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Part 37: Mission 5: Run like Hell(bringer)

Company! Good work on Base Ogre. Battalion has been working at refurbishing it as a forward base, but Yankee's recon has revealed that we are short on time.

Our goal in this sector is to simply bash through, taking as many targets of opportunity out in the allotted time frame. This sector is a weak point in Kotaire's defences, and we need to make it bigger.

Our only firm goal is to make it through to Objective One. This will put us behind Clan lines, and ready to take the battle to them. Objective 2 is a Star of Clan Mechs, we're expecting Mediums. Objective Three is a bridge and supply facility. We're to blow the bridge to deny it to Clan vehicle traffic. Objective Four is a pair of Clan research facilities that are examining whatever Star League stuff they are digging up, and is a paired objective with Five. Destroy the Research, capture the Storage.

The more we do, the bigger the hole we create, and the more material Yankee can send through after us.

RIP: Siren. Died due to being caught between Turrets and Shadow Cats.