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Part 2: Mission 2: Rescue MechWarrior Pilots

((Hey guys, welcome back! It's time for mission 2, which I'm about to Sequence Break to high heaven. Enjoy!))

"MechWarriors, do you copy?"

: "Yes Commander, Five by Five."
, : "Copy."

"Good. This will be a hot drop, hostile territory. We've got word that some of our pilots were captured, and are being held in a facility near Objective 2. you will drop, along with an APC at F1, where you will circle around the inlet and retrive your fellow pilots."

: "Search and Rescue? Hell yes!"
: "What's the bad news, Commander?"

"There's a Hollander II to the North of you, in position to chase you should you get detected. "

: "Oh"
: "fuck"
: "Us."

"In addition, Battalion has determined that there is a Clanner Mobile HQ in the area, and capturing it will give us intelligence on the area. We'll need to get that, and the supply depot it's at."

: “Sir? Hollander II? Gauss Rifle?”

"Oh, don't worry. I have a special plan for that. Battalion got us a couple of airstrikes lined up, and there's a bridge we can use as a choke point. Their plan is simple, really. Just stupid."

: “Stupid?”

"As stupid as charging an Atlas with a Flea. I have a better plan."

: “Commander, Lynx here. Pilots secured, and I can see the extraction now.”

"Good work, all of you. I told you my plan was better."

: “Sure, except for the part where I nearly got my arm shot off.”
: “Oh don't be a wuss. Once we got close, it only had a single laser and some SRM's against all our firepower.”
: “Easy for you to say, you weren't the one getting shot at!”
: “Before this explodes, how was the haul Commander?”

"Looking good, early reports indicate that the Hollander II was sitting on a cache of Clan Streak SRMs to replace the Inner Sphere tech. This isn't a good sign, and I've passed it on to Intel. If Smoke Jaguar starts equipping their Bondsman with Clan Weapons, we're in for more trouble."

: “Ugh. Anything else?”

“The HQ supply container had some Autocannons loaded into it with plenty of ammo. They've been issued to us, no questions asked, just like the Clan weapons. No salvage from any of the Mechs though. Disappointing.”

: “Well, once we get our Mechs fixed up, we're ready for the next mission, Commander. Rescuing our fellow pilots is always a good thing in my book. They're more likely to buy me drinks.”