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Part 70: Master of The Wind: Bonus Scenes.

Master of The Wind: Bonus Scenes.

So everyone's seen the big ending, I hope, because now we're going to see the Bonus Scenes that are available after the credits. Now, I'm pretty sure some of these scenes were available before ARC VII. For instance, the first scene we're about to see you could unlock and watch after the credits way back at ARC IV.

"However, there was one kingdom that stood defiant as its neighbors were conquered.

That land was Relle.
The ancient homeland of the elven people.

Queen Arianna and King Terr had ruled on high for two-hundred years. For most of that time, Gallia was not seen as a serious threat.

It was generally thought that the Gallians were mere upstarts, and that they would exhaust themselves eventually.

However, as lands closer and closer to Relle fell under Gallian rule, the elves grew nervous.

It wasn't long before violent skirmishes broke out along Relle's borders between Gallian soldiers and Elven sentries.

King Terr did not want to simply sit and wait to be attacked. Despite the protests of his queen, he ordered a full scale attack on Gallia's walls."

"Still, he refused to fall.
His display inspired the other soldiers.
The elves had to retreat.

Lysander's courage became legend.
Five years later, in 1332, Khan Vadom, one of Gallia's five Lord and Generals died suddenly

The Council was desperate for a replacement. At 26 years old, Barca became the youngest man to ever hold the title of Lord and General.

Though Lysander had earned the favor of Chairman Marcus Gallius, the other lords scoffed at his youth.
He vowed to prove them wrong.

He masterminded the most daring campaign in Gallia's history. A full scale attack on the city of Rellenia.

The elves never saw it coming."

That Gallian would be General Randel. This was covered in Clean Slate, but briefly, Randell was both Lysanders good friend and Felicia Stormblades husband. The scene that lead to Randells death at Lysanders hands was one where he spared two elves since he'd only stuck around to try sway Lysander away from the whole genocide thing. Neither he nor Lysander knew at the time that the elves he'd spared had been Terr and Arianna here.

You're not thinking clearly.
It is still dangerous for us to return to the capitol.

If we die...
Our people will lose hope.

How much hope can they possibly have left?! Those Gallian savages are destroying the city as we speak!
I will not listen to your tripe any longer!

We can't help them yet!
We must find help outside our borders!

My father would have done the same.

Then you are both cowards.

ESCORT: Your Majesty...
Shouldn't we go after him?

No. Absolutely not.
His senses will return to him.

He should be on his knees thanking Arcadius that we were saved by that Gallian general.

Instead he takes it as an insult and uses it as an excuse to act totally idiotic. Let us return to camp.


With little effort, Terr takes out the two mooks as they rush him.

I am the king.
Are you in command here?

LEADER: Second in command.
General Lysander is elsewhere.
I am Squad Commander Farlan.

Your men were fools.
You clearly are more cautious.
Surrender and perhaps you will live.

FARLAN: Surrender? To you?
Are you not the elf that Randel Norphen saved from certain death?

... Yes.
He surprised me with his decency.

Terr leaps out of range as Farlan attacks and then leaps back in.

Then there's the sound of a sword slash, a white flash and a rumble.

FARLAN: My sword!

"Now it will deliver justice for all of the innocent elves you have slain."

The three new arrivals begin to cast...

Seeing you brings me relief.
I had grown worried.

ESCORT: I bring the most terrible news...
King Terr... has been slain.


ESCORT: It is true!
He defeated a Gallian commander in battle... but was ambushed by spellcasters!

No... It can't be...
Terr... You can't be gone..

He was right... I have been looking for safety... Where there is none anymore.
I never should have left our people.

Our last meeting...
Was nothing but insults and grief...
Now he is gone... and I shall never get a chance to set things right.

He may have died...
Thinking that I did not love him anymore.

Even years later, Arianna would still be mourning that the last time she's seen Terr was them having a big argument.

ESCORT: Impossible.
You were together for centuries.
He could never have forgotten that.

Oh. Do you remember the lancer ghosts we fought waaaaaaay back in ARC I at the haunted Gallian church while looking for Andau?

SOPHIE: Of course.
It is Queen Arianna herself!

GREN: What luck.
Lysander will surely promote us once we slay her.

You three serve that demon?!

GREN: Indeed.
I am afraid your kingdom is in its last days, elven queen.

SLOGER: They say the king has already fallen. This will no doubt be the final blow.

Relle will never fall to you monsters while I still live!

Arianna turns invisible and you can see the beginning of an intense onslaught on Sophie to the right of her here.

After a short scuffle, Gren falls.

Arianna cuts down Sophie too.

And the escort heals Arianna. Both Gren and Sloger had landed hits on her. Slogers apparently a good one too.

Thank you, Devek.

DEVEK: Your... Your majesty?
I have never heard you address me by name.

Now is no time for silly customs and rules. We are all elves... and this war has made us all equal.

We have much to do.

This scene, I'm going to upload as a video because. Well, you'll see.

I'm pretty sure this scene was probably unlocked back in ARC IV too, if you did the Fairy Government sidequest. You'll remember we found some documents at the end of those.

What is your district again?

OTHER FAIRY: Sacred River Monastery.
There's one boy there who is always writing to me... Begging me to find some way to get a girl to notice him.

