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Medal of Honor: Airborne

by mmtt

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Original Thread: Jumping out of burning airplanes ! A Medal of Honor: Airborne Let's Play



A Medal of Honor: Airborne Let's Play

Hello, I'm mmtt and I'll take you through the Medal of Honor: Airborne (MoH:A for short) single player campaign. I'm lping this game for a few reasons.
One it's very short so there's a good chance I might finish my first (yay!) LP. To give you an idea, I actually played through the SP campaign in about 4/5 hours on Expert difficulty. It is quite easy although frustrating at times.

I also quite enjoy the game openess in its level design. Openess in my mainstream FPS you may ask ? Well, MoH:A's core feature is the paradropping.
At each mission start - and every time you die-, the player jumps out from a C-47 Dakota airplane right into the fight. This allows the player to land mostly anywhere on the level. This is actually the key focus of the game and its redeeming factor.

Finally, there seems to be a lot of WW2 LPs such as Your Evil Twin's Wolfenstein LP or Stratafyre's Velvet Assassin at the moment, so .

Game Info:
Medal of Honor (MoH) is a series of first-person shooter video games. The first game was developed by DreamWorks Interactive (now known as Danger Close) and published by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation game console in 1999. The most well known title of the series is Medal of Honor: Allied Assault created by Steven Spielberg. It is famous for its recreation of the Omaha Beach scene from Saving Private Ryan. Medal of Honor spawned a series of follow-up games including multiple expansions spanning various platforms. The first twelve installments take place during World War II, while the more recent games focus on modern warfare. The next title in the franchise, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, will be released in late 2012 and takes place in the modern day.

MoH:A is the 11th installment of the Medal of Honor series. It was released in september 2007 on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In the single player, the players takes the role of PFC, later CPL, Boyd Travers, a paratrooper in the famous US 82nd Airborne Division, the only remaining paratrooper division in the US Army at this time since the 101st is now a light infantry division. We follow the 82nd through fictional actions inspired by real events in Italy, France, the Netherlands and Germany. As mentioned before, Airborne employs a nonlinear gameplay whereby the player can land anywhere on the map and take on the mission as he see fits.

MoH:A is a standard scripted FPS similar to CoD2 or CoD5 as such its mechanics should be familiar to almost everyone. The player carries two main weapons and sidearm through the missions. Despite claiming to be historicaly accurate, the weapon selection in MOHA isn't close to the equipment used by paratroopers. For instance, there is no M1 Carbine and the BAR is the primary squad weapon of the Airborne instead of the .30 M1919 machine gun. Each weapon can be upgraded three times adding various modifications to the weapon. These additions are gained through experience (ie killing nazis!).

Airborne uses a partial regenerating health system similar to the Riddick games. There are multiple health bars that will regenerate if partially depleted. However, once fully depleted, damage goes to the next health bar and so on, until death ensues. The cover sysem also comes into play as it allows the player to lean while using ironsights or to go prone behind small cover. The player only takes 75% damage while in cover. While paradropping might seem very risky without any cover, damage is reduced by 75% while in the air. In some later missions, in expert difficulty, this isn't always enough and the player might die on landing.

Audience participation
For each Operation, I'll ask the audience if they want me to use any particular weapon. I'll try to stick to them during the mission and I hope provide different playstyles for the audience enjoyment.

Anyway, I'll try to showcase every weapon at least once during the campaign. I'm also open to challenges and ideas. Initially in the campaign, most weapons are locked out but since I've already played through the campaign, I've access to all (most) weapons from the start of a new one. For the sake of historical accuracy and balance, I won't pick any late war models right of the bat, so no Stg.44 in 1943.

Also, at the end of each mission, I'll be posting the briefing from the next one. I'll also try to provide an overview picture of the map. The audience can designate the DZ based on the intel they have from the briefings. If not, I will pick one that I hope provides the audience with some enjoyment.

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Briefing #1: Operation Husky

Mission #1: Operation Husky

Briefing #2: Operation Avalanche

Mission #2: Operation Avalanche

Briefing #3: Operation Neptune

Mission #3: Operation Neptune

Briefing #4: Operation Market Garden

Mission #4: Operation Market Garden

Briefing #5: Operation Varsity

Mission #5: Operation Varsity

Briefing #6: Der Flaktürm

Mission #6: Der Flaktürm

Bonus Updates:
Skill Drops in Operation Husky
Skill Drops in Operation Avalanche
Skill drops in Operation Neptune
Skill drops in Operation Market Garden
Skill drops in Operation Varsity
Skill drops in Der Flaktürm

How to build a Cinematic
Designing a Drop
Weapon Audio
Building a Killer Mission
Final Flight
Visual Concepts
Affordance Engine

Cover video tutorial
Advanced Movements video tutorial
Advanced Grenade Usage video tutorial
Advanced Sniper Rifle Usage video tutorial
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