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Part 17: Mission 4: Rage against the Re-Education

"The intel is solid."
"I don't doubt you. But have a very tight schedule to hit Affendale. I can't... We can't afford any screw ups. The Mayan Canyons are outside the engagement envelope."
"We are aware of that, Colonel. However, you do have outrider forces in the area, and 1st Zulu has a reputation for doing the impossible."
"I still don't like this. The Jaguars will know we're coming. They have patrols in the area."
"That's all been accounted for."
"I'll give the order. But it won't be with first-line MechWarriors. I'll make sure the Commander uses people who are... expendable."

"This is another Time-Sensitive mission, MechWarriors. This 're-education camp' – and i say that with all the bile humanly possible – houses captured MechWarriors and other personell captured from Yankee Company. This is a smash-and-grab. Get in, get out.

"Anyone we know?"

"Vixen and Burnout."
"Vixen is an excellent MechWarrior, one of the proper Elite. We should mount a rescue with all haste.”
“Do not get ahead of yourself, brother. There must be a reason for this undue haste.”

“Countess is right. We need to do this quick as Intel has discovered that the Smoke's aren't taking Bondsmen anymore. Captured MechWarriors are being interrogated and then killed.”

“Then we need to move.”
“We should also protect our egress point.”

“Correct. We'll handle all that once we get into the field. Battalion has pulled a Refit Truck to the forward base, and we have free use of it, so we can afford to get more beat-up than usual. MechWarriors, I'll see you again at the battlefield.

RIP: Isis COD: Falling over and hitting her head.