this. If you want to. Why would you?

Yes! FUCK The Master.

So, insert the medallions in order of the colours being mention in the scripture.

Which makes these two pressure plates appear.

Let's go!!!

"I just didn't think it would take so long."

Slow, huh?
I guess that's because there were just too many of your lackeys to slap around.
Time flies when you're having fun, eh?

Yarr! Ye ran like a wee child when we first showed up at this ole place. I was sure ye was hidin' under yer bed tryin' not to wet yourself!

The Master does not hide. I was merely waiting for a...
Tactical advantage...
Like this one!

There's outnumbered...
And then there's this.

No more games. I can not allow you to go any further.

Yeah... if there's any women with wings around who want to help, now is the time!

And so Valkyrie appears.

You're lucky I didn't have you drown yourself. This time, you're really going to get it!

If you have her use her divine power buff on herself (raises all stats) and then just spam AOEs, it's an absolute cinch. It just take a while due to how many turns the enemies take and you only have one character attacking and also they heal a fair bit. Which is why Holy Rays to inflict status effects is good. They might get silenced or poisoned randomly.

Anyway you fight -two- of these fights.

Valkyrie flies backwards as The Master lunges at her, and turns transparent as he passes through her, falling into the... lake? Sea?

Don't mention it.
I'll approach the garden by air.
You guys should use the underground passage the master mentioned.

Right. Try to leave a few for us when we get to the other side.

Walky walky to the formerly locked door.

We've got to be getting closer to wherever Ketsu is hiding out.

From which direction?!

Can't put me ole finger on that yet, matey... Gotta concentrate.

Usual Hand/Ketsu theme. Coma, by Apocalytpica. And we're about to hit a great and memorable but depressing scene.

Don't misunderstand.
If you seek to challenge us in battle, that is your choice. I just feel it is only fair to warn you of what the future holds.

Hmmm... Dun think it was her I was smellin'. These scurvy apparitions dun have no scent.

Don't get ahead of yourself, lady. The future hasn't happened yet.

Shove it!
We're not interested.

You take me lightly at your own risk.
It was I who foresaw that Master Ketsu would gain the holy wings, and that Ariel D'eleficent would return to life.

I will allow you briefly to see through my eyes... Behold the future that awaits you.

"I be smellin' something tiny over by the door on that big ole building.

I dun think I can break this dirty trick by meself. I had best try to get through to me allies."

If you try to use the door, Bubba gets zapped. Anyway... we're trapped in this illusion of a ruined Guardia, with Gallian soldiers wondering around and bodies and graves everywhere.

Illusion? I wish.
This is the future... and right now, I'm finding it uncomfortably familiar.

Tis nothin' but fakery!
Don't let that pyschic (SIC) into yer mind!

So we lose in a battle against Ketsu and the others... and then the Gallian way returns. Die now or die later... that's become our choice.

These graves here... They belong to Arius and the others.
I suppose the new Gallians are leaving them here as some kind of warning.

I failed.
I was supposed to keep the dream alive... For Daphne and Volrath and everyone who died for it.

I hope what I heard on Altar Island was true... and I hope my end comes soon. My soul... whatever is left of it... can't take this again.

Ye failed nobody! Ye gotta snap out of this or else this will be the future!

You're... not making sense.
Solest is on its way to oblivion...
I wish I could stop it, but it's clear that I can't.

Bubba comments that Cari must be working on their minds too.

"A new Gallian Empire...
Rival tribes in the desert... What's the difference? There's always someone there to keep people down.

I always knew how futile it was to try and actually fix this terrible world we live in... But you guys made me believe."

Enough, lass!
This be no future! Tis an illusion!

I wish that was all it was...
What's the point, Bubba?
What's the point of anything we do?

Maybe I should just have stayed in my basement back then...

Aye! Thank the mighty Arcadius that someone else is nae buying into this!

I dunno, Bubs.
I keep telling myself that, but I can feel it starting to get under my skin.

I think my bond with Laurel's the only thing that's keeping me grounded... It just can't end like this.
I can't fail Gino!

Keep yer wits about ye! This fancy connection you got with Laurel may be our only hope!

But she's not talking to me like she usually does... I think my thoughts are being blocked by Cari!

