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Part 3: Mission 3: Recover the Raven


"What is it, Commander?"

"We just got word from Mystique, Her droppod landed in the water to the northwest of a Smoke Jaguar shipping facility. She's been underwater these past couple days, and now she's out of supplies. She's come up somewhere on the North-West corner of the island and is shut down to avoid patrols."

”Oh hell. How bad is it?”

"Bad. At least half-dozen Bondsmen Mechs, and over two dozen vehicles on the island, all patrolling. Thankfully they're all lights. But we have reports that the Clanners know she's there, and are moving up heavier forces to trap and destroy her."

”That's not good. At all. She's got a Raven, right? Can't she just avoid the patrols?”

”No such luck. Too many forces, and she'd be bottled down and killed.”


"He's back, but his Mech was a loss. For now, he'll be in pilot rotation. But yes, Raven is out of supplies, and can't return to the water to make her way to safety. We need her, and her Mech back in one piece. Got that?"

”All clear, sir. What's the plan?”

"You guys will go underwater and walk to F1, here. It's a loading bay, so recon tells us you'll be able to get onto the island. You'll need to sweep north to this area – the red zone, where Mystique is hidden. Locate her, and get inside visual range where she will power up. You will then have to make your way back down the coast to your extraction point here. We have some spies secrete enough supplies for Raven to walk under water again until you reach safe shores."


"The Smoke Jaguars have local air superiority, so not a lot. We do have some artillery we have tasked for your support, but they won't be able to fire off more than half-a-dozen rounds before counter-battery fire finds them."

”You know, this sounds easy.”
”Don't jinx us, you fool!”

"MECHWARRIORS! This is a time-sensitive mission. We need to get in, secure a path out, and get Mystique out of there, with her Mech. You have your orders, NOW DEPLOY!"

”Oh my god.”
”I can't believe it.”
”How the hell are we still alive?”
”I thought I was going to die before you guys came along. 10 minutes later, We almost were.”
”Thankfully it walked past those gas storage tanks. The explosion crippled it.”

"Hello all. And welcome back Mystique. We've missed you."

”You missed my Mech.”

"That too. Apparently dropping that Timber Wolf set the Jaguars back. They thought they were walking into a heavier opposition force than you guys were."


"Battalion got a salvage run in."

”You're shitting me.”

"I am not. We got pretty much everything you guys secured and taged."

”So, what's the haul?”

"Pulse Lasers both Large and normal, PPC, LRM racks both Clan and Sphere, Improved Mech sensors, Streak SRMs, Heavy flamers... Oh, that Commando that the Artillery battery killed? Turned out to be a headshot. It's pretty much untouched otherwise."

””Nice haul.”

"Oh, and that Timber Wolf."


"Battalion has a strict 'you kill it, you keep it' policy. Guess what we have?"

“So, Mystique, care for a celebratory drink?”
”Over my dead body, creep.”


Alright Goons, it's MECH SUBMISSION TIME!

You can look at the Raven, Commando and Firestarter TRO's to see how much of a loadout they have. For your information, the Mad Cat-A has a loadout value of 57.5 spaces to fill up with. I have 2 Commando-Ws, a Commando-A, a Firestarter-W, a Raven-W and a Mad Cat-A to fill up, and I can purchase more of those Light Mechs.

Check out the Components post (linked in the OP)

The next mission has 6 slots, with a 200t max (Remember, the Mad Cat comes in at 75). So, either suggest an Ace Custom, or customize the entire group, and I will roll with what's best.

However, the Mad Cat kinda makes the next few missions trivial, so I would ask that you guys seriously consider before making me deploy it. You want a challenge, let me keep it in reserve.