You see that so often...
People sending requests about romance.
What do they expect us to do?
We're not miracle workers!

OTHER FAIRY: Last time he wrote, I sent him a really cool hat! It was big and funny.
If that didn't get him noticed, what will?

I'll have to do more thinking about this... But what are you going?

I'm looking over this dossier that Shroud and Stoic found on the ground.
I'm not sure how it got out of the file cabinets, but I need to look it over.

OTHER FAIRY: A dossier? On what?

I'm gonna find that out right now...

OTHER FAIRY: Ariel D'Eleficent.
Born in West Gallia, 1309.
Died when the rebels beat Gallia in 1339.

According to this, she was great in school when she was little, but the Gallian teachers also saw that she had some major issues!

Hee hee! If Gallians are saying that about you, you gotta be totally batpoop insane!

OTHER FAIRY: It seems like she frightened most people in her life... Even her family.

OTHER FAIRY: Yep. She mastered two schools of magic, lightning and dark, and even created customized spells combining the two. Not only that, she also learned summoning magic!
She made it up to two creatures at a time! That's serious business!

I bet that made her a few more friends in town!

OTHER FAIRY: Yeah, it definitely did!
But they weren't the most savory bunch...

Oh, I see...

OTHER FAIRY: Yeah! If the Gallian officials knew that she was a member of the Midnight Guild, she would have had a very different career!

Many members of that guild were necromancers who openly served Perditia... even in the height of Gallia's reign! But her passion was always dark magic.
That's what she knew best, and the guild taught her secrets that had been passed down for centuries!

"But her inner demons were always pretty obvious and made people nervous... Here's an excerpt from one instructor's report.

"The young D'Elefiecent girl's exemplary magic skills can not be ignored, but I have deep reservations about her holding any position of authority.

She is routinely rude and disrespectful, often prone to anger and jealousy, and only has a lukewarm commitment to Gallian ideals."

Hmm... So what'd they do?

OTHER FAIRY: She got made a High Guard!
Their job was basically to protect the Council, and there were only two at any partiuclar (SIC) time, so it was presitigious!

It put her in a high position with Gallia's defensive forces, but it also was easy to keep an eye on her!

But wasn't she also seen often outside of the city?

OTHER FAIRY: Yeah, I was just about to get to that.

A circle briefly indicates the man at the bottom right.

"a super-duper important mission! Lysander thought he could lure a bunch of Gallia's enemies into one place by establishing a fake town far away that would pretend to be anti-Gallia! Ariel was one of the people he wanted to help secretly run the town while people fell for the trap!"

That must have made the other leaders kinda nervous.

OTHER FAIRY: It definitely did!
But who was gonna say no to a guy who just took apart the elven kingdom?

Yeah... I see your point.
So how did Lysander's plan go?

OTHER FAIRY: In the end...

I guess not!

OTHER FAIRY: That's Seth.
He was the last dragoon. He and his mate were going to try and save his race until the Gallians who secretly ran the town had her killed!

After that, he went on a rampage and destroyed their entire headquarters. Only Lysander and Ariel escaped alive!

This is the scene where Ariel propositioned Lysander and he hits her and she actually genuinely cries.

Really? I'd be pretty annoyed! That's a long trip!

OTHER FAIRY: Ah, but you weren't obsessed with General Lysander!

Eww... No way.

OTHER FAIRY: But she was!
She even tried to sway him away from his wife while they were alone in the wilderness, but he was too loyal.

That really bothered her, but she stuck with him. When they finally got back to Gallia, she betrayed her High Guard position and helped Lysander take power for himself.
The stage was set for the final battle with the Rebellion!

That's terrible!
Didn't Lysander have a son too?

OTHER FAIRY: Yeah, but he was okay.
He stayed with a friend of Lysander's.
Ariel blamed the wife's death on the rebels, which got Lysander even more passionate about beating them! She thought that when the war was over, she would be the person who he would want to be with!

But of course we know it didn't exactly work out that way.

Nova Sherron? I've met her! She's pretty old now.

OTHER FAIRY: Yeah she lives in Guardia with her husband and daughter.

Anyway, that was the end of Ariel D'Eleficent. Lysander was killed in that same battle and the war was over!

OTHER FAIRY: Yeah, she was a pretty hardcore person! It would have been a shame to lose that file.

Come to think of it, I think the property in Gallia where she lived was broken into recently. Nothing was stolen though, just a lot of floorboards pulled out and drawers emptied onto the floor! Pretty weird little incident.

Oh well.
At least this file won't need to be updated.
I'll put it back in the archives.

That's that, then. A lot of that information would have been a lot more interesting if I hadn't done the Clean Slate LP, but it probably would've left Ariel feeling a bit more flat. Granted, that scene was meant to be played right after you saw her resurrection, probably.

I think I'll do this last one in video too.

And when you return to the title screen after this, the main Bubba-ho-tep theme has been replaced by one of the quieter variants that I've uploaded myself as 'Defined by a Mask.'

And that's everything from the game itself. If I ever get around to the next update, it'll be about what Volrath and Artbane have done since MOTW and some other bits and pieces I've found, as well as saving any questions and responses you might have for Volrath.

the end