Don't be givin' up!
Try yer best to get her attention!

There be no sun, lass!
We be underground, remember?

I thought we were...
But now, I can't even think straight!
Is... Is this really the future?

If it is... Maybe I should just step out and face the next world. Being a pile of dust has to be better than being a vampire under Gallian rule.

If ye really think that, then step right out here so's I can prove to ya that this is all just a dirty trick!

Gah, you've lost it too. Just leave!

Those bodies are phantoms, matey! Don't let yer guard down and let that psychic lass do this to ye!

Is this really what the human race wants? Maybe I wasn't fighting on their behalf all this time. Maybe I've only been fighting for... me.

I keep trying to help people and make the world better for them...
But nobody cares. Nobody appreciates it.
Maybe it's me who doesn't belong.

Snap out of it!
This ain't nothing but an illusion!

Well, let's go check the door again!

The door opens and Bubba backs up,

Ye be dead, demon woman!
I heard that Dasani of Boreal gave ye the bloody death ye deserved!

COLTER: Perhaps you were misinformed.
Now I can finish what I began and put an end to your foul race for good. Then I move on to your human allies.

Our new Gallian Empire shall invade their homelands, kill their leaders, and convert them to our ideals!

"Only way to know that...
Would be to read me mind. That be it!
The lightning mage be casting the illusion while the psychic be reading our minds!

That way they can make us see the things that done make us scared the most!

Ye don't fool me, lass!
Colter be dead and gone! Ole Bubba never forgot her foul scent and it ain't here now!
This be nothing but a big lie!"

Not if I dun have anythin' to say about it, lass!

Suddenly, Cari's apparition moves.

And then vanishes.

Way ahead of you, pal.
Eat this, you rotten coward!


Danica escapes just ahead of the wind spell.

So it really was an illusion.
I was so sure that was real sunlight.
I can't believe her level of skill.

How the hell did we get out of that anyhow? Was it you, Bubba?

I got meself out, but I had a hard time getting through to the rest of ye.

Bubba weakened the illusion but it was Laurel who broke it... Now she has to face Cari on her own.


And now, a video of Valkyrie really kicking some ass! And plot developments!

Make sure you watch it!!!!

Guys, something's wrong.
I can't sense Laurel anymore.

Don't panic, Baron.
We'll find out what happened.

I would be more worried about that army she got a glimpse of.
Maybe we should have come with Bane's troops after all.

It's imperative that we put an end to this without getting Rellenia involved. We can't allow this to become a real war.

Without Ketsu and the other leaders of The Hand, this army won't have anyone to spur them on. That's what we need to focus on.

Sounds easy enough. Guess we better get on with it.

"Also, one of them is a lot harder to hit than his friends. You might want to deal with the other ones first!"

Morning, gents!

This fight's actually easier than the groups of three or four when you have the full main party.

Last minute grinding spot! I'm only two levels from max level I believe. 58/60.

South exit has a useful item too.

"But you pests aren't going to let me have any peace, are you?"

You'll have plenty of time to rest once we're through with you. No escaping justice this time, Cleon.

Quite hostile, aren't you?
I can't say I'm in the mood to fight all of you so soon after my poor showing in battle against your friend.

Laurel! Where is she?!

Dead for all I know.
Beating me is one thing. She was foolish to think she could take on Master Ketsu.

Ugh... Still haven't gotten my strength back, but at least you don't have the advantage she had against me.
Also... I won't be alone.

I know what that means.

Well, that's fine!
I've got enough bullets for all of you!
Give Laurel back or you all get dropped! 'Three Lieutenants' aka 'Grace' by Apocalyptica

You fools can't hope to defeat us all! Prepare to die!

Your confidence is misplaced.
We are well prepared.

Come then!

Welcome to probably the most brutal fight in the whole game, though it takes a bit to warm up to that point.

Right away, I have everyone buff up and use their strongest single target attacks on Voyd. Well, Shroud quickly has to start spamming heals. But after two turns...

Hell y-


An illusion.
I guess that's to be expected.

One of these ingrates must be the real deal. Let's keep banging on them.

Uhhh. Well, let's beat up Danika now. These three are spamming kinda dangerous moves at us too all this time btw.



Another fake?! Come on!

