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by berryjon

Part 24: Mission 4: The Problems with Piecemeal

“Hello MechWarriors. We have a simple mission for you this evening. You ready to kick Clanners in the balls?”

, , , , , , “Yes, Sir!”

“Good. From our new base, we've located an industrial center that the Clanners are using to refit the last of the Firestarters that got out of Kiao before we captured it last week.”

“I remember that. That's where Rooster got his Catapult, right?”

“Yep. However, we've got word that the Smokes now know that we know – and no, I won't continue that joke – and are sending in reinforcements. You'll have to engage and destroy them piecemeal before they can consolidate around the objective.”

“Question – what's so important about this place? If they're just using it for Firestarters – which aren't even OmniMechs – why can't we just get a spotter in, then Long Tom the place?”

“They're stripping out the weapons, and replacing the space with ad-hoc Omni-Tech adaptors. Just like our BattleMechs.”