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by berryjon

Part 27: Mission 1: Why am I here again?

“Hello Commander.”
“It's been a long time. I haven't missed you. Well, I suppose I have, but that just means I'll need to improve my aim.”
“Hilarious. The Colonel has a mission she wants me to brief you on.”
“Out with it then.
“Captain Narin, formerly of X-Ray, has been trapped behind enemy lines. We need your team to go in and 'rescue' him.”

“I heard those air-quotes. What's the real problem?”
“Captain Nairn is something of a hot-blooded MechWarrior. We have ordered him to await your arrival, but he's likely to take any opprotunity to take his Atlas and smash everything in him path to the extraction point.”
“Oh. One of those.”
“Good luck, Commander.”