Is this kind of thing what you guys dealt with that other time?

Pretty much.
But we can't keep this up forever!

Try the last one!

I quit. This is too annoying.

There must be some way to break through this illusion...
Wait a minute.

Why are you looking at me like that?

You have the ability to dispel beneficial effects. Maybe you can dispel this illusion?

Believe me, I would if I could.
I'm out of my league when it comes to magic this powerful.

If you were able to hit Danika directly, it might kill the illusion.

Worth a shot. But without Laurel to guide me, I'm not sure where Danika even is. It's like shooting in the dark.

You can do it!

Okay, I'll try. Now where could she be hiding...

So... Now we have to have Auburn spam Dispel on all these Danika's one by one while the rest of the party endures the onslaught.

Thankfully, a single cast of Dispel destroys one so we just need to hold out a few turns.



No matter. We don't need to hide behind tricks any longer.

Now we can use the skills that can't be captured in an illusion. This time, it's for keeps.

I should have known that wasn't the real Cleon. He's never that easy to hit. In fact, he can dodge almost everything.
It's going to take at least two of us going at him at once if we want to land a hit.

So now we're in the real shit. Hoo boy.

See, Cleon has this Time Freeze move and... well. Everyone gets frozen and the deadly trio can just pound on you for a while for huge damage.

Voyd also still does that thing where he teleports away with a partymember and it takes a bit for them to return.

Danika casts a confusion spell.

But after a while, we manage to get Danika down. This was with a couple KO's and one near miss where the whole party was on critical HP after a Time freeze. When Danika goes down though, the pressure decreases a bit. But not by a lot, she's the weak link here.

Voyd goes down too eventually, but not before making an absolute nuisance of himself. He's evasive, and often uses vanish to boot so you can't hit him, and his teleportation thing is a real pain.

I can't believe it!
How in Arcadius's name could we all have lost?! It's absurd!

We... have to leave them to Ketsu. I can't understand how they have become so powerful... It's as if Perditia herself is guiding them.

But Ketsu is linked to Arcadius... He may be our only hope.

Arcadius this, Perditia that.
I've had enough! You guys lost and so will Ketsu and that's that!

Time to go.

Cleon casts a spell...

"this time!"

And the trio flee as the party slowly advances.

Those powers of his are quite a nuisance, aren't they?
Well come on, then.

We did pretty well.
Now answer the question.

Aw, come on.
We just beat the three of them.
What are you gonna do?

He's right.
You're outmatched. There's no need for us to hurt you, so step aside.

Hurt me?
But how will you do that if you've forgotten how to fight?


She's right!
I'm feeling... hazy. She's doing something to our minds!

Agh, I feel it too!
Can barely even focus! We've got to put an end to this now!

That said... I'm no fighter.
I'll leave you to our loyal followers.

The first part is just a normal fight. Easy.

Crud. Well, there's less of them this time, so still not a biggie.

Stoic and Baron aren't hit too bad by this one, but Auburn and Shroud are left with nearly nothing. Still easy.

Now we have nothing but normal attacks.

Still, beating up mooks isn't too hard. Just takes a little while.

My goodness... You are resourceful. And I... I am exhausted... Exerted myself too much.

Who... Who are you people?
How did you become so powerful?

Never mind that!
Now that you've been beaten, I want some answers about Ketsu. Or Leonard Barca, or whoever he is!

What did you do to him? 'Cari's Story' aka 'Lady Tears I' from the Shadow Hearts: From The New World OST.

"After that, my mother left the city and moved into a smaller town. Many citizens of Gallia did the same, including the man she would eventually marry.

His name was Ketsu Ellester, and I was born the next year. Having a family of her own helped my mother heal from the loss of her dear friend, Lysander.

Over the years, her psychic powers slowly began to recede. At first, that did not bother her. She had often seen them as a burden.

But then...
My father fell ill and died.
We didn't even know he was sick until it was far too late."

"When I began to show signs of having the same power, she felt very conflicted... And those months after my father died were already a living nightmare.

But then...
An angel came to our door."

"And yet he never sought to argue with my mother about her views. After staying with us for a few days, he started to call her "Aunt Erva."

That... moved my mother.
She had always considered the Barcas family."

