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Mech Commander

by berryjon

Part 30: Mission 4: Ridge Racer

“Dragon, Blaze, Goblin, Falcon. You've been assigned the task of escorting the Mobile Long Tom Artillery into the Lambert Valley overlooking the Miasota Basin. This location is a prime spot for setting up our Artillery in support of the assault on the Starbase, and we need all those Artillery pieces to get to the objective in one piece!”

You need to be aware that the Smoke Jaguars are using this location for the same purpose, and have aggressive AeroSpace Fighter patrols in the area. Once they are sure you're a threat, they will bombard you constantly. You need to keep moving and take out all the AeroSpace towers on the ridge to deny them targeting information. Once you're in position, the Artillery will set up, and we can have indirect fire support for the final two missions.”