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Mech Commander

by berryjon

Part 22: Mission 2: Convoy Collection

“Alright Vixen, time for your command training to be put to use.”

“It's about time Commander. Lynx is not yet my equal.”
“Oh, give that a break, you. Lynx is a good leader, and you're just upset he won't go to bed with you.”

“Uh, ladies? As much as I enjoy a catfight as the next man, save that energy for the Smokes.”
, , , , , , “Yea!”
“Uh, Rebel?”
“I'm agreeing with the fighting sentiment, not the catfight part.”
“Oh, good.”
phew, she bought it.
I heard that.

“ANYWAYS! Vixen, you will take these nine light 'Mechs, and make a raid on this suppl depot here, 54 km north east of Affendale. A convoy is there being refuelled after the flight from Affendale, and it's your job to finish as many of them off. The convoy is loaded down with munitions and the like, and Intelligence requires that you need to destroy at least 7, preferably all twelve to make a difference in the stocks of Smoke Jaguar weapons on the approach to the Starport.

“I will take the lead with two other Jump capable Mechs. The other six shall sweep the zone to the east and south of the convoy station for hostiles. Once we have secured their exit route, my force shall engage, driving the enemy before us and into your waiting guns. Failure will not be tolerated.”

“Sounds like a simple plan.”

“Of course it is. I had to make it as such for your benefit.”
, , , , , , , “...”