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Part 2: Solaris Specials

I'm gonna need to compile all these and give them a spin... from memory, each weight class has 9 matches total, plus the 4 Championships. So that should give plenty of space if you blokes want to suggest awesome/retarded builds to try out.


Light Circuit | COMPLETE
  1. Adder 'Milo of Solaris'- Utterly brutal, most efficient built for money making I've found
  2. Adder 'Semi-Mobile Gun Turret'- Very deadly, requires better aim to stay on target than the LBX-20 build. Temptation to fire until the RACs jammed was very high though
  3. Adder 'Shutdown Imminent'- Mildly effective, slow fire rate unless you remain submerged makes it hard to put enough fire on an enemy, despite how much damage each show deals.
  4. Flea 'Circle-strafe FTW'- Can work, requires better fire discipline and more patience then I showed. If used to harass others before fleeing, and let others do most of the damage, it could last to let one come in 1st.
  5. Flea 'Greased Lightning'- Replaces ammo concerns for overheating issues, worked mildly more effective with the PPC. Still requires having the enemy distracted for best results
  6. Osiris 'ED-209'- Can be effective at shutting down laser-heavy enemy 'Mechs, though it lacks a big punch. Still effective for harassing
  7. Panther 'Hunter'- Did not try it with jump-jets, but overall it's pretty well balanced.
  8. Raven 'The Hitchcock'- For light combat, not ideal- too hard to get an maintain a lock at long range, though it is doable. Not my favourite. Would work better if BAP was added to improve lockon time.
  9. Urbanmech 'Duck Hunter'- Very effective, because LBX-20, though not as much as the Milo of Solaris
  10. Urbanmech 'In Gauss We Trust'- Gauss rifles aren't best for light combat, even if you manage to get in a sniper position
  11. Urbanmech 'RAC Em Up'- Same comparison to the SMGT as the Duck Hunter was to the MoS. XPulse plus an extra ton of RAC ammo meant less ammo concerns though, still very deadly.
  12. Wolfhound 'Walking Rave Party'- Ludicrously effective, regular SLAS didn't even cause overheating despite constant fire.

Medium Circuit | COMPLETE
  1. Black Lanner 'Black Wanzer'- Extremely deadly even against LAMS. Alpha striking is always an option, ammo is enough to not be a concern, unless you miss every other shot
  2. Black Lanner 'White Wanzer'- ATM launchers are highly effective at most ranges (except point-blank) Major ammo concerns, solved by using ATM-6 or adding an extra ton to each launcher. Once launchers are out, SLAS don't do much.
  3. Bushwacker 'Tombstone'- Average 'Mech in all areas, LBX-10s set to fire simultaniously works very well.
  4. Bushwacker 'Papercut Supreme'- Insanely effective, even at long range thanks to LRMs. No ammo concerns either.
  5. Crab 'Cakes'- Improved heat efficiency of the Crab makes Assault Lasers work much better. Can maintain a good fire rate to knock out 'Mechs fast.
  6. Hunchback 'Sandblaster'- Another papercut 'Mech, heavy armour and upped engine lets you get close for maximum damage. Pulse lasers can actually be fired non-stop even without heatsinks.
  7. Nova 'Suck It Spheroids'- 100% non-modified Nova/Black Hawk. Requires fire discipline to prevent overheating, effective at all ranges.
  8. Nova 'Summoner, Fun-sized'- Could be used in the field as a sniper 'Mech. Does heavy damage at long range, up close it has some problems (though mostly torso-twist related)
  9. Rabid Coyote 'ACME(tm) BattleMech'- Rather effective, has enough armour and speed to get in close and hammer an enemy. Nothing fancy
  10. Shadow Cat 'Hot Foot'- Overheat build, Inferno rockets plus Flamers make a 'Mech shut down, LBX-20 is the big punch. UAC-20 might work better once they're offline however. Still works better than pure-heat loadouts
  11. Shadow Cat 'Puff the Magic BattleMech'- Ideally used like an AC-47, circling an opponent while laying waste with the RAC. Works well if you can avoid being shot too much.
  12. Uziel 'Balls to the Walls' (Redux)- Again, rather effective after swapping 2 ERPPCs for 3 Light PPCs. Heat management was less of an issue, functions better as a 'marksman' 'Mech

