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Part 6: Mission 6: Taking Kaio Industrial Zone

"Hello all. First of all, welcome back Mystique and Beast. We've missed you both."

"Thank you, Commander."
"Same here. What did we miss?"
"Me and my Hunchback."
"Pretty much. Had to defend a bunch of resistance folks from the Jaguars. I'm sure you can watch the BattleRom later.”

"Thank you, guys, but I'm afraid it's time for the mission briefing. We have a major mission in front of us today."

"This is the South-East entrance to the Kiao Industrial Zone, and is the objective for Operation Beachhead. Due to our previous successes we've been assigned to break into this approach, which is the second most heavily guarded sector. 2nd Yankee is taking the heaviest as they have recovered a pair of Atlases from an X-Ray force that made it to ground safely."

”And we get this one because of my ride, right?”

"Pretty much. We've over-weight in terms of force projection, but Battalion isn't complaining. As long as we continue to produce results, they'll let us handle things our way."

”What's the plan, Commander?”

"The straight approach is dumb and suicidal. The Smoke Jaguars have laid down a forward checkpoint and a heavy defensive wall between our arrival point and our objective. Intel and recon show multiple AC-10 turrets, and plenty of vehicles straddling the road."

”We get that? Doesn't sound too bad, just play the enemy at range.”

"Still not going to take any chances. We don't have any Jump-capable Mechs, so the possibility of swinging around the cliffs to the north to bypass defences is out. So the current plan is to cut south through the forest and hit the defensive wall where it meets the water, and is fairly weak in terms of defence. We expect to be able to bypass the checkpoint entirely, and deal with enemy patrols on the other side of the walls as they come."

”That takes care of the static defences. What about the mobile ones?”

"That's the problem. This section of the Industrial Zone has been repurposed by the Smoke Jaguars to produce Bondsmen Mechs. Firestarters in specific."

”We have the Timby and the Hunch, so I think we can handle that. We've cycled all our Commado's back to Batallion, so we're not tonnage short.”

"Agreed, but that's not the only issue we have."

”What is it, Commander?”

"Captain Akodo Haru, formerly of the Combine military, has been placed in charge of this location."

”Oh hell.”
”Seriously? I thought he was dead!”
”On Luthien, wasn't it?”
”Yes! He got captured? Went Bondsman?”
QUIET! If he's there, he's the enemy, and we'll deal with him. We're Davions, not Dragons! We aren't going to go looking to settle a grudge. Alright?”
, , , , ”Yes sir.”

"Thank you. Intel reports he's in a stock Catapult, but don't be surprised if the Smoke Jaguar have upgraded his 'Mech due to his position. Our orders are to bypass or neutralize the defences, then eliminate all defending Mechs. Once we've done so, we are to hold position until relieved."

, , , , , ”Yes Sir!”

Mech:          Pilot:   Loadout:
Mad Cat-A      Lynx     Laser, 2 cER Laser, Large Pulse Laser, Large Laser, 2 PPC, Sensor-Intermediate
Hunchback-A    Hitman   Heavy Autocanon, Heavy Flamer, Sensor-Basic
Raven-W        Hawk     Laser, Heavy Flamer, 3 cLRM, BAP, ECM, Sensor-Advanced
Firestarter-W  Hunter   Laser, Heavy Flamer, cLight Ultra Autocanon, Sensor-Basic
Uller-W        Beast    2 Laser, Autocanon, Sensor-Basic
Uller-A        Mystique Laser, Autocanon, Senor-Basic
"Welcome back, MechWarriors!"

, , , , ,
”Man, if those Bondsmen were any smarter, they could have seriously wrecked a couple of us with those PPCs before we put them down.”
”but they didn't. You see how they broke like that? Running back to Papa, for sure!”
”All high and mighty up there, but we brought him down.”
”Easy for you to say, I had to draw his fire away from you guys. Man, there's so much armor on my Timby...”

"I'll let you guys get back to your party in a moment. Just have to settle a couple things first. Captain Akodo ejected, and was recovered by Battalion about four hours ago. He has been taken into custody, and will be facing extradition back to Luthien to answer for his crimes."

, , , , ,

"Secondly, there were a half-dozen Mechs salvaged or in the midst of construction in the area, so they've been added to our inventory. As has the Catapult."

”Hell yes!”

"I've also got a special message from the Colonel. She thanks you all for your hard work, and looks forward to your continued greatness once we've finished securing our zone, and we begin Operation Skyhook. Now, enjoy your party, MechWarriors. We have our own over here, so I'll see you all later.

, , , , ,


And that's it for Operation One – Beachhead! We have four more Operations to go, and now that we're out of the Tutorial Section of the game, it'll get harder, with better enemies, more complex missions, and of course, more videos to show you all!

I'm thinking I'll do a special TRO for all the Mechs I deployed in this mission, in addition to the normal one.

For the next mission, however, I have some fun planned, so I would like you to nominate any *TWO* Pilots and I will use them for the fun.

But for now, have a picture/large icon of the MechCommander logo, as well as the patch for the 1st Davion Guards, one that we don't normally see, as it's hidden.

”They all off the channel?”
"Yes. Care to explain?"
”What is there to explain?”
”Don't worry, you'll get one. Sooner or Later.”