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Part 32: Mission 6: Taking the Starport

“Greetings MechWarriors of Zulu Company. Throughout the past 13 days you have been at the vanguard of our battles, hitting the Smoke Jaguars in every way possible. You have lost good comrades in the process, and we have not yet had time to mourn. But now is not the time. There is one last job to do.”

“This is the Starport. The objective of our campaign. With it, we can land reinforcements under far better conditions, as well as having a logistical strong point. Denying this resource to the Smoke Jaguar will also prevent them from fleeing the planet, allowing us to hunt them down at our leisure.

Our second wave is inbound, and will break atmosphere in less than an hour. We NEED this done. Once you arrive on site, Intelligence only gives you 35 minutes to complete the job, or else this invasion is broken on the guns surrounding the Starport.

Kill those guns.

Command, Out.”

"Incoming Dropships!"