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Part 20: Mission 6: Affendale Assault

"This approach is bad."
"And yet we still need to destroy the Smoke Jaguar command post at Affendale. We've committed too much not to."
"I know, I just wish we had more forces."
"They're already the best we have. Let them do their duty."
- - - - -

"All hands on deck!
"Hey Commander. What's the SitRep?

"Final Mission Briefing for the Affendale Campaign."

, , , , , , "Aye, Sir."

"Thank you. This is the final attack on Affendale. The Smoke Jaguars have set up an administration building behind the city at the base of the local Mount Samurai – no joke please – and we've been tasked to take it out. Doing so will cripple their ability to organize supplies and logistics while we make our openng moves for the next operation."

"Um, just the seven of us, sir?"
"Kid's got a point. Sounds like too many of us. Heheh"
, *snrk*

"Actually, the first plan from Batallion was to assault this position with three lances of Light Mechs. However, intelligence showed that the defenses were too much for that to work, expecting 100% casualties before the second objective was reached."

, , , , , , "..."

"Therefore, we will be going in heavy. Lynx, you have tactical command. Your Timber Wolf and our two Catapults have been fitted with as many LRM racks as we can, plus a short range energy weapon just in case. Your job is to select a target and lob artillery at it until it dies. Burnout, your Clan Mech is fitted for EW. You're the best pilot I have for the mission, so it's yours. Rooster, Outlaw, you both have Centurions fitted for mid-range combat, distracting the enemy from the heavier forces."

"What about me, boss?"

"You get to go with Rooster and Outlaw, and you get to drive our Atlas. Kill everything between you and the goal.