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Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow

by Combat Lobster

Part 4: Level 5 Test of Duckhood

Update #5

Final exams are coming up, and for Maui that's no exception in The Test of Duckhood.

SNES || Mega Drive

I also have a case note related to character bios that I should have ready before the next update.

Case Notes 5

I'm gonna start including the SNES version of the soundtrack as there are some tracks that are not in the PC version.


Title Screen & Bonus Level Theme (SNES)
Level Intro (SNES)
Mojo Mansion (SNES)
Ninja Training Grounds (SNES)
Muddrake Mayhem (SNES)
Sacrifice of Maui (SNES)
Test of Duckhood (SNES)