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by berryjon

Part 33: Mission 1: Welcome to Detroit!

“Welcome to Cermak. Local Ambient temperature is -16C, local time is 11:52. Our Deployment Zone is 86 kilometres south of the former SLDF Headquarters. Over to you, Commander.”

“Thank you. MechWarriors, we are short on supplies and short on time. Once I am finished this briefing, the Colonel will address you all. Your initial start location is here, at F1. Your job is to sweep the area to the North and West, taking out Clan units as you come across them. Infantry report an HQ vehicle, so capture is a priority.”

“Sir, what about all these ruins around?”
“It's not likely there's anything left of value.”
“Perhaps, but we can always check. And it seems like our objectives include taking Clan Supplies from this forward base.”
“Through this sludge? Have you guys looked at the weather outside? This place is still smoking from the Amaris Coup. I lost count of the nuclear weapon craters on the way down.”

“Investigation will be encouraged, assuming it doesn't prevent us from reaching our other objectives. Thankfully, we've received the Bushwhackers that Yankee is no longer using, and we've been given permission for field deployment. Spice, that's yours.”

“YES! Suck it, Lynx! I don't need to stinking Clan 'Mech to have an awesome machine!”
“Ow. My ear!”

“Anyways, once the area is secure, extraction is to the North. Good luck, MechWarriors, the Colonel is ready to speak.”