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Part 12: Mission 6: Stabbing the Scorpion

"MechWarriors! Attend!

"This is Hitman. How are you doing, Commander?"

"Well enough. Lynx pulled through surgery, and will be back on the roster inside 24 hours."

"That's good to hear."
"I agree. Rumor mill has it we're in for a major offensive now. Any truth to that, Commander?"
"It's seemed so easy so far. Been waiting for the Smokes to get out of their rut. How the hell did these guys do so well ten years ago?"
"Surprise and superior Technology."
"Well, we're taking it back now."

"Alright! Briefing commences now. Lance One, consisting of Hitman in the Hunchback-J, Mystique in the Firestarter-J and Hunter in the Catapult-A will head for Nav Alpha. There, you will meet up with a deep infiltration lance, Two, and from there you will assault this Smoke Jaguar base. The Scorpion Bay logistics node, call sign Troy, is a hub for resupply. We are to engage the defenders, capture the base, and hold off the Smoke Jaguar reinforcements."

"Uh sir, we don't have the best track record when it comes to assaulting bases. Sure, we get the job done, but we're usually a mech down afterwards."
"I have to agree. If this place is so important, the Clanners will have it defended. What are we looking at?"
"And what's the plan?"

"The base itself has light mobile defenses. It's set up behind a couple of artificial terraces with AC10 turrets on most of the approaches. Once you're arrived at the engagement zone, reorganize yourselves. There is a Kit Fox-J in the reinforcements, so one lance will be pure JumpJets, while Hunter will take charge of the rest. Hitman, take your lance and assault the base, going over the weakpoint along the east side of the base. Hunter, take your Lance and head to the north-west of the base to engage reinforcements before they get to the base. Fall back if you have to.

This is a time sensitive mission. We have to capture the base HQ before they can properly alert their command structure about our attack. Once we've captured it, we have to defend it from all local forces. Capturing the Turret control tower will allow us to use their defences against them, while there is also a Sensor control tower that if captured, will give us a ring od advanced sensors to see where they're coming from.

Everyone else not mentioned will find alternate breifings in their files. You'll be assigned to other commanders for this mission.

This is the last operation of Skyhook as with the completion of this advance, we will have secured enough logistics and supply nodes to carry through our next Operational offences. MechWarriors, we must succeed. Failure here means failure of the entire front. Dismissed!

"Holy! We're swimming in Salvage!"
"Yes sir, good thing you were at that supply node for ease of transport."
"Hello Commander."

"Hello Ronin. It's good of you and your people to join us."

"Good to be here sir."
"Same here. Glad to be out of those cockpits. Clanners don't know the meaning of the word comfort."
"Ah, you just can't take the heat."
"Stuff it Gator, before I stuff you."
"Play later, gentlemen. Debrief commander?"

"On the whole, our particular offensive was a success, but Yankee's taken the brunt of the Smoke Jaguar forces. Early reports indicate that we may have made landfall against a whole Galaxy of Clan Mechs, and Intel is still sorting through the mess."

"Holy hell."
"I have to agree."
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , "Lynx!"
"Hey, that was loud. Sorry I wasn't around to help out. Battalion had me doing paperwork while I was recovering. Lung should be right as rain soon."
"Thank Allah."

Alright, the Colonel is ready to broadcast an Operation update. We have officially finished with Skyhook, and it is time to move forward.

I'm really sorry about the write up. The mission was quite 'blah' after practicing a few times, and I could practicaly do it blind. And that passed on to the write up.

Who here remembers what the Op3.1 is? That's right, it's the other hellish mission people love to hate!