"But my mother did not believe she would see him again. Our family was not exactly on good terms with the Sherrons, after all."

"It did not stop there.
Over the course of months, she buried his personality and molded a new one.
She created a son... Ketsu.

She filled his head with memories of a father he had never even met, a father he was now supposedly named after."

Just one lonely old woman caused so much strife and ruined so many lives.

"It took very little for me to maintain it myself... and Ketsu became the most loyal son my father could have ever asked for.

My father was fiercely dedicated to Gallia's philosophy, and Ketsu began to talk about bringing it back to the forefront of human culture.

All we had done to his mind had not diminished that fearsome Barca intelligence. Not long after that, he began looking for members to join "The Hand of Arcadius."

I know you feel what we did was unfair to Leonard... and to Arius and Nova.
Perhaps it was... But that doesn't change the fact he healed our family."

I think you missed the point of the story, Stoic.
She only cares about suffering if it's happening to her or her family. Forget anyone else.

Always liked this complete rejection of Cari's story.

Say what you will.
You will not manage to arouse any feelings of guilt within me.

Ariel casts the psychic repelling spell.

Finally! Now you're going to get what's coming to you, Ariel!

... Which one are you again?

Don't take them lightly, Ariel!
They already defeated the lieutenants!

I'll worry about that in a minute.
I'm still thinking about your story.

I heard that whole thing and I just have one question. What you did to Leonard's mind...
I'm guessing that the change is now permanent?

... Yes.
Between my mother and I, we have been maintaining it for about two decades.
I no longer need to actively work on it.

That's just what I wanted to hear.

Ariel stabs Cari, to the shock of everyone.

Nothing personal, Cari. I just don't think it would be productive for Ketsu to have more than one mentor. You know what they say about too many cooks...

I should have been his mother in the first place... Better late than never.
Speaking of which, be sure to thank your momma for me when you see her.

Ariel then follows up the stab with a punch, which propels Cari into the wall.

It's easy enough to blame you.
That worked last time.

According to Arius, Lysander eventually heard the truth about his wife.
He died hating you. Once you are beaten, Ketsu will also learn the truth.


She begins to walk towards the part.

"This should be fun."

Yeah... we uh. Still have no skills.

So all we can do is attack and heal with items. Annoyingly, she has a hit-all spell that inflicts disorient (ACC down).

After a few turns of spamming attack and potions...

"Oh wait, I guess you did!
Ha ha ha ha ha!"

She's just toying with us. Buuuut her desire to inflict pain and terror is gonna bite her in the ass.

Wait a minute...
My healing spells are coming back to me!

Everyone gets their healing moves back. If they have any. Only Stoic does not.

A few more turns of attacks...

The effects of Cari's powers are definitely starting to fade.
My skills are returning!

The party's buffs and magic come back. Stoic doesn't have many of those, though. None that can be used offensively on a boss anyway.

Buffing up and some more turns of attacks later...

You think?

It's gone!
Everything is back now!
Let's do this, guys!

After a few more turns of easy battle, Ariel ends the fight.

Hey! What the hell is this?!
Why are you butting in?! Don't you have some legislating to do somewhere?

Our duty is to work for the good of Solest, and helping those heroes stop you definitely fits that description!

Why you little shit!
I ought to pluck your wings and stick you in a jar until you suffocate...
But I don't have time for that right now.

No!! She stabbed the fairy!

Oh, don't act so surprised.
I can't believe they just barge right into the middle of a fight like that. That must have been how I lost the other time...

You will pay dearly for that.

Aw, who cares?
I'm sure they just grabbed another fairy off the assembly line to replace her.

Now let's get back to what we started. And no more interruptions.

I remember Arius's stories.
We may be able to win, but there is no room for error.

Welcome, 'Eye Demon' (right) and 'Crescent Demon' (left). Now, this is the -real- final boss battle of this game. There's still another after it, but... you'll see.

We didn't even get healed up before hand. Sheesh.

Both demons are weak to Stoic's bull rush, which cuts their attack and PDEF, thankfully. You can also see the effect on Ariel that indicates she has Absorb up. She also has Counter-Spell. I think she puts those on herself. You very much want to take out the demons first.

