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Part 9: Bonus Maui P.I.

Glazius posted:

Is it ancient marketing puppeting my brain, or is that really the case?

Part of me wants to say yes as I'm sure it had something to do with Sega's whole "Rad and cool" marketing campaign during the 90s; but then again I was always one generation behind when it came to gaming consoles so I wouldn't know.

I'm guessing it had more to do with the fact that this game was one of first games Disney developed themselves, and they might not have had any sorta standard to work with. I've noticed when I started playing the Megadrive version that the game's programming has a few weird quirks in it. For example, when you push left or right to move and you take your thumb off the d-pad and hit jump while Maui is still in his stopping animation you'll jump forward instead of jumping straight up. (Which has led me to a number of deaths because of that.) So I'm guessing that Maui moves that way under water because Disney didn't know of any other way to implement that mechanic. (Which I am really glad Eurocom improved it in the SNES version.)

Well, Update 7 is gonna take longer than I had hoped. (Mostly due to unforeseen technical issues and the Megadrive version of level 7 being really hard. ) So while we wait, I figured we haven't had a bonus video in a while, so I threw this together while I was teaching myself how to use Adobe Premiere. It's just rehashed footage from the LP with the Magnum P.I. opening theme thrown on top, so it's basically a short music video; but at the same time I feel that it serves as a bit of advertisement to get folks into wanting to play the game.

Bonus: Maui P.I.