Heavy Circuit | COMPLETE
  1. Archer 'For Those About To Rocket'- Heavy Rocket Launchers are OP as all hell. Just watch your heat and ammo, and try not to miss too much.
  2. Argus 'Death From Above-ish'- The enemy loves to wipe out the gun arm, so keep that in mind. If you get the aim right, you can mess up a 'Mech and then plink away in any weak spots with the backup weapons. Overall, not too bad, a bit weak but good mobility.
  3. Argus XT 'Shredder'- Another papercut design. It kills things really fast. I couldn't buy enough HMG's, but LMG's let you snipe a bit while closing so it all works out.
  4. Black Knight 'The Champion Solaris Deserves'- Another Long Tom design, this ones a bit better armoured and gets some extra secondaries. Otherwise, use it the same as the 'DFA-ish'.
  5. Cauldron-Born 'Scáthach'- I really like this 'Mech, it plays like a bulkier Bushwhacker. Racing in to pump a 'Mech with the lasers while firing iSRM's constantly works wonders, as long as you give a bit of time for the heat to dissipate.
  6. Mad Dog 'Spitfire Lover'- There were 3 stages to every duel- fire rockets and set them on fire. Fire again to knock them down and/or shut them down. A third time generally kills. Requires you to be up close and personal, and keep hammering Infernos in the enemies face until they overheat
  7. Marauder 'ReReSeen'- Still as deadly in the arena as in the field. Loses range from replacing the beams with assault lasers, but makes it much nastier in close
  8. Novacat 'The Insult'- No heat issues of any kind. LRM's give you something to do while moving in for all the laser spam.
  9. Orion IIC 'Kerensky's Fist'- Good average combat chassis. Nothing that spectacular really, though I will say that this is one design that would work pretty well in an actual operation, though I'd probably reduce or drop the LRM rack for more engine...
  10. Thanatos XT 'AC-20 Akimbo'- Highly effective brawler. I don't know why I went for leg-kills all the time in this, it just seemed like how it should be used.
  11. Vulture II 'LBX Me Now- I do not get this 'Mech at all, but damn does it kill good. Some minor heat issues, as always with heavy lasers, but it wrecks stuff very fast in close, even with a damaged cockpit (from the Hellbringer blowing up in my face...)
  12. Vulture-II 'PPC Me Now'- Unlike other energy heavy rigs, this one is very manageable. If you start overheating, you simply stop firing one of the lPPC groups. Highly effective all around.

Assault Circuit | COMPLETE
  1. Annihilator 'Gausszilla'- I normally avoid Gauss, but using it in bulk is insane. Potential for ammo problems is high, though you'd need to be missing a lot to be honest.
  2. Annihilator 'Oblivion'- My prefered loadout, to be honest. Lots of amour plus tons of scattershot, only issue is if the enemy manages to outrange you.
  3. Awesome 'The MCG Thread'- As with all napalm designs, you do bugger all damage, but then again neither does the enemy. Only takes a few salvos to make the other guy completely combat ineffective.
  4. Dire Wolf 'Piranha IIC'- Duncan prefers the AC-5. I understand why. Alternating fire groups lets you fire non-stop, and will take down a 'Mech at any range.
  5. Direwolf 'Alpha Strike'- Heat and ammo are a big issue with the rocket launchers, but when backed by the LBX-20's it isn't a killer. Get in close and unload, then hope you can take a minute to cool down before tangling with the next target.
  6. Executioner 'Not Spartacus'- Triple 120mm buckshot does amazing things. Up close, everything dies, and it's got enough armour to last.
  7. Highlander 'Scottish Egyptian Spaniard'- Jumpjets are for fun. The weapons work well with dealing damage at all ranges, as long as you can get solid hits with the Gauss.
  8. Longbow 'Mediocre Missile Mmmmdammit'- Most 'Mechs use LAMS, so you either need unguided, or lots of guided. CMRM is neither, too heavy, and the LAMS cuts the potential damage by a lot. Better with LRMS, CSRM or regular MRM or HRL.
  9. Supernova '31st Century ABL'- As long as you can keep the lasers firing on one section, you'll knock the other guys down. Works very well, though ideally you'll stay at range and avoid being a target against better armoured stuff.
  10. Supernova 'Mad SCIENCE'- Best as a stand-off PPC sniper than a brawler. Staying in water keeps the heat perfectly managable. Not my preference.
  11. Warhawk 'Great Scott'- Do not Alpha with this 'Mech. 4 heavy lasers WILL make you overheat like a bitch. In heat. Fire discipline helps, as does the MG racks so you can do damage while cooling off.
  12. Warhawk 'Vampire Bruiser'- Good design, hampered by the gameplay. Arrow-IV runs out of ammo fast, but when it hits it leaves a mark. In more open areas, the Warhawks speed would make this work better, in the factory is was somewhat hindered.


The Solaris Champions
  1. Blood Asp 'Insanity Plea'- Twin howitzers plus the rocket launchers can make heat an issue. As is the arc due to the guns position. Once you get the art, or rather, the knack of flying not fragging yourself guesstimating your arc, you can wreck things pretty well.
  2. Dire Wolf 'Cerberus'- Triple Gauss is a killer. Heavy lasers are over kill when added. Only possible flaw is the Dire Wolf is a bit squishier than other 100 tonners, but things rarely live long enough for that to matter. *Submitted by Saint Celestine*
  3. Firemoth 'An Honourable Man'- Heat is a big issue. As is getting shot. At all. Keep fast and agile, and as the man suggested, put shots into their backs when they're busy. Probably wont get you any kills, but it'll annoy them at any rate. *Submitted by AJ_Impy*
  4. Mad Dog 'Victory or Debt'- HRockets are always fun. Carries enough ammo to keep firing, and enough heat-sinks to last a good few salvos.
  5. Orion IIC 'Kerensky is a dick'- The build used was pretty schizophrenic- I would recommend dropping the extra ton of HVAC ammo and maybe a touch of armour, and giving it another heatsink and MRM ammo. Even so, not the best design for Championship but definitely competitive in it's weight class.
  6. Stone Rhino II 'Biped Ares'- THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HEATSINKS IN ALL OF TERRA FOR THIS THING! Still kills things real well, it just takes a bit longer. And requires more spamming of the override key. Note for the future- Long Toms and Plasma cannons do not belong in the same chassis. Ever.
  7. Wasp 'Dennis'- Not enough guns, armour or speed to shine, but enough that it isn't crippled. Use like the Firemoth, but remember you can't rely on speed as much to evade incoming fire. *Submitted by Veloxyll*

In other news, Styk shall be up today, with a bunch of new chassis's fresh from the Free Market.