The Crescent Demon tends to physical attack everyone, the Eye Demon heals and inflicts status effects on everyone. Ariel focuses on damage and this one move that inflicts bleed on someone, and keeping her buffs up.

Doesn't take long for the Crescent Demon to go down.

Then... just Ariel. You've essentially won the fight at this point but she has tons of HP and can wear you down for...

"I will summon a creature that will raze this entire garden to the ground!"

Stop her!

She starts summoning...

There's a rumbling sound...

"Oh no."

Dark... Deep breathing... a deep heartbeat...

A roar.

We're either fighting part of a goddess, or her 'right hand man'.

The Hand of Perditia sometimes disappears people like Voyd did, which removes their buffs, annoyingly enough.

Also an instant KO move called Gift of Perditia. It seems to have a low chance of success, because it hits everyone but often only one party member or none will succumb.

But with buffing up to deal incredible damage, you can take it out quickly, before it casts it more than once.

The creature is gone...
As suddenly as it came.
That's probably for the best.

Aagh... So tired...
Where do you people get that kind of endurance? *Cough*

Oh, look at that! You lost!
I guess Arcadius isn't so fond of you after all! Or maybe he's just mad at you for killing Gino and all those other people!

... What?
What do I care what Arcadius thinks?

You haven't figured out how all this works, have you? You really think all of us believe that? It's just useful.

You... You don't even believe in the Gallian philosophy?
But weren't you a high-ranking officer?

Have you read the ancient scriptures humans wrote back in the First Age? I have. There's nothing in there about Arcadius suddenly deciding to hate the other races.
Why would he create other races if he wanted them all dead? There's no evidence, so where did Vincent Gallius get this information?

Easy. From his butt!

And yet you serve this idea you hold such a low opinion of.

"When fire falls from the sky and destroys everything you know, you stop caring about what's logical and what isn't. You'll believe anything if you think it will help put your life back together. Gallius knew that and that's why he was a genius!

We humans are self-centred and vain creatures. So after The Rain, we were all too eager to believe an answer that took the blame off of us and put it on the other races.

If that doesn't work, blame the humans who disagree with you.
As long as it's never your fault."

What you're saying...
It's just despicable! Someone with your intelligence has a responsibility to fight this kind of manipulation!

You know hate is wrong, but you enable it anyway. You might be worse than they are.

You want me to bite the hand that feeds me? Hate has been good to me over the years. The people who really believe this crap...

"Now that I'm alive again, I'm going right back to the top!"

You're right...
Except for one thing. Hate is not the natural response from people during a tragedy like The Rain of Fire.

I was there.
I saw what the real instincts are.
I felt them myself.

You were there?
That's one whopper of a necromancy spell.

"Your reading of history may be accurate... But it's only because people like you made it happen!

You turned us against our brothers and sisters by playing on our worst qualities."

And it was so easy.

The past is the past.
Gallia is gone and it's going to stay gone.
It's over, Ariel.

Damn right it's over.

Do it, you little wimp.
I dare you.

There's a long pause here.

... Why can't I do it?
After everything she's done...
Why can't I do it?

Because you're better than her.

I knew you couldn't do it, twerp.
Now you all go get your little butts kicked by Ketsu so I can rest.

Rest, huh?
I won't kill you, but I'm not too nice to trank you.

Wait, wha--

He 'tranks' her.

Good job, Baron.
Now let's go rescue Laurel before it's too late.

You're alive!

Of course!
It will take more than a scratch like that to take me out! I'll be near the door in the back if you need me.

I knew you all were formidable, but not in my wildest dreams did I ever think you would fight your way past all of my subordinates.

What a shame that you are so dedicated to opposing me. I could make great use of all your talents.

Enough flattery, Leonard.
You're sick... and we can help you.

This again?
There isn't any truth to that story.
It was just a ruse Ariel made up to upset Arius Sherron.

It's a ruse, all right.
But to fool you, not Arius. We heard this from Cari right before--

"I have endured every test Arcadius has put me through, and I have not wavered."

Aw, just shut up already!
Nobody cares about your high and mighty crap! Just let Laurel go!

"High and mighty." I suppose I do come off that way, don't I? Like I have all the answers.

Your friend here is only the latest challenge I face. The latest shock in a long line of them that could have sent me into despair.

