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by berryjon

Part 19: Mission 5: Affront to Affendale

“MechWarriors, attend!”
“This is Vixen, reporting for duty, sihr.”
“We lost a good pilot getting you out of that centre, Vixen. Show some respect for the fallen.”
“I am elite, MechWarrior Lynx, better than you. Respect your betters. If Isis was as good as I, she would be with us now.”
“Quiet, mongrel.”

“Quiet! All of you! Vixen, you will be riding with us on this Op as you're the only Assault-qualified pilot available to me. You show deference to Lynx, as he is the Field Commander.”

“This is beneath me, but I will follow the Colonel's orders.

“This base is part of the Affendale defence ring. Thanks to various diversionary attacks, we have a small opprotunity to establish ourselves inside the perimeter before the distracted Smoke Jaguars pour back in. We have assets on site who have already suborned the structures, but it is up to us to keep it that way. Lance One, you will maintain position inside the base to act as mobile defences, given that we can't expect the static guns to hold out. Lance two, your job is to sally forth and engage Smoke Jaguars away from the base, to fall back when needed.

Any questions?

“How many Enemy Mechs, sir?”

“Two Dozen. Anything else?”

“No sir.”

“Then hop to it, people!”