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Part 9: Mission 3: Savaging the Salvage

"Listen Up, MechWarriors! This is a Priority Dispatch Mission!"

"What's up, Commander?"

"We've just received word that the Smoke Jaguars have gotten their hands on some debris from the Yorktown. They have several Salvage Convoys ripping the crash site apart. We've been tasked with destroying this convoy here."

"Sir, you have us on the wrong side of the river."

"That's the projected intercept point. Siren, you and Hitman will take our Jump capable 'Mechs and find a crossing to engage the enemy. Hitman, you're in the Hunchback, and Battalion knows you'll be coming back with no ammo left in your AC20. Intel reports light defence, but be careful."

"Gotcha. Kill everything."
"Rooster, you and Beast will roll with me."

"Right. Kit out for a short op. Once those two are across the river, I need you to bulrush through the city here and to the bridge. If Siren and Hitman fail, you need to head off the convoy."

"We won't fail."
"The Salvage, sir?"

"Kill it. If there's anything left, we can secure the area later."

"Sir, what about the town, sir? Can't we land closer to the bridge and cross all as one group?"
"Hey, listen to the Commander!"

"Stow it Beast. Rooster, the town is still classified as hostile. You'll have to shoot your way through."

"Y..Yes Sir."

"MechWarriors! Prepare for Combat!"

"Welcome back. The rest of Zulu went in after you guys to mop up and keep the Smoke Jaguars out, so I'll be debriefing you here."

"The briefing said lightly defended. I don't count two Hunchbacks and two Cougars as 'Light'."
"Sir, why did they retreat anyways? I mean, once the convoy was down, shouldn't those two Cougars have stayed to avenge themselves, or something? I mean, they're Clanners, right?"
"Actually, that recall was all across the board."

"And from now on, I'm just going to assume you're in all my communications."

"So, they finally realized how foolish it was to oppose me, and ran away?"
"If only it were so easy. You're no Kai. No, the Smokes are undergoing a tactical reorganization in response to our coordinated attacks. They can't hold us back piecemeal like they've been doing, so they're stepping up their game."
"oh my"

"So what does that mean for us, and why are you telling me and my men, exactly?"

"Because I told him to."

"Colonel! Respectfully, I repeat my question!"

"You're doing good, Commander. Your lances are performing the best of all we've got, and I am forced to reward you by assigning you to the harder missions."
"Thank you, Colonel."
"thank you? but she just said..."
"hush! colonel has her reasons and lynx is just being polite.
"If you're done whispering like school children?"

"Does this mean that we get Battalion off our backs?"

"Battalion is on everyone's backs, including mine. The loss of the Yorktown hurt our transport ability badly enough that your ability to come in under weight is getting put to good use."

"Honoured, Colonel. What does that mean?"

"Your next mission is lined up once the rest of 1st Zulu get back. You get to piss off ComStar."