When that arrow struck my heart in Harrol... I really thought it was over, even though Cari had foreseen my transformation.

"The fear I felt when I first saw her in Guardia... it was cold as the grave.
I tried to convince myself she was a fake, a pretender like Dasani of Boreal.

But now that I have faced her in combat, I know the truth. She is the genuine aritcle... and perhaps Dasani was genuine as well.

How can that be?
I imagine she wonders the same thing.
For all I have achieved through my faith, Arcadius is still a mystery to even me.

The last few weeks have been very humbling... I have had to ask questions I once would have dismissed as blasphemous."

"But my revenge is not against one person... or even one group.
It is against a society that cast out my father and broke his heart.

They say he died of illness...
But I think the sad truth is that he simple lost the will to live.

I will remake the world into one he would have been proud to be part of."

... Christine?
Ivory's apprentice?

What's gotten into you?
You don't seriously believe that nonsense about Arius Sherron being my father.

Oh so that's why 'Attendant' went unnamed for so long. Though, we only heard about Christine at the start of this Arc... Maybe Volrath could've got away with using her name before more often.

What's going on here?!
Who the heck are you, lady?

Leonard and I grew up together in Guardia. When he disappeared, I went to search for him with the others. They all gave up, but I never could.

Enough of this!
Christine, you have been a loyal member of The Hand for years!

Four years, to be exact.
That was when I first learned about this man Ketsu Ellester who was leading the effort to revive Gallian ideals.

It didn't take long to examine Ellested family records and find out that Erva and Ketsu Ellester never actually had a son of their own.

Isn't that why Cari advised you to abandon your last name?

I... This is insanity.

How on Solest have you been with The Hand this long without Cari finding you out?

I'm an alchemist by traide... with some psychic training. This veil is my own creation. It allows me to control the thoughts other psychics can read.

Cari thought she was monitoring me, but the veil protected my true intent. Now that she's gone I can--

She didn't kill Cari!
It was--

As soon as I punish this turncoat, you all will be next!

Please listen, Leonard!
I would never betray you! I just want my best friend back! That's why I've stayed here all this time!

Enough of your lies!

"There you can die alongside all the others who defy Arcadius!"

He must have given the order right after he defeated Laurel.

God damn it!
We've got to cut them off or something!

Wait a minute!
What about Laurel?! He still has her!

You two go after her! Stoic and I will deal with the army!

Deal with an entire army?!
Are you out of your mind?! How exactly do you plan to do that?!

There's no time to talk!
We'll figure something out! Now go!

Shroud stops to heal Christine.

You had best find a place to lay low. It's going to get nasty here soon.

Please... Don't hurt Leonard.

No promises.
He may be brainwashed, but he's still dangerous. But there's no time to talk.
We have to move now!

We gotta figure out some way to get up there!

... These three teleport onto the scene.

You three again?!
You've got to be kidding me! We beat you already and you can barely stand!
Just get out of the way!

Weary as we may be...
We won't sit by as you try to ruin everything we've worked for.

Here we go again...

Wow, have you ever considered becoming a superhero, Rayne?

Go rescue your friend.
I'll finish off these clowns.

But, Cleon, we--

Shut up and do it!
We're obviously at the end of the line and I'm going to make sure you two survive!

Cleon... Please don't...

Go now!

Danika shouts "No!" as the two fly out the window.

And Voyd takes Danika away.

"But... Your plan worked.
Danika and Voyd are long gone."

I just hope they don't wind up coming back or anything else foolish. Last thing I need is to be kicking myself when I'm in the next world.

Seems like there's more to you than I thought.

I don't need your approval.
Now let's get this over with.

Oh, don't worry.
You're still going to pay for my father.

A very short mage fight breaks out...

But Rayne ends it with the thrust of a spear.

Goodbye, old enemy.



And here it is. The big finale. In keeping of my tradition of posting lengthy videos of ending sequences... I'll just do that. This update will end with this video, but it won't be the last update. There'll be at least one more for post-credits scenes and probably a second to cover the post-MOTW Solest things and other stuff both Volrath and Artbane have done.
I can't promise anything, of course, but it's possible Volrath might answer questions you might ask in the thread. For people reading on LPBeach, I can pass on any good questions.

the end