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Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow

by Combat Lobster

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Original Thread: When He Morphs Into A Ninja, You Better Duck. Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow



What is Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow?

Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow, originally titled Donald in Maui Mallard, is an action platformer developed by Disney Interactive for the SEGA Mega Drive in 1995, and was only released in Europe and Brazil. The game was remade for the Super Nintendo one year later by Eurocom, and was the only console release in North America. The Mega Drive version was also brought over to North America on the PC with updated graphics and soundtrack around the same time as the SNES game. Two years later, Bonsai Entertainment made an attempt to bring the game to the GameBoy, and it sure was shit something.

The Story

Detective Maui Mallard was visiting a tropical island for vacation when the Shabuhm Shabuhm idol goes missing. Shabuhm Shabuhm is considered the island's native guardian spirit, and unless the idol is recovered, the whole island will explode. With Mallard on the case, his investigations will take him to numerous places like a spooky mansion and the boiling bowels of a active volcano.

The LP

This will be an informative LP that will come in two parts. The first part will have the SNES run. The second part will have the Mega Drive run of the game that shows off the differences between the two versions. Each update will also feature some pages from the manual for favor text, and some tracks from the amazing PC soundtrack.

The Videos

Level 1 Mojo Mansion: SNES || Mega Drive
Level 2 Ninja Training Grounds: SNES || Mega Drive (Thread Post)
Level 3 Muddrake Mayhem: SNES || Mega Drive (Thread Post)
Level 4 Sacrifice of Maui: SNES || Mega Drive (Thread Post)
Level 5 Test of Duckhood: SNES || Mega Drive (Thread Post)
Level 6 The Flying Duckman: SNES || Mega Drive (Thread Post)
Level 7 Realm of the Dead: SNES || Mega Drive (Thread Post)
Level 8 Mojo Stronghold: SNES || Mega Drive (Thread Post)

Bonus Levels 1-3 on Gameboy: Gameboy (Thread Post)
Bonus Maui P.I.: Music Video? (Thread Post)
Bonus PC Version: Windows PC (Thread Post)

Case Notes

Not everything in the game is explained very clearly or even at all, which means we'll need to refer to the game's manual for helpful advice and/or some background information.

Case Notes 1
Case Notes 2
Case Notes 2 Extra
Case Notes 3
Case Notes 4
Case Notes 5
Case Notes 6
Case Notes 7
Case Notes 8


Title Screen & Bonus Level Theme (SNES)
Level Intro (SNES)
Level Complete
Game Over
Mojo Mansion (SNES)
Boss Theme
Ninja Training Grounds (SNES)
Muddrake Mayhem (SNES)
Sacrifice of Maui (SNES)
Test of Duckhood (SNES)
The Flying Duckman (SNES)
Realm of the Dead (SNES)
Mojo Stronghold (SNES)
Ending Part 1
Ending Part 2 (SNES)


Maui Mallard

The main protagonist of this story, he fancies himself a “Quack Detective” with numerous cases under his bill. Equipped with nothing but his wits, his 1935 vintage Westchester Bug Gun, and some hidden ninja powers Maui stares into the face of danger and tries to overcome the deadliest of cases. (And hopes to live another day!)

Cold Shadow

Maui’s alter ego. Long before he decided to be a detective, Maui trained in the art of being a ninja. It is said that he can transform with the help of one thousand souls; however after one soul was stolen, Maui must now utilize the ancient secret of the Yin Yang medallions to morph into Cold Shadow again.


One of the locals on the island, Hernae is the acolyte sorceress of the Temple of Shabuhm Shabuhm. Very little is known about her outside her usage of mojo magic, but one thing is certain; she has little faith in Maui’s capabilities.

Mojo Witch Doctor

Used mojo magic to extract more souls from Cold Shadow and turned them into evil ninja clones. He might as well wear a sign saying, “I’M THE BAD GUY!”


The island’s natives, they’re not exactly a civilize bunch; but they mean well and only want the Shabuhm Shabuhm idol returned to them. They’re not very nice to outsiders, even when they’re trying to help.


Former Muddrake chieftain who was captured by priates of the Flying Duckman and died while aboard their ship not too far off from the island. Apparently is able to locate the Shabuhm Shabuhm idol.
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