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by berryjon

Part 23: Mission 3: Stealing from the Smoke

“Everyone on channel?”
“Ronin here.”
“This is Rooster.”
“Hitman. Locked, Rocked and ready to roll.”
“EW gear up and purring, sir.”
“Thank you. I'm giving the mission briefing due to our position, and Battalion has the Commander supervising Vixen further to the east.”
“We are pretty deep in Clan territory sir. What's the mission?”
“Relax kid. Burnout will let us know if the Clanners get to close.”
“That I'll do.”
“Alright, here's the mission:”

“To the north, past this farming community is an old Clan base. They put it down during the initial invasion ten years ago, and given our push on Affendale, the boys upstairs think, nah, they know that the Smokes are gonna reactivate it as a hard point against us.”
“Sounds like we get to be the welcoming committee.”
“Ideally, yes. Intelligence shows over three Stars of Mechs in the area – mostly light recon Mechs – in addition to temporary fortifications. Our job it to take and hold the base.”
“Hrm, we've got the Mechs for it. All ones with long-range missiles to go over our walls.”
“Makes sense. Really. So, are we gonna wait for how long?”
“As long as it takes. But I hope Battalion gets moving soon. I'd hate to be trapped behind enemy lines.”


RIP Ronin: Died by standing in